Elden Ring Best New Axe of Godfrey Build | Elden Ring 1.07 NG+ Build Guide

10/21/2022 7:13:41 PM

In this guide, we are going to talk about the Elden Lord build which is New Game Plus build that focuses on the use of Acts of Godfrey which is a colossal weapon that was buffed in patch 1.07.

Elden Ring 1.07 Best Axe of Godfrey Build

Best Elden Ring 1.07 NG+ Axe of Godfrey Elden Lord Build Guide

This is OP New Game Plus build after the 1.07 patch since the Axe of Godfrey is obtained near the very end of the game, so it's kind of self-explanatory, you're not going to get this till very late. So it makes sense to use it in a new playthrough in a subsequent playthrough. 


Right Hand Weapon: Axe of Godfrey 

This is a colossal weapon technically and its attack speed seems to have been buffed as well as its Poise damage with patch 1.07. It's a quality scaling weapon that goes very well into New Game Plus because you won't have maxed out the potential of this weapon at 80 strength and 80 dexterity until probably the very end of new game plus, maybe the beginning of NG+, so its damage will continue to increase throughout NG+. 

Its weapon skill Regal Roar is absolutely fantastic, it has insane Poise allowing it to complete through just about any attack, it has a great AOE size, it does excellent damage, and it knocks enemies into the air even tough enemies like Crucible Knights. It buffs the weapon's damage and it also changes the R2 attack of the weapon to sort of a smaller Stomp and then like a sweeping accident with another R2, so like other Roars it tends to change the attacks that you can do with R2 afterward. Regal Roar was also buffed in patch 1.07 extending its duration, it's now 40 seconds long so you're going to have increased damage and changed R2 attacks for that duration, and it's reduced the time between strong attacks while under the effect so it's going to go very quickly when you hit that R2, and it also has its time reduce between skill activation and being able to perform certain actions.

Even if you don't have 51 Poise with this build, you still can swing through just about any regular attack and it allows you to do substantial damage to the attack rating buff but this is around 934-ish and you get amazing damage out of the weapon skill. 

Left Hand Weapon: Highland Axe

We're not really using Highland Axe, we're still two-handing Axe of Godfrey because we want the most possible damage out of that weapon, but by having that weapon in our offhand, we gain an extra seven and a half percent damage to not only the shout but also the follow-up R2 attacks.


  • Head: Elden Lord Crown

  • Chest: Elden Lord Armor

  • Arms: Elden Lord Bracers

  • Legs: Elden Lord Greaves

Using the Elden Lord set is no surprise here, as it kind of matches the theme,  you can use other armor sets this is probably not the best armor set in the game. However, if you were a Min maxing you would probably use some sort of better armor with better protection in order to allow you to trade hits because you do trade a lot with this build and take less damage as well as have better poise.


  • Roar Medallion - Give you an extra 15% damage to the shout itself and then follow up R2 attacks, and this was also changed in the patch.

  • Shard of Alexander - To further increase the damage of our shout, it doesn't increase follow-up R2 attacks the way Roar Medallion does, but it does increase the damage of that shout in that shout is absolutely deadly, so we want to boost the damage to that as much as possible.

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman - To further give us protection, this set does not have the best protection if you're using another armor set with heavier (heavier armor set with more protection), you probably don't need this one.

  • Bull-Goat's Talisman - To hit that Poise breakpoint

  • Claw Talisman - Or you can use something like the Claw Talisman to increase your jump attack damage because jump attacks are fairly effective with this weapon

  • Axe Talisman - Or you can use the Axe Talisman to further increase your charge star to attack damage, when you are buffed with Regal Roar, you can actually turn the R2 into charge star twos that do the same animation, but it takes a little bit longer to charge up deals more damage, you'll get more damage when doing that if you want

Character Stats

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 25

  • Endurance: 23

  • Strength: 55

  • Dexterity: 55

  • Intelligence: 16

  • Faith: 7

  • Arcane: 9

  • Main Stats Setting Tips

Faith- Probably from this point forward or after you hit 8080, we would suggest possibly investing in Faith and that's because Flame Grant Me Strength will give you an extra 20% physical damage and Golden VoW will give you an extra 15% damage and more defenses, which both good for this build. You're not going to get so much more damage out of this weapon up to 80 80 in each of strength and dexterity, and obviously, especially past that point the damage drops off even more significantly, so consider adding some Faith to this build to get those Buffs that'll increase your attack damage even more particularly with the shout and with fall off R2 attacks, it's a good direction to go with this build into either NG++ or sometime in NG+ if you don't want to take strength and dexterity any higher. 

Vigor - When it comes to Vigor, you're going to want to get this to 60 eventually you trade a lot with this build, it's just the nature of it, you're going to take damage a lot when using that shout because it has a long wind up but it deals a lot of damage, so it's worth doing and then follows up R2 attacks a lot of times you're trading with those as well getting that high damage from those but taking damage.

Mind - Mind is fine at 25, you may want to take it up to 30 just to be able to more liberally use the shout throughout the course of New Game Plus, but you probably don't need to do that and as long as you have some blue flasks.

Endurance - Endurance is at 23 in order to be able to medium roll with this exact setup, if you're using heavier armor you're going to need more endurance. You really can't have too much endurance with this build, it's not a bad stat to invest in general, because the shout and follow-up are two attacks that consume a lot of stamina, and you'll find if you use this build and you're being really aggressive with it which you probably will be in most boss fights you're usually limited by your stamina coming back more than anything, so having more stamina isn't bad, getting heavier armor at the same time makes endurance a very good stat to invest in.

Flask of Wondrous Physick

  • Greenburst Crystal Tear - Give you stamina recovery. You're highly limited by the stamina when it comes to being as aggressive as you want with this build, having it recover quickly during boss fights or when you're taking on tough enemies is very good and that will help you be able to be as aggressive as you want.

  • Spiked Cracked Tear - Increases your charged attack damage. There aren't too many great tears for this build but if you do a Charged R2 attack after you do the shout or even before, this will boost the damage of those attacks, so consider you know leaning into those charge chart twos after you're buffed with the L2 that will really help boost your damage if you're using that tear.

  • Leaden Hardtear or Opaline Bubbletear - Another good option for Crystal Tears is using one that increases your Poise or using one that gives you a damage bubble for one hit because you're going to trade damage with this and most boss fights that can protect you for at least one attack.

Great Rune

  • Godric's Great Rune

It gives you Vigor, Mind, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity all five of those stats are good for this build don't increase your damage, give you more Health, etc. If you do decide to go the Faith route in order to take golden bound flame graphing strength as well that will give you some five Faith closer to that point, even if you had 10 Faith that would give you 15 which would give you enough for Flame Grant Me Strength which isn't a huge investment in Faith as it is so that's a great one to use for this build. 

Final Tips

Make sure you're buffed at all times with L2, this will increase your damage and make your R2S much more effective, you can usually get somewhere around 2000 to 2400 damage with one R2 press once you were buffed with this, so you want to make sure that you have this buff up all the time when you're fighting enemies which means sometimes you might just need to do the stomp on one enemy in order to get that buff back up, don't be afraid to do that.