Best Elden Ring 1.07 Rune Farm Glitch - Fastest Rune Farming Methods, Exploits & Spots After Patch

10/20/2022 5:03:25 PM

Since the new update to Elden Ring, there have been quite a few changes toward PvP, what are the best rune farming locations and spots after patch? Let’s dive into some fastest and best Elden Ring 1.07 rune farm glitches and methods. 

Best Elden Ring 1.07 Rune Farm Glitch - Fastest Rune Farming Methods, Exploits & Spots After Patch

What rune farm glitches get patched and what is still working in Elden Ring? There were some rune exploits and farming methods have been patched, an example within the 1.07 update is the waterfall one, if you try and jump into the waterfall now you no longer be able to land on that platform, you're just basically in the fall and die, so don’t do that again. But Lenne's Rise Boulder does still work now, and this is somewhere you can farm on early game. Check out the more working Elden Ring rune farm glitch for 1.07. 

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

Head over to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, then from there take a right and head directly upstairs so that you pass through a few enemies, if you are on New Game Plus, these dudes can mess you up quite a lot, especially if you are ganged up on, if you are at a low level, then you will probably have an easier time with this. Try not to get too close, as you go up more, you will reach a cave, make sure that you have a lantern on or some sort of light source, you are going to travel through that cave by going towards the left and then taking a right, you will notice an enemy spawn there on the left, do not stick around there for too long. Take a right and then head directly forward by any means, do not stop because what's going to happen is that NPC back. If you are not prepared for it, just sprint forward and go towards the Lost Grace and interact with it, you will know that you are at the right location, this is going to be the Dynasty Mausoleum midpoint at the top left.

What you want to do is exit out of the Lost Grace, head towards the ledge, drop down below and jump forward land, then you are going to sprint forward and jump, you will survive the landing and you can continue forward and then hop on top of the rock and try to use your mount. Once you are able to use your mount, it will kick you off of it, so what you want to do is head forward, jump up on top and then reuse your mount, once you are back on top of your mount, proceed forward and try to hop down in between the hole.

You can then jump off the map and continue to swing every five seconds, that should be safe and you will want to do this for about 30 to 45 seconds. Somewhere around there, you should see the Elden Ring runes begin to drop, wait for some time, there will be more runes that can drop, once you are done, open up the menu and travel back towards the midpoint, rinse and repeat this exploit until you have a good amount of runes.

Other Elden Ring 1.07 Rune Farm Locations 

There are two more rune farming locations that you can utilize in Elden Ring Patch 1.07, the first one is located towards the North and you will see a tree, which you can double jump from and land on this rock, you will then want to double jump, so you land behind the tree there, and you can then proceed along the rock path and jump off the map. The next spot is not too far from the first one, what you want to do is proceed towards the east, as you do, you can actually get out of the map from the left side, this spot is a lot easier to get, make sure to jump on the top of the rocks, then you can find a hole that is similar to the previous glitch, swing constantly to acquire an amount of ER runes