WotLK Classic Alt Leveling Guide - Top 8 Things To Level Alt Faster In Wrath Of The Lich King

10/10/2022 11:42:34 AM

What are the best ways to level alts in Wrath of the Lich King? Today, we are going to be giving you some advice on your Wotlk alt leveling Journey, so that you save yourself time to speed up the leveling process. Just in general give you some advice when it comes to leveling alts in Wrath of the Lich King, whether you are an experienced player, a new player, or just a regular player. Hopefully, there's something good in this WotLK alt leveling guide for you to use while you're leveling in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


WotLK Alt Leveling Guide - 8 Best Alt Leveling Tips In Wrath Of The Lich King

Wrath of the Lich King is a famously alt-friendly expansion. With the changes we already know about such as heroic plus putting ray looting dungeons eventually, it's going to be super appealing to have more than one class. First thing first though, log into your alts to begin the rested experience. If you don't log them in, they won't have an XP bar appear. This is kind of less relevant because cold weather flying can be learned by alt level 68 but this will have gone under the radar for a lot of people. 


1. Kill’ em With Sleep Deprivation

With the Wrath pre-patch, a new quest appeared in the Searing Gorge called kill’ em with sleep deprivation. It has you loots a bunch of pillows in the dark iron area below the Searing Gorge. When you do this an elite called Chambermaid Pillaclencher will appear after a short while. She will drop a massive pillow which can be eluted by anyone nearby on either faction. Go back and hand it in at thorium point and you will get evonice’s a landin’ pilla, a trinket that has a slow fall effect lasting 10 seconds which is available to any class in the game. It's also usable in combat and having that on-demand slow fall is something even with lying which can be useful. It does have a pretty huge 30-minute cooldown though but very slow fall. Also, two more quests toward the loremaster as well if you are going for that. 


2. Gear

If you're playing an ALT with no gear at the moment to sitting at level 70 or perhaps has been boosted. There will never be more green-quality gear in the auction house than there is right now. People are throwing up decently itemized gear for the next-to-vendor price at the moment. It's also such easy money for enchanters even if you just have an ALT to disenchant things and repost them, there's a lot of easy WOTLK gold to be made right about now. Saying that Wrath questing is really generous in handing you loads of gear really fast. But the power upgrade from TBC greens to Wrath ones is pretty massive. On top of that Wrath questing absolutely launches gold at you. Even the two dungeon dailies at level count give near 100 gold. 


3. Gold

Speaking about gold, in case you're on the fence about doing it when it comes to alts, just by tome of cold weather flying if you really want to level your alt to 80 by it. Imagine it says 1K gold that you will easily make back during questing by the way or maybe a 20 passive XP buff maybe it's even better than that. It's super worth it and that's even with slower flying as well.


4. Emblems of Heroism

Those are going to be used on your main at the moment to get them kitted out with some good starter epics. However, there are some shoulders that still give the 10 bonus XP which can be bought for stone keeper shards. These are more itemized for PVP as they have a bunch of resilience on them but all we would care about is the fact they have that 10 bonus XP. If the Wintergrasp changes that allow both actions to hold this zone at once, you'll have been passively getting stone keeper’s shard if you've been running heroics or attempting to run Wintergrasp. If you're thinking of playing alts early on remember we're still in Wrath of the Lich King, there is no downside to wearing armor types that are not specifically designed for your class. It was in cataclysm when wearing all the same armor types gave you a 5% passive boost to your main stat. 


If you have a boom cannot you want to level at some point as well as a mage, probably a good idea to buy the cloth heirloom instead of the leather spell caster one? Or if you have a row of gold and a hunter you want to level, it'd be a good idea to buy the leather loom instead of the male one. Because both can wear it, just doubling up on the item. If you have a lot of characters, actually read the tooltips on enchants that you put on your earlings and the sons of hodia ones. It turns out like they say on the tooltip do need level 82 work and heirlooms in general are treated as though they are level one items. For example, you can't apply powerful stats to a chest for plus 10 to all. But you can use greater stats all the way back from the classic 3 plus four bonus to all. 


Finally, emblems are hidden gold makers. If you really use questing as your main source of gold, if your character is getting 20 more XP or 25% more XP if you've managed to get the ring from the kalawak fishing derby, they're going to be hitting level cap much faster and you're going to have access to loads more in-game level quests to benefit from the bonus gold that you will be getting. On top of that, you can use the badges that alters getting into end-game level zones to buy other heirlooms which you can then level other characters with. The whole system kind of feeds into itself and it should be a really good consistent way to make gold which will only scale up the more characters that you level. 


