ACNH Wedding Season 2022 Items & Changes | Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Guide

6/1/2022 4:34:12 PM

We're taking a look at the wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizons for 2022, this is not a guide as such but we will be recapping everything you need to know looking at what's brand new for this event, and most importantly checking out all the changes for the wedding season this time around compared to previous years. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season 2022

The wedding season is a super fun event for new players but there are actually quite a lot of new features this year too that help changes up this event even more, which also makes it fun to play through again if you've already experienced it. Now before we dive into these changes and new features let's refresh our memories.

ACNH Wedding Season 2022

ACNH Wedding Season Date

A wedding season is an annual event that debuted in Animal Crossing New Horizons just after launch and takes place for the entire month of June running from June 1st through to June 30th, this makes it the longest running event in the entire franchise. 

How To Join The Event and Get Wedding Theme Items as Rewards?

Basically during this time, we assist in celebrating Reese & Cyrus's Wedding Anniversary:

  • To kickstart the wedding season, simply head to harvest island where Reese and Cyrus actually spend all of their time now anyway and you'll see them speaking with Harvey and Harriet discussing their celebration.

  • They'll tell you everything you need to know but in short, we as players are tasked with decorating the cabin in honor of Reese & Cyrus's wedding anniversary. The goal is to make the best interior design possible and snap a photo for Reese. 

  • During the event, Cyrus hands out limited-time wedding themed furniture that you can use to decorate the cabin, and Reese rewards you with heart crystals. 

  • The better your interior design skills or basically the more furniture you choose to use as long as it fits in with the theme, the happier wreaths will be, and the more heart crystals you can earn. Heart crystals are essentially a type of currency, so for the completionist out there although serious about collecting furniture you can then use these heart crystals to buy more wedding themed furniture. 


Now the event does run for the entire month but does progress slightly offering different themes and unlocking new furniture each day you play, so there is a reason to come back and decorate for Reese and Cyrus multiple times, plus there are some rare items you can unlock towards the end. 

ACNH Wedding Season Items 2022

In total, there are 29 wedding items available through the event itself, but some of the noteworthy items include Reece and Cyrus's Wedding Plate, Wedding Fence Recipe, and Wedding Wand Recipe which do require players to participate in the event for an entire week. So if this is your first wedding season event, at the very least you're going to want to play through the event seven times. This is pretty much how the event played out since launch but last year in the 1.10 update a wedding themed seasonal event was added alongside the wedding season that introduced a bunch of wedding themed clothing items at the Able Sister's as well as a whole bunch of newer wedding items from the Nook Stop (each one of these items can be customized in a variety of ways, for example the nuptial door plate has three variations and three patterns meaning there are nine possible versions of this item alone).

Full list of Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Items To Get:

Wedding Reward Items (Get as rewards from Reese for each day they join the event for seven days)

  • Wedding Bench (1st day)

  • Wedding Table (2nd day)

  • Wedding Flower Stand (3rd day)

  • Wedding Head Table (4th day)

  • Wedding Pipe Organ (5th day)

  • Wedding Arch (6th day)

  • Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate (6th day)

  • Wedding Wand Recipe (Talk to Cyrus on the 7th day)

  • Wedding Fence Recipe (Talk to Harvey on the 7th day)

Wedding Furniture Items Trade With Heart Crystals

  • Wedding Arch (20 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Bench (5 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Cake (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Candle Set (4 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Chair (3 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Decoration (3 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Flower Stand (4 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Head Table (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Pipe Organ (40 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Table (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Welcome Board (5 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Rug (4 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Flooring (12 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Clothing Items Can Be Traded With Heart Crystals

  • Bridal Veil (12 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Dress (20 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Pumps (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Shoes (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Tuxedo (20 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Items Can Be Bought From Nook Shopping

  • Flower-Petal Basket (1200 bells)

  • Nuptial Bell (4500 bells)

  • Nuptial Doorplate (1400 bells)

  • Nuptial Ring Pillow (2200 bells)

Wedding Theme Clothes Can Be Bought From Able Sisters

  • White Hakama with Crest (4800 bells)

  • Shiromuku (4800 bells)

  • Tsunokakushi (2940 bells)

ACNH Wedding Season 2022 items

ACNH Wedding Season 2022 Changes

Thanks to the 2.0 update that was the last major update of Animal Crossing New Horizons and was released like six months ago now, we are still seeing the effects of the new content that was added and the wedding season is no exception. Because a whole bunch of new features that was added in the 2.0 update through the Happy Home Paradise expansion DLC, kind of changes the wedding season and offers even more decorating options and features, and actually adds even more depth to the event which is great for new players but also refreshing for players who have been here since launch. So let's take a look:

1. Partitions

Thanks to Happy Home Paradise, there are a whole bunch of new features that were added in Animal Crossing New Horizons that can be used during the Wedding Season that simply didn't exist during the first two iterations of the event. The first is partitions which are truly game changing items. Partitions are essentially sections of walls that you can place to divide up the room creating more dynamic or interesting room shapes that adopt the wallpaper being used. Last year the best you could do is drop a simple panel, but now thanks to the 2.0 update, we have actual walls we can use. These can even be used to create awesome window illusions when used with animated wallpapers, so it could really help change up the wedding venues this time around.

2. Polishing

A hugely underrated feature that was added courtesy of the DLC expansion is the polishing techniques feature, this allows you to polish pretty much every item in the entire game and has a variety of different effects and finishes to them. Assuming you've unlocked the feature, simply press l to change into your polishing outfit and press plus to choose an effect, there's a whole bunch to choose from but the heart effects especially are ideal for adding to a wedding themed room and things like the flower stands. Adding these kinds of finishing touches as another level of decorating that wasn't possible last year really helps your photos pop.


3. Sound Effects 

Moving on another cool feature that we now have to play around with is soundscapes. If you open up the other decorating options which are usually the window options, you can add soundscapes to your wedding venue again creating a really immersive venue design. The best one to choose is probably the chatter soundscape if you're adding a bunch of villagers to Reese & Cyrus's wedding because it makes it sound like everyone's talking, but depending on your design, you can choose whatever. If you were making it appear like Reese & Cyrus are getting married, outside for example you could go with a forest or park soundscape. As you'll probably notice this menu also allows players to adjust the lighting and even the entrance this year, which is an entirely new mechanic, it's only a small detail but still worth covering in case you missed it.

We cover all of the changes and new features that can be used during the wedding season this year and honestly adds a lot to the event. But something we did want to cover quickly is Reese and Cyrus's role at Harv's island during the wedding season. As you know Reese and Cyrus can be invited to set up a permanent shop on Harvest mini archipelago which can be used to customize items for bells and customize items that can't usually be customized at our own crafting benches. You'll be pleased to know the wedding season event and their shop feature don't affect each other in any way and when you're at the cabin, Reese and Cyrus are in full-on wedding celebration mode but when you're at the shopping area you can still speak with them like normal and customize items at their shop.

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