Elden Ring 1.08 Spirit Ashes Summons Tier List | Best Colosseum Spirit Ashes for PVP in Elden Ring

12/9/2022 10:42:06 AM

With Spirit Ashes now usable in Elden Ring Colosseum PvP, which is best? Enjoy!


Elden Ring 1.08 Best Spirit Ashes Tier List

There will likely be some summons that come up over the coming weeks that work their way into the strange PVP Spirit summon meta, that's beginning to form, but we're ready to share with you all our findings and thoughts on what works, and what doesn't when it comes to Spirit ashes and pvp without further Ado.

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S+ Tier: Black Knife Tiche Ashes, Omenkiller Rollo

Black Knife Tiche Ashes

She fires off dust and death projectiles, and these fire off quick enough that you can actually rely on them more than pretty much any other projectile from a summon, she's extremely evasive in general combat, and that results in overall tankiness that makes her hard to remove from the fights, and then her gen General attacks are quite frequent as well, meaning she provides pretty good pressure as well, we had all of that on top of reducing your opponent's Max HP and it works out quite nice as a whole.


Omenkiller Rollo

He has two really big swords and he has an intense amount of aggression that will keep your enemy on their toes, even if you aren't attacking them yourself, his hits apply bleed which is great for extra damage, his weapon swings themselves do decent damage and good stagger, and he also has a fire breath he can do every once in a while that does multiple ticks over the duration, on top of that, he's really tanky, but his main advantage is just the ludicrous amount of pressure that he applies, keeping your enemy locked into running away, and rolling 100 of the time, even before you start attacking them too as the player, he is just head and shoulders the most pressure that we've seen applied by a summon within the Colosseums, and that's all of them in case he missed them the general patterns that we've noticed is that summons that purely fire projectiles just aren't great unless the projectiles move quickly, summons that don't move are super easy for your opponent to just kill and remove from the playing field, multi-summons are fantastic as long as your opponent doesn't have reliable area of effect damage, but you can't count on that status supplying summons are a bit unreliable as it takes a lot of hits to actually proc the status, but if it happens it's obviously great, and then finally the big thing that makes the summon great in PvP is quite simply pressure, the more pressure a summon can apply, the easier the fight becomes for you as a player.


S Tier: Mimic Tear, Dung Eater Puppet, Banished Knight Oleg

Mimic Tear

If your build is specifically one that complements the Mimic Tear, it is one of the best summons in the game, if your build isn't one of those, it's basically useless, what I'm talking about is either builds that are fully midi strength weapons built to one or two shot your enemy things like that, or big Hefty spell builds that your mimic can take advantage of not having an actual FP pool for, I once went across a mimic using plus sinusax's rune, and that would have destroyed me if we had reacted to it just a touch slower than we did, now though let's talk about the negatives, not only does this one cost you health instead of FP, it actually costs quite a bit of Health, in duels you get no healing, so this puts you at an innate disadvantage in the overall fight, and in elimination mode you only get one healing flask for life, so if you have to use it right at the start of said life, it's not really ideal, on top of that the mimic takes about five seconds longer to spawn than any other summon in the game, so if your opponent just straight up rushes you incredibly aggressively, it's entirely possible the fight will be over before your mimic even exists to do things that are helpful inside of that though it is obviously fantastic .


Dung Eater Puppet

This one is just quite strong in a general sense, it is is relatively aggressive in melee range, it does great damage, and there is no real straight up downside to this summon in general, it is just a very solid all-rounder to apply decent pressure while living for the entire fight.


Banished Knight Oleg

He is tanky, he is aggressive, and for the most part he will spend, his whole active time just running around trying to slash at your enemy, and keeping really good pressure up as a result, the only negatives are when he stops to do a win stomp, but that said if your enemy is beside him when that happens, it obviously turns into a positive, so in general, he's just extremely strong, great tankiness, good damage.