5. Auction House

If you're an engineer in Wrath of the Lich King, a lot of the cool toys you can make will be sold at the auction house as people will have already made them level up. At some point when you're leveling the profession yourself, you're going to hit a wall where things begin to get expensive unless you're a gnome that is. But don't go out of your way to make everything yourself if you don't have to. Items such as gnomish army knife, moll-e, wormhole generator Northrend, sonic booster, noise machine, and others will be way cheaper at the moment just buying them from the auction house than outright making them yourself. In fact, it's really just the engineering goggles and a few of the mounts which you cannot trade. Also, the gnomish army knife doesn't need any engineering level to benefit from all the tools that it has it's only grandmaster engineering that's needed to attempt to resurrect someone that this is a really cheap item to save a bunch of bag space across all your characters. 


6. Farming

If you want to do a little bit of pre-farming for a later phase and make some gold these schematic for jeeves are already in the game. This is a rare drop in the number of mechanical units. Some of them also drop relics of aldoir which are needed for the sons of hodia rep and are currently going for a pretty nice amount of gold. 


7. Materials

Anyways the majority of the materials needed are in the game too now, you can buy the field repair bot 74a and 110G from the auction house or you can farm the schematic and make them yourself. You'll learn the schematic for 74a next to golemlord in BRD from a scroll on the floor and 110g is a rare drop from ganag analyz sizes up in blades edge mountains around where the apexis crystals are. The scrap parts are learned from a hidden quest in these storm peaks conveniently, also from library guardians at 400 or more engineering, they'll drop a quest item which turns in atania by NPC. You're also going to need 4 handfuls of cobalt bolts and 5 overcharged capacitors to repair the unit and then you can learn the schematic. 


What we don't have at the moment are epic gems, the two king’s amber will stop us from making jeeves until the trial of the Crusader is out. Nevertheless, if you want something to do in the future, here you go. Also, these repair bots will be worth a ton when the patch drops and people realize you can buy them outright.


8. Quests

On your way to 80 in WOW Classic Wrath, you'll have done quite a bit of questing. But even after you are level cap there is some content that is super worth doing if you haven't checked it out yet. Blizzard has added emblems of heroism to certain quests for Wrath Classic to encourage players to finish their own wide storylines. As for zones that give badges, storm peaks give a pretty decent amount but icecrown gives a huge number of badges. Once you have done every badge quest, you can earn 147 total, 88 from Icecrown, 44 from Storm Peaks, 5 from Zul’Drak, and 10 from Dragonblight.


Quest Walkthrough

But not everyone is so much of a quest enjoyer, so if you just want as many badges as possible with doing as few quests as possible. However it is going to still involve quite a lot of questing, but here's the basic rundown. As for icecrown when you start the zone, you want to do all the quests around the Argent Vanguard that's the location in the southeast of this zone up to and retaking Crusaders Pinnacle. After you've retaken Crusader's Pinnacle, there'll be a small building nearby with an injured horde or alliance soldier inside who will send you to your factions airship in the zone orgrim's hammer for horde and the sky breaker for the alliance. At the airship turn in this quest and you should be able to accept two different things.


First of all, it's all fun and games. This is the Knights of the ebon blade achievement where you'll be establishing the shadow vault in Northwestern icecrown. It will end on a quest of the same name. If you have the attune add-on from TBC still installed that tracks this entire quest line. You'll be doing it anyway at some point so you can do two things at once here. There should also be a quest opened up called either opportunity for the hord from Koltira Deathweaver or exploiting an opening from the Thassarian for the alliance. This will send you on a demolition quest below Icecrown Citadel. This one finishes up with a quest called to return to the surface. Do this one first as you're going to be going to the Shadow Vault later anyways. 

After having done both of these new quests should begin appearing at the Shadow Vault. Some of them give up to 5 badges for pretty simple quests also and very importantly the additional quest from the Shadow Vault will appear as you progress the quest line from the ghost child you meet called Matthias Lehner, you'll find him join the quest when you're doing the demolition work. He has a massive and super low heavy quest line which is well rather important for the story of Wrath. It's worth a look for that alone.


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