Lost Ark Items News - July Update Effects The Lost Ark Items Price

7/11/2022 2:21:45 PM

Farming these great unlimited stones for guardian raids and stuff in the lost ark, basically not selling them at the moment, because right now, they are really cheap, they're going to go up in price right.

This investment is actually pretty risky, although the risk is actually not that bad, you still may have a chance that you fail on this investment, but still willing to take the risk.

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Lost Ark Items News -  July Update Effects The Lost Ark Items Price

Punica pass and the hyper express 

There is a short-term benefit that you can take from this investment right, and so the main reason why they're going to go increase in price is because of the Punica pass and the hyper express that is going to be included in the July update.

So that means it's going to be the next reset, the next reset week right and this news about the lost ark July update coming next week, people are gonna realize that have hyper express and putting capacitor, to need a great orb stone to hold the new character to 1415 and maybe above 1415 for those who are gonna main arcana, you know that means they're gonna push it to at least 1430 or maybe above to do hardboard right.

People are gonna start, you know saving those great unlimited instead of selling them in the market right, and the hyperexpression is this one, basically, get pretty much the same thing right and as you can see there is a level on these, there are missions on this hyper express, and it starts from certain or to gear level and when you reach 1325, you get lost ark gold, you get these great lip stones and stuff. The thing is you cannot go from 1302 to 1415 in one day or in a few days if you don't buy great online stores right, basically, that character does not have any stacked great on the lips just like oats that honed with the stronghold research.

Those odds have been able to farm a lot of great only stones through you know like Argos, you know the blood that you dismantle and you can get some bounty stones, you can do your Unas or chaos dungeons, they get great nib stones as well the bounce ones, but this new character that gonna make for the hyper express and the Punica pass.

It's not gonna have any great on the lipstones that is a bound right, and so basically if people want to get to 1415 as quick as possible without odds, they will need to buy these great owners in the market right.

The price of great red stones

The price of these great red stones at the current moment, so as you can see it went from 166 lost ark gold all the way to 35 lost ark gold in a matter of a few months.

This decreasing price is actually quite insane, and so not interested in grazing Armstrong whenever they had 90 lost ark gold or like 59 lost ark gold, but whenever they reached 35 lost ark gold that was actually very interesting to actually analyze the trend on these great Olympians.

If it's actually profitable to buy them for an increase and potential increase right, they're going to increase in price, at least to sell them around 50s or maybe 60s. That's very much possible with the capacity and power plus express and it's basically what's going to happen, and so this is also something that really likes to use whenever to invest an item, and so this is basically the behaviour of filter preparers and pay to play players whenever a catalyst.

Whenever don't have any catalyst factor play is on the supply side, and they sell lost ark items, they sell these great only stones in the market as in lost ark gold income through they farmed up for the guardian raids challenge guardian raid etc, and they will sell them on the market now.

Pay-to-play players

On the other hand, also have the pay to play players. They are on the demand side usually, but right now missing these demands, for the great online stores, there is not that much demand is very a bit weak, because those are pay-to-play periods, they already have a pretty decent amount of gear, and they don't really need to buy these greater limits in the market to be able to hone.

Especially the front spire, new events and stuff like that give a lot of great unripe stones, they don't really need to buy them on the market right, so right now there is a very high supply of these great only stones in the market.

There is a very weak demand right, but right now, on the other hand, a catalyst which is the hyper express and the Ponica pass free-to-play players are gonna change their behaviour and supply is going to become weak, because those people, they will choose to not sell the great on red stones anymore, but instead use them to hone their new oat that they choose as a hyper express and Banika pass. They're gonna use those great only stones to hone or if they're missing some of them, some free to prepares will not have.

Tradable news on the restaurants

A stacked amount of tradable greater news on the restaurants, so they would just buy them in the market because they're missing some to reach the next level, so let's say a person was 1385 and to reach 1400 where he gets the next rewards of these materials, so he's gonna buy some, some amount of great honest ones to reach 1400, so he can get that next level right and pretty much the same to 14 15 as well.

The demand is going to increase for free-to-play players, side supply is going to decrease and obviously pay to play players will also buy these great owners on the market.

Especially for those who are gonna main arcana who wanted to play arcana as a main,  they will need to buy great honours stones in the market to reach 1415 and above as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy the hardest content with that arcana or whatever class they made with the Punica pass, and the hyper express event right.

Korea Market situations 

Let's look at Korea what happened, because they recently got hyper express and the Punica pass as of recent right, so as you can see it went from all the way from 20 lost ark gold all the way to 30 lost ark gold right.

This is a pretty decent amount of increase, so Korea already know about hyper express and the Ponica pass, they already know they get that every summer and every winter. People anticipate and buy them in advance, as you can see if go even further, you can see that it went from 15, 14 lost ark gold all the way to 30 lost ark gold right now, it's basically doubled more than doubled.

In Korea, people already know about this kind of very obvious thing that's hap that is happening in summer and winter, so people buy it these are great owners in advance, so that's why you can see this huge increase in the price of great mob stones in Korea.

Expect the same thing in the graph for the west, like Europe and stuff. People are gonna buy them in the market, and this graph huge decrease is at least going to switch in direction, just a short amount of time, and of course, this volatility makes some decent amount of profit, so that's why to invest in this item, but this is actually a pretty risky investment, but as you can see right now, 900 lost ark gold left, but other things here, such as ownership, basically a fusion material that to sell whenever have this Punica passes in hyper express, gems and other maps and stuff that can sell, so not really worried about it, but asking you to buy these great owners stones, but if you have a stacked amount of great unlimited stones that are tradable, maybe you can wait until get the pudding capacity, the price is going to increase at that moment.

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