Lost Ark Destroyer Build Guide 2022 - Destroyer Gameplay And The Actual skill

5/20/2022 5:48:04 PM

Have you ever wanted a big super warrior with a powerful attack and a huge hammer?  In the Lost Ark, this is the Destroyer, talk about the lost ark destroyer build gameplay and skills. At this point, the build is pretty well rounded, but the patch also brings a few tweaks, some balancing and some talent changes.


Lost Ark Destroyer Build Guide 2022 - Destroyer  Gameplay And The Actual skill 

Lost Ark Destroyer Gameplay and the actual skill build

The first thing to do is the gameplay and actual skill builds and to keep everything straight, the lost ark destroyer skills will be referred to as blue skills and purple skills. 

The blue skill is a builder and when you use the blue skill you will gain one of three gravity cores.

These gravity cores are important because they control two things.

One is that they control the amount of damage done by your consumer skill, the purple skill.

Two, they control the amount of shield you get when you activate those gorgeous skills.

Now he might be a bit on the tanky side, the blue gunner is the only real tank in the game right now, he can't take the punishment that the blue gunner can take, and in some cases, you should have enough survivability to deal with things like spite, and what you're going to do is use your purple skills and the free gravity core, because you're going to get more damage with a gravity core, a purple skill will do more damage at 225 and 13 45% to deal an extra 10 damage. Same with shields, some of which charge for more than three seconds, which is why supercharging as a sculpt on a lost ark destroyer is a fantastic idea, this one is called Heavy Pressure.

Lost Ark Destroyer - Quick Hit Skills

The only one you need is the fast hit, this one reduces the skill charge time to 0, it is recommended that you choose the fast charge, if you have the legendary version choose this one, when the skill is used all cooldowns are reduced, remember you can choose your jump smash dreadnought or endure pain, it is recommended that you use it yourself, this is one of your most important skills, your pain generates a free of Gravity Core and you can immediately follow it up with a long charged purple consume skill.

In this case from a DPS perspective you should go into Perfect Swing and look at that long charge, the problem with Perfect Swing is that it does have that long charge so you might get knocked back, luckily when using Duralla Pain you make yourself immune to pushing and incoming damage for five seconds minus 40, you also get those free gravity cores so your Perfect Swing will deal the maximum amount of damage.

Lost Ark Destroyer - Casting the Endure Pain skill

What you want to do is cast Endure Pain first, it's an amazing talent, probably his best talent, to use White Strike with an AOE radius of 25, sometimes you don't really want to hug the boss, you do need to attack from the front, don't plan on using back attacks, use this strictly for headshots. One of the new talents with a duration of 3 seconds and a cooldown of 40 seconds.

The boss will face you and will get your strikes and damage on the boss, you have your push immunity, taunt the boss won't go anywhere. The problem with this is the 40-second cooldown, the last one is hidden pain, the incoming damage is subtracted by 90 so you don't take a lot of damage, you have the shield generated by the incoming purple ability and from a DPS point of view you have to go for the perfect swing, but there will be options.

In some cases, you will find it better to use skills like mc hammer full swing or earth either, which are essentially your blue skills. Firstly be resilient in your skill use, if you don't get immunity you will often get knocked down when you try to use this skill, the animation of this skill is too long and the enhanced attack does thirty per cent damage, regarding fearlessness, fearlessness is a counter but the puppy animation is a bit long, use a purple girl's wind rune which increases the casting speed by 12 per cent which means The animation speed is also increased, without Girl's Wind you'll be slower, it depends on whether you're going to counter or not, if you're not going to counter and are in a no counter situation you can drop Fearless, it's not your only option.

Lost Ark Destroyer - New Talent - Super Armour Destruction

Gun Longshot is the worst, but it's not one of the best dashes in the game, considering the theme of this class, building jump dashes, one of the new talents is Super Armour Destruction, which subtracts 12 from False Defence for 14 seconds, which is huge and you want to bring it to your party, and finally, the dash changes to normal mode, leaving 5m towards the target area while spinning in the air, these are your blue skills, or rather your number one priority skills, would be the perfect swing.

Of course, the problem with building this skill into a restrained shock and weakness detection rears its ugly head, you have to hold it for a long time, it takes a while to recharge and it also depends on the positioning. Usually, when raiding there is only one real target, now this is the ability to jump up and do a bit of damage and then do a big AOE which is the maximum damage. Ideally, you want to hit on both, so you want to be close enough, but you see a really big difference between the initial damage and the follow-up damage. If you're in a position where you're just trying to stay safe and trying to get AOE damage then that's going to be good enough, don't feel forced to like hug the boss in the face if that gets you out of position, it's a lot faster than the other ones, it's one of the most fun abilities subjectively, it's a fast dash.

Lost Ark Destroyer - Super Gravity Skill

When you activate supergravity this area around you pulls enemies in, all you can do is hold your left click and do this and it's bloody insane, you can keep doing this until your meter runs out, you also have an additional skill which is called vortex gravity where you have to smash your hammer down and pull enemies in, there are two components to this damage, when the hammer goes down The hammer goes up and voluntarily slams the hammer down, it's not exciting but it's worth remembering to go for it when your identity is filled, that's the basic build of the class.

Lost Ark Destroyer - How does the spin work? 

The next thing to do is show the actual spin works, off infinity everything you can simply look at your character and the more gravity chords you have, the more they fly around the Destroyer.

Now, there are a lot of things to look out for in Lost Ark, but you can look at your character without having to look at the fact that your bar will summon a monster and want to do it on full cooldown here and all that stuff, just so you can see how close an actual encounter might go to the gap.

Not going to use Perfect Swing of course, just charged up an Earth Devourer, and now going to taunt Boom into Perfect Swing, Boom has damage, then quickly follows up, again staying in front, free Gravity Core, Boom fantastic more Gravity Core, there you go, not going to use Big Bang now, you're just going to use that boss on cooldown, get close to him and wait Frontal attack, two gravity cores, three gravity cores, perfect swing time.

It will help you achieve damage with one of your fully charged purple skills, there are still times when you will miss your target and if you don't mind your big blasts when playing a gunner, you do big damage but they don't land on the boss or the target as it moves out of the way should be good to use this one.

They do have an impact but it's not that important, it's more important to know your class and understand what it does, Hammer of Fury is a must when using the Gravity Release skill which is your purple skill with a critical rate of 5% and critical damage of 15 but it's based on the number of cores used.

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