Lost Ark Perfect Remaining Energy Guide - Stat, Engraving, Card, Skill, Rune, Gem (2022)

5/17/2022 2:18:01 PM

Today going to cover a lecture on lost ark perfect remaining energy guide. The content includes the stat, engraving, skill, gem, and card. 

1. Lost Ark Remaining Energy Guide - Stat

The more spec is the better. 

Ranking: Spec, crit, swift 

2. Lost Ark Remaining Energy GuideEngraving


- Until 1415 level, 3*3 engraving is enough. 

Best engraving is remaining energy/adrenaline/supercharge

- Until 1460 level, 3*4 series careful engraving is enough

Best in the engraving is remaining energy other than ring supercharged garage

- Until the 1540 level, 3*5 foreign square engraving is very expensive, because legendary class engraving book is too expensive. 

The engraving setting: 

Lv3 Cursed Doll or Keen Blunt/ Weapon/ Grudge/ Supercharge/ MoA and lv2 adrenaline and LV1 RE. 

That engraving setting doesn't need a legendary class engraving book, so very cheap!

The last ingredient setting is for endgame, you can choose Cursed Doll or Keen Blunt Weapon engraving because the door is 1% stronger than the Keen Blunt weapon.

3. Lost Ark Remaining Energy Guide - Skill / Rune / Tripod


The skill for remaining energy is fixed, except for essential runes, it is recommended to use runes according to your preference, essential rules are this: 

  • Soul Absorber uses a legendary wealth rune 

  • Void strike uses epic wealth rune

  • Blitz Rush use galewind rune

There are essential runes, there is no need for exploration, then the other runes:

The spin cutter uses a gale wind rune for quick positioning. 

  • Moonlight Sonic use a wealth rune for insurance( gain death orb). 

  • Dark axles use a protection rune for blocking the real damage. 

  • Malestrom use of bleed rune for a little damage bonus(at least 2%)

  • Earth Cleaver- Use a overwhelm rune for MVP( Increase stagger point)

4. Lost Ark Remaining Energy GuideGem 

Cool time gem setting is this, Dark axle, Britz rush, melalstrom, soul absorber, spin cutter, void strike. 

Damage gem setting is this, soul absorber, blitz rush, death surge, blitz rush, void strike, moonlight sonic. 


1. ALL Lv.5 gem

2. ALL Iv.7 gem

3. LV.10 Maelstrom gem

4. ALL Lv.9 Damage Gem

5. LV.10 Death Surge Gem

5. Lost Ark Remaining Energy GuideCard 

Beginner - Field Boss (7)

  • Maneth

  • Tarsila 

  • Sol Grande

  • Brealeos

  • Aporas

  • Kagros

  • Adrinne

2 Set Bonus: Max Hp + 4.00%

4 Set Bonus : Max Hp + 4.00%

6 Set Bonus: Max Hp + 4.00%

6 Set Bonus(18 pieces awakening): Crit Rate + 2.00%

6 Set Bonus(30 pieces awakening): + 4% Atk Power when not in a party or raid. 

Mid-Game – Lostwind Cliff(6)

  • Armen 

  • Serla 

  • Solas

  • King Thirian 

  • Kharmine 

  • Delain Armen 

2 Set Bonus: Dark Damage Soak + 8.00%

4 Set Bonus: Dark Damage Soak + 8.00%

6 Set Bonus Dark Damage Soak + 9.00%

6 Set Bonus( 12 piece awakening): Crit Rate + 7.00%

6 Set Bonus ( 30 piece awakening): Personal and party holy damage to target + 3.5 %

End - Light of Salvation(7)

  • Shandi 

  • Azena and Lnanna

  • Nineveh

  • Kadan

  • Balthorr

  • Thirain 

  • Wei 

2 Set Bonus: Dark Damage Soak + 10.00%

4 Set Bonus: Dark Damage Soak + 10.00%

6 Set Bonus: Dark Damage Soak + 10.00%

6 Set Bonus( 12 piece awakening ): Change damage type to Holly

6 Set Bonus ( 18 piece awakening ): Holly Damage + 7.00%

6 Set Bonus(30 piece awakening ): Holly Damage + 8.00%


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