Elden Ring Patch 1.07 DLC Leak Guide - New Maps, Arenas, Weapons, and more

10/17/2022 3:11:46 PM

Several Elden Ring DLC files were found in the code of the recent patch 1.07. For us, the most exciting part is the leaks about the arenas that can be found throughout Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell. We also have new hairstyles, maps, and weapons!


DLC Hairstyles

The first suspicious items in the files that were labeled with dlc, they kind of started this whole Rabbit Hole were actually a set of player hairstyles that currently don't exist in the game, now there were very rough models in the files however Garden of eyes actually rendered them in game, the first is a sort of tied back braid, looks pretty cool, the second is sort of swept back and wild, now Garden has it labeled as godrick, however, we checked them side by side and it really doesn't seem to be the same style, the third is a sort of twin tail style, but it's actually rendered in with Ronaldo's Crown, there's another one with twin braids that looks a lot like Queen America's hair, and then another braided slash ponytail style that kind of looks like the shura hair from sekiro, and the last one is kind of half braids half long that we think actually resembles the painting of radagon in the round table hold more so than mikola, but what's interesting about these hairstyles is that some people are hypothesizing that they could be rendered in as part of NPCs that are going to be in the DLC, and since they tend to resemble many of the main characters in the game, it could be a hint that we may be going back in the past for the DLC, however, we don't think we agree with that, what we think is much more likely are that these are just going to be further customization options for the player that we'll get whenever the DLC drops, and the reason we say that is because a lot of NPCs have their own unique hairstyles that are loaded in as part of their model, and so we don't think this would be a very unique case, we think these are just going to be more customization like they did with the skins in sekiro, but either way they are labeled as DLC, and we already know we're making a Shira sekiro character when that comes out.

DLC PVP Arenas - Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell

The next part of this leak has us by far the most excited, there was another part in the files that was labeled with dlc, and that was a complete folder of the assets of the the coliseums that we can find around the map, we talk about them all the time there's three coliseums in the map of Elden ring, one in Caelid, one in Leyndell and one in Limgrave, and we've always speculated that these were supposed to open, because when you visit the coliseum in Lim grave, there's a ghost that's weeping that says all we wanted to do was fight to the last as a warrior, so why oh guidance of Grace will these doors not open, and so we're under the belief that these were supposed to be the PvP Arenas for Elden Ring, now all of the Dark Souls games had PvP Arenas, so we were all expecting Elden Ring to have one as well, and it looks like that wish is coming true because in those files are the coliseums,  now what's also important to note that both Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 3's PvP arenas arrived with the first DLC, so it makes sense that Elden Ring would follow suit in that regard, but another cool thing is that we know these aren't just leftover files, because they're updated on the inside versus what we currently have in the game, so this communicate a few things from software is actively working on updating these, they are labeled as Arenas rather than just coliseums, and they're set to arrive with the first DLC, and that has me so excited, a few things we're curious about is if we can find a ranking system associated with these in those files or any data suggesting certain multiplayer modes that we're going to have available in those, because if you remember the arena in Dark Souls 3 had different kinds of Team battles, and free for all and objective modes and stuff.

DLC Maps and more

It doesn't even end there also found within the files of patch 1.07 where the code of new maps, one of which is an entirely new Legacy dungeon, when we saw these originally we theorized that these may have been the maps for the coliseums, however, that's not actually the case, these maps are all brand new and don't currently exist in the the game, the maps for the coliseums were discovered but they weren't the ones that were referenced before, so it's almost undeniable that these two new maps are for the DLC, one for the new Legacy dungeon, and then we think one for the new biome that that Legacy dungeon is going to be in, so let's break all this down for a minute, the hairstyles and the coliseums are confirmed for DLC one, and then if we assume that these new maps are going to be part of that DLC as well then we have a new Legacy dungeon and a new area, so what sounds to us like a DLC one is going to be at least the size of Ashes of Arendelle, but when it comes to the scope of Eldon ring, we imagine it may be even bigger, because we can't imagine they do a full-scale paid DLC, and also not throw in things like new dungeons, new side quests, new weapons, and armor but obviously we don't have the files for the full DLC yet, these are just the things that are left over in the patch 1.07 files for whatever reason but we can't deny that this is the best sign we've ever gotten for Elden ring DLC, it really doesn't get any better than this aside from an official trailer.