Elden Ring DLC Preparation Guide - What You Should Prepare For Elden Ring DLC?

10/13/2022 5:40:30 PM

How do you want to experience the DLC in Elden Ring? To experience the DLC in its default difficulty, how they design the fight to be because the first playthrough of anything whether it's the Elden Ring DLC or the main game or whatever it is in all of these games.

They're like a sacred thing can get, they can get messed up pretty quickly, it's definitely your preference on how you want to experience the DLC in Elden Ring because usually in all of these games, they put the DLC in a unique spot, you don't just press play on the DLC, and you go immediately and play the thing you sometimes have to go find it. They'll give you information on how to find it, but it's gonna be somewhere random in the world, and then you're going to be put somewhere else.

Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring DLC Preparation Guide - What You Should Prepare For Elden Ring DLC?

Just based on the past games and how they've released their DLC, they're gonna put the game or they're gonna put the DLC somewhere in the middle of your playthrough, it's not gonna be at the end, it could be at the beginning, it's not gonna be you know, you need to be level 150 or level 200 to even get through the DLC, it's probably not gonna be that so based on your preference, how you want to experience it, like if you just want to run through the DLC really quick, then you've got your level 150 200 characters, you go demolish everything you get.

How getting this character ready in Elden Ring? 

Probably only gonna go to about Margot, and then stop playing a little bit more, just to level up a bit more, the other part of this is for people who have one character, and they're on New Game Plus, you're already kind of messing with the difficulty when you go into New Game Plus, because a lot of people are on New Game Plus runs, and they have one character if you're in new game plus six, and you go into the DLC, you're gonna be on new game plus 6 DLC, it's gonna be new game plus whatever the number for your DLC experience.

How much damage do they do to the default experience? 

That's why making a new character and that's why you should too, if you haven't played the game in a while or you only have one character in the new game plus, whatever you should probably think about levelling a character to about 75 maybe a hundred, exactly where the DLC is gonna be, but just based on how the other pass games have done DLC, it's gonna be somewhere in the middle of the game, the middle of the experience, so try and have that most genuine default experience that from software is going for, a better experience with it, if you just want to roll through it, and that's your experience good for you, if you want to experience the DLC on a new game plus six go for it.

It'll be hard anyway, then that's fine, what if they make the DLC scale to in-game stuff, then you can go to your main character, This is more like the reason, making a new character is just in case, because here's what's gonna happen, a little bit scared of this exact situation happening DLC is gonna be released, and there's a whole bunch of people that are new to these games that don't know how DLC Works in these games, it's very different from past from other games, so like with dark souls 3 DLC, the first DLC was about halfway through the game, and it scaled to halfway through the game, they're gonna do that with the Elden ring. 

They usually release DLC for their past games, all the past stuff, all of their past games which makes sense to go off, what they've created before and how they sort of handle these things right? 

It could be very early to make an Elden ring DLC character, just kind of getting it ready, but just being cautious, there are a lot of new people in these from software games playing that don't understand what just talking about right, they're completely new to the franchise, and they only know Elden ring. 

They're gonna get the DLC that they're gonna pay for probably 20 to 30 dollars for this DLC in Elden ring, but they're not gonna get the experience that they thought, they were gonna have like they did in their first playthrough when they were levelling through the game, and they're gonna get pissed. They haven't played other games, and they don't know how the DLC works higher level in Elden ring, players will blow through the DLC quickly.  

A bit under level for the DLC and take time with the bosses and properly learn and appreciate them, if that's the experience you want to go for, all of you know that you should get ready for it, they could go down any route with this DLC, talking about that for months at this point, you know like all of the potential DLC routes that from software could take with this game.

What you would actually really want to do? Waiting for DLC to come out. 

And then start a new character, but this game is different from the past games like you're saying, so what suggesting is that you should prepare yourselves for the DLC, and not want to start a new character when the DLC comes out, because this game is absolutely massive, it takes a long time to get everywhere that you want to go, it takes a long time to get all the Elden ring items that you need for the weapons that you want stuff like that if you want that proper default experience. 

Do you really want to battle pass in Elden Ring DLC?

You might want to start a new character so that you can prepare yourself for whatever happens, if it turns out, you want to be level 150, you got a character right there, and you're ready to go, if it turns out, it's supposed to be mid-game, then you have a character right there ready to go for that if you need to be.

Whatever the hell 400 you got a character ready to go for that you think they would connect Elden ring with other games to the Elden Ring DLC, if that's the route they want to go they definitely can as of right now, there's no reason to think about, the games are connected until they prove to me otherwise as of right now the games are not connected the other thing to think about is if the endings will change based on how you play the Elden Ring DLC.

If they're gonna add more endings or the way you play an Elden Ring DLC will affect an ending you just gotta prepare yourself through all of this to you know make sure your experience doesn't get trashed which people will complain about anything and everything, so just throwing this out, there is anyone else surprised that they haven't at least updated the coliseums, talking about that four months ago and nothing they haven't done anything.

That's such an easy update to get people, at least some people back into the game again, this is worldwide Google Trends of Elden ring of people, just being interested in the game, this graph is very normal, but you know that there would be a little rise in this graph if they know to put out the update for the Coliseum PVP, people would come back and they'd try that especially if they put like ranked in this game.

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