Diablo 2 Resurrected Elite Sniping Farming Guide: How To Guide in D2R Ladder Season

7/12/2022 3:36:04 PM

You decided to play Diablo 2 Resurrected, and you finally got your character into hell, you're incredibly sick and tired of everybody just teleporting around on a blizzard sorceress using the moat trick on Mephisto, you want to farm, but you don't want to be inefficient, in this guide today, we'd like to teach you about something called elite sniping and one of the best strategies for farming in Diablo 2 Resurrected.


What is Elite Sniping

Let's talk about what elite sniping is, this farming strategy requires you to kill one of three types of monsters, you have champion monsters or unique monsters, these all fall into a grouping that we call the elite-type monsters, they'll have blue or golden names, and they're typically harder to kill, but the benefit is that they'll drop at least one item that will always be magic quality or higher or a gem rune or a massive amount of gold in the form of champions, so when we focus on only killing those monsters, you can see how you can drastically increase the chances of getting really nice D2R items either sets unique rares and magics as opposed to killing your way through a ton of smaller monsters that aren't elite packs.

Super Uniques: Double the Drops

There's an even more efficient farming type that you can go into which is farming a super unique, so we're super unique as any monster that has a set location spawn point in the game, they will always have the same name, they will always have at least two affixes that are the same and then they can roll additional affixes, and the benefit here is that they drop two items of either gem rune or magic quality or higher.

Benefits Of Elite Sniping

The first question to ask is what are the benefits of elite sniping, first and foremost, when you're elite sniping, you don't need to increase the player count, regardless of how many players are in your game, they're always going to drop at least gold or an item from a champion pack, at least one item from an elite pack, and super uniques are always going to drop two items, so if you're looking to magic find the benefits of playing on players, one difficulty in settings especially in multiplayer is that you typically don't need a lot of gear to be able to kill the monsters, they're in their weakest form possible, so you're able to more easily stack magic fine if we were to compare this up against farming Mephisto, the way to get the most drops from a Mephisto is to kill him on the player's five settings in a lot of scenarios, players 7 is the best that you can get, but on Mephisto, he actually caps out at players 5, the issue with players 5 is that Mephisto will have three times his base life pool, every player's settings that you increase a monster's life pull by fifty percent, and the amount of damage they do by around eight percent, so on players five, you basically have to kill Mephisto three times to get a slightly larger amount of D2R items to drop from him, whereas with elite sniping in players one settings, monsters are only worth their base value of life, so you can forego a lot of plus skills in order to add even more magic fine to your build.

Shako Drop Chances

Mephisto 500 MF - 1:765

Mephisto 200 MF - 1:965

Pindleskin 500 MF - 1:10575

Bone Ash 500MF - 1:9669

Eldritch 500 MF - 1:10155

Shenk 500 MF - 1: 10184





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