Elden Ring 1.07 Best Dexterity Weapons - Elden Ring Dex Weapon Tier List After 1.07 Patch

11/1/2022 10:12:05 PM

In this Elden Ring 1.07 Dexterity Weapon Tier List, we rank the new most powerful and best highest damage Dex Weapons in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring 1.07 Best Dexterity Weapons

Elden Ring 1.07 Best Dexterity Weapon

The major 1.07 patch changed so many Ashes of War and weapons, some nerfs are positive and some are negative that happens on Dexterity Weapons too. So want to know what is the new most powerful Dexterity Weapon in Elden Ring after the 1.07 patch? Here we get you covered with the New Elden Ring Dex Weapon Tier List.  

1 - Nagakiba (S Tier)

Nagakiba is one of the best weapons in the game generally for just the play style, the design, and the options you can do with it. It is so versatile in the amount of fantastic Ash of Wars it can take and unlike the Uchigatana, it actually has an insane range like a spear range which is wonderful in all content everywhere. The downside is it weighs a bit more but the relevancy of that is minor, it's absolutely fantastic though, and can be used on many builds and especially in this patch where many Ashes of War have been improved, this weapon is like the perfect stick to slap it on.

2 - Cross-Naginata (S Tier)

Cross-Naginata has an awesome range and really effective brilliant seppuku buff targets, but you can use many of the different ashes of war that you can't normally reuse like the swordspear. And honestly just saw dance on these weapons works really well as well whether you're using one and two hands or you're power stancing these weapons, it's just really effective. A single-minded moveset with thrusting which works phenomenally in PvP and there's nothing wrong with it in PVE other than the fact that maybe you'll have a hard time aoeing but you can just do like assault dance.

3 - Scavenger's Curved Sword (S -Tier)

They aren't as good as they were technologically, because again these were like seppuku sticks, one of the best weapons in the game for their running attacks in power stance for roll catching and outputting many hits quickly which was perfect for a bleed build-up and perfect for seppuku. While seppuku is nerfed, it is still very strong and this is still the best option for that, you're still going to have a very easy time bursting bosses down and people in PvP, whether these are buffed up or not, there's obviously just a bit more cost to separating these.

4 - Dragon King's Cragblade (A Tier)

This is a very heavy frosting weapon that comes with a cool Ash of War  Cragblade. The Ash of War itself has extended effect duration better attack power, poise damage, and stamina attack power against those that are blocking. So overall, it's just had a net buff with the extended duration though the tracking is better which is major meaning you can even turn a full 180 while in the air, not only is that fun but it means catching people in PvP who are all through the initial hit that is possible now. In general, gameplay say open world or boss fights that are wonderful when the AI moves around in like an unexpected way, you can keep track of them and land the hit all the same. You have hyper armor while you're in the cloud and it does a big hit, so it's nice to see that be improved in various ways. With these noticeable Buffs, we think it deserves to go up to A tier. 

5 - Bloodhound's Fang (A Tier)

Bloodhound's Fang is an early-game beast, it has an iframe based Ash of War you got a big burst on that and it's buffable too, and it's one of the few early-game large Dex weapons. As well curved swords have better recovery and attack speed on say the charge and strong attacks in a previous patch. Bloodhound's Fang is just a really good early-mid game, it falls off a bit in the late game, but it's obviously still good. Yet it's something we basically never see in PvP because the ash of war is just so predictable, however, its output and the weapon, in general, are so strong if you get it so early game.

6 - Bolt of Gransax (A Tier)

Bolt of Gransax is not a major difference but we have just gone against it a bit more in PvP. Power stance players that do the jumping attack or do like combination attacks, these things are really hurt, obviously, the Ash of War was made faster in a previous patch. The brilliant deck space weapons with the power of red lightning, not needing any faith to get that benefit.

7 - Uchigatana (A Tier)

Uchigatana is incredibly good. The katana moveset and power stance you got seppuku build are still possible, even though they have the Nerfs, so many good Ashes of War you can slap onto these things. They're great and they're fairly low weight as well, the problem with them is their range obviously they're just kind of like normal straight sword distancing and that can be an issue. 

8 - Guardian's Swordspear (A Tier)

Guardian's Swordspear is one of the higher AR Dex weapons in the game and with some of the very cool halberd or spear Ashes of War you rarely get to use or see. It is just a fantastic weapon with great output, versatility, and options you have with those unique ashes of war that don't again rarely get to see. It has this really cool sword spear moveset where you're doing very vertical swings that can really catch people, especially in PvP they're like Panic rolling and just keep swinging these vertical swings that are a long combo that seems to catch people really well, obviously, you can also power sense them which works fantastically, just overall brilliant weapons.

9 - Hand of Malenia (A Tier)

Nothing's changed to this weapon in the 1.07 patch, it's one of the lower scaling Katana weapons but with a great range like the Nagakibas, and obviously waterfall, dance is just nuts. If you can get successive attacks without being interrupted, it's always going to be nuts, no one's going to be happy to be hit by that whether it's a boss or someone in PvP. It's just kind of hard to consistently land because it is interruptible but the potential output there is so high and it's such a cool weapon in its design.

