Elden Ring Patch 1.07 Best Cold Misericorde & Zamor Curved Sword Build Guide | Fire's Deadly Sin & Zamor Ice Storm Combo Build

10/27/2022 4:06:28 PM

For Zamor Ice Storm, increased attack power and frostbite status buildup, and increased casting speed and shortened recovery time, it's turned it into an AOE death dealing Powerhouse of biting cold, and it is so much fun to use when baked into the build we're going to show you, and this build is actually a build of two builds. We also provide you the best Elden Ring runes to level up faster.

How to make this build work

Because we have the kind of Boss killing version involving the sorcery, and then we will be looking at the weapon for a more PVP orientated Focus, because the weapon does really shine there, and  the weapon also got a little bit of a buff more damage and indeed more damage to the actual weapon attack,  so without further Ado as you saw Melania got obliterated and as does every boss that this goes against unless the boss is completely immune to frostbite in which case it stopped does decent damage because the sorcery itself does decent damage now, but that frostbite really is key, what's actually the concept then at a base level we have this really fast frostbite ticking up sorcery, swirling around us that does fairly decent Poise damage fairly fast now frostbite build up, and then of course triggers the frostbite which is a huge pop of damage akin to bleed, and then they now take more damage their resistance is lowered by 20 percent, however if we apply even a single point of fire damage to a frostbitten enemy, it will remove the frostbite which means they will continue to take damage from the swirling zamar's ice storm, and then immediately get frostbite again, and essentially pop Frost fire off for massive amounts of chain burst damage, and that is delicious, and it works shockingly more so than ever thanks to 1.07, combine that with and jaw which sadly has been nerfed a little bit since trying this out, but it's still plenty better than it was before and good enough for this, we can't even get interrupted out of the cast of it and once you've got one cast off it's basically game over because you can just chain cast it while they're stacking around being frostbitten next to you, so the Playbook is fairly simple though there are certainly a few steps, Step one is we want our build to be 15 better and I don't want to think about it Val and then we put Fire's deadly sin on so for that of course we need a random seal to make it happen you don't even need to have the stats to use it, that's all good, then we get our physic going for extra damage buff we have our witches Frost her extra 10 to frost sorceries, we get Terra Magica down for an extra 35, because you know we'll be camping on the spot in a frost storm and that works really well with that kind of play style and then let the world end in ice absolutely beautiful, we really do like this one and make no mistake if you do catch someone with an MPP, it will basically delete them, but it's very easy for someone to just not walk into you while you're casting it, so we kind of have to get a little bit more creative on that front of things, Zamor Ice Storm, Fire's Deadly Sin, Terra Magica, Golden Vow.

Equipment of the Build 1


  • Left Hand Armament 1 – Lusat's Glintstone Staff

  • Right Hand Armament 1 – Dragon Communion Seal

  • Right Hand Armament 2 – Cold Misericorde

  • Head Armor – Snow Witch Hat

  • Talismans:

Godfrey Icon

Graven-Mass Talisman

Graven-School Talisman

Magic Scorpion Charm

  • Item – Flask of Wondrous Physick

Attributes & Stats at Level 150 for Build 1









Equipment of the Build 2


  • Right Hand Armament – Zamor Curved Sword

  • Left Hand Armament 1 – Dragon Communion Seal

  • Head Armor – Spellblade's Pointed Hat

  • Chest Armor – Spellblade's Traveling Attire

  • Gloves – Spellblade's Gloves

  • Leg Armor – Spellblade's Trousers

  • Talismans:

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Erdtree's Favor

Carian Filigreed Crest

Shard of Alexander

  • Item – Flask of Wondrous Physick

Attributes & Stats at Level 150 for Build 2









You have the swings themselves and you have the fire ice storm chain frostpox, both of which work really well in fact the frost buildup on the curve greatsword is exceptionally quick and really can melt people if you manage to catch them, if it's a lot of fun to use, and definitely gives you a little bit more of a well-rounded approach when you're pvp as opposed to just slowly casting the sorcery that while it is faster now is still quite predictable, this actually has a bit of damage on the way down when you plunge it into the ground, so you can catch people with it, and give them a little bit of a Flinch and then the storm comes up and finishes them off and that's really effective, it's also very fun at invading because you can clip people with the storm through walls, and that is a nice way to get some easy damage out if not just kill them outright, so that generally speaking, then is the two sides to this fire Frost storm build, you have the blade way and you have the sorcery way both work incredibly well at melting all, that's before you and both are incredibly fun and now incredibly well worth using thanks to 1.07.


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