10 - Dragonscale Blade (B Tier)

This ice lightning bass Katana weapon is worth using as one of the coolest weapons in the entire game. It was powerful for so long. You use this weapon Ash of war and it strikes lightning on a Target and then Buffs up your weapon in Frost and Lightning. With this patch as weapon attack power has been increased, the duration and power of the lightning buff have been increased, and the recovery after using it is better too. Essentially it actually hurts enemies now, the buff lasts long enough to matter and it looks cool as hell. Shockingly it is a Dex weapon not like an index just Dex scaling at a B grade, due to the many enemies who have resistances to lightning and the Ash of War on it not exactly being a consistent threat in PvP. Now simply using an ice Katana with a basic Katana moveset does feel and look great but we are not sure if its output deserves an A grade.

11 - Coil Shield (B Tier)

The Coil Shield is hard to ignore in this patch thanks to the sheer damage of the initial hit and the poison ticks which have been newly improved. In 1.07, the poison deals more damage and it's quite comparable now, to Scarlet Rock which previously completely outclassed poison, this Shield has the Coiled Snake which with its unique Ash of War Viper Bite will send out a snake that shoots up a medium range to buy to the foe. In this patch, the improved Ash of War's attack power means the actual initial hit hurts more but more importantly the amount of poison applied to Viper Bite is greatly increased basically meaning one bite equals a poison proc against most enemies. The duration of that poison was also extended as well as the literal damage of each particular poison, so in any combat, scenario be it boss fight or PVP when you hit something with that poison it's a big hit, and then the longer the fight goes on the more damage it's going to do. Combine this with Scarlet Rot as the coil user and you'll have a double damage over time build that is very strong. It's not exactly a great shield for normal Shield purposes and you're only really using it for the one Ash of War as an attack, but still, it's awesome to have this in-game and it to be much more viable.

12 - Zamor Curved Sword (B Tier)

This frost based curved Greatsword benefited from previous patches, we had some minor Buffs to curve great swords in their movesets and the attack speed of which, but in this patch 1.07, the Ash of War Zamor Ice Storm has had increased attack power and the attack power of the weapon part is better as well in PVE, this makes it very deadly. The weapon comes with base Frost buildup by default but then the Ash of War is just going to combine with that to burst Frost procs really quickly, PVE wise the potential of this burst weapon and being able to cleanse off the frost procs to get more. It's very solid and deserves an acknowledgment on this list from that alone, but there is a weird aspect of this - the bass moveset when you're using it in one hand or maybe you're two-handing that one weapon, you're spinning like the storm itself light attack combos long and twirling or heavy attack combos with multiple hits off of just one heavy attack. It's very visually pleasing and cool to play, but in power sense you kind of lose that uniqueness and it's just kind of normal Power sense double hits. When you use the Ash of War, it only uses one of the weapons not both, so it's almost like using just one is maybe the best way to go. In PvP you're not really going to be able to cleanse off the frostbrock or rely on that damage nearly as consistently as PVE. 

13 - Scythe (B Tier)

Higher AR for a Dex weapon with scaling decks, this weapon comes with great range and a particularly effective moveset in power stance with another Scythe. You can of course buff it up in various ways and mix it with some of the better ashes of war in the game and just generally do work with this weapon PVE or PVP. It performs well enough in all content but we just find it very Bland and boring to use. Still, it's very good and that's why it's on this list and above a C grade.

14 - Vulgar Militia Saw (B Tier)

At the bottom of B tier is the Vulgar Militia Saw which was tied entirely to seppuku and these basically being seppuku sticks with seppuku dealing less damage offering less blood loss build up when you have it buffed up. And also deals way more damage when you use it, it's obviously not what it once was, having said that it is still super strong and that's why these weapons are here. 

15 - Claw Weapons (C Tier)

Claw Weapons have great DPS output potential as always with good scaling and you can really go to harm on successive attacks on a target, the problem here is obviously they have that tiny range and they have like no posture damage which is a major thing now in this patch where people have more posture in general, so they're actually like slightly worse in PvP. Obviously, the bleed potential is crazy with these weapons and even though it's got a simple moveset you can get a lot of hits in. We acknowledge that the DPS potential is very high and that's what brings it to this list even though it's just a C tier.

16 - Godskin Peeler (C Tier)

The twin blades which we now put down as a C Tier as well, even though they have great output potential especially when you're power sensing them buffing them up or bleed building, and doing jump attacks we get many attacks at once, but the range surprisingly short and obviously they have a kind of single-minded moveset style. It comes with a kind of Scythe attack where you can strike and swing and then you have the pointed end for heavy attacks for thrusting which provides a nice mix of play style and different options compared to the other twinblades. But they're just not as threatening and we very rarely ever see them in PvP.