A Tier: Cleanrot Knight Finlay, Lhutel the Headless, Greatshield Soldier Ashes, Lone Wolf Ashes, Stormhawk Deenh

Cleanrot Knight Finlay

This one is just on the borderline of being a tear down, but the potential good is too much to ignore, the projectiles this one fires are the holy site blasts, and they're reasonably speedier than an arrow, and so they have a higher chance of hitting as well as coming out of a bit of an unusual angle to make it a bit harder to dodge too, it has decent melee attacks, and the main thing keeping it up where it is the situational usefulness of scarlet rot, this summon can apply Scarlet Rock, but it is a struggle to get it to do so in the Colosseum, it isn't consistent by any means, so this one we have rated here more for its potential than for what it tends to do in an average Arena match.


Lhutel the Headless

This one is just really interesting, she is quite tanky, she has the ability to teleport next to her target, so you can't just blind Sprint away from her, and while she does tend to do more time guarding than attacking, her weapon attacks do apply death blight which considering this is PVP is something that you can actually trigger on a player with this summon now, that said the buildup is quite low per hit, it would seem, and the second that your opponent realizes what is happening when they do get hit, they will avoid her attacks at all cost, so again this one is situationally incredible if the death blight does actually happen for obvious reasons, it just provides good pressure staying up in your opponent's face.


Greatshield Soldier Ashes

They won't do nearly any damage at all when they hit, but there are five of them they spend all their time guarding which makes it hard to actually kill them despite they have low HP pools, and they hit with their Shields all the time which actually have some really good stagger rating, so the pressure, they put on your opponent is fantastic the only real weakness here, they have is they can be taken out pretty quick by the right AOE spell or weapon skill, so they aren't perfect.


Lone Wolf Ashes

We have the Lone Wolf Ashe which summons three playful little dogs ready to rip out your enemies throat, these ones apply incredible pressure, the only issue is that they are extremely squishy for obvious reasons, however, if you can protect them by just staying near them and not letting your enemy focus them down, they will do a lot to to make the fight easier in general again, the only reason they aren't higher is that it's just too easy to actually kill them if you do decide to focus on doing so.


Stormhawk Deenh

This is like the Warhawk we talked about earlier, but significantly improved, it flies up out of range for most of the fight, it does strafing runs into hit where it will actually do pretty decent damage and is quite decent at getting the hits off too, it can do a war cry effect which Buffs your own weapons damage by 20 percent which is obviously invaluable in the middle of a duel, the only real weakness of this one is pretty much right when it spawns, it isn't really that tanky, and so if your opponent decides to just immediately attack it, the second it exists, it'll die in two or three hits, you'll be in a 1v2 against them in their summons if you can protect it until it gets Airborne though it works absolute wonders.


B Tier: Warhawk Ashes, Ancestral Follower Ashes, Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes, Demi-Humans

Warhawk Ashes

This one is decent, it can stay alive pretty well as it relies quite heavily on hit and run tactics from the air, it can fire a little bit of fire breath which is nice to have around, and otherwise, it's just a strafing runs occasionally with melee hits, it doesn't apply a whole lot of pressure, but it is more likely to get a hit in than most other Spirit summons, even if those hits don't do much damage, it's definitely not bad.


Ancestral Follower Ashes

Next up is the Ancestral Follower Ashes, and this one is sort of Hit and Miss in my opinion, it starts out as a range summon with a big old bow which sadly isn't the most effective thing in PvP as we've set it up to this point, protectiles just aren't really that strong unless they move really fast through the air, but it can also transfer into a melee mode, the melee mode and the fact that it is actually reasonably tanky is why we put it up here, the range mode just doesn't do a whole lot sadly.


Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes

After that we have Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes, this one is particularly interesting as well, it does use a great bow, it fires off gravity shots which are actually quite potent if they hit, as well if you use the war cry weapon skill, you can both give it a damage buff and cause a do a special move, and these interactions are definitely interesting if you happen to be building around a war cry anyways, but it also swaps to a melee mode when the enemy gets too close which while isn't anything to write a home about compared to the other melee summons.



This group of five little guys is reasonably good, they're great at grouping up on an enemy, and causing some pressure, forcing them to just play on the defensive for a little bit, but also they aren't particularly tanky, and so if your opponent has any reliable kind of AOE damage at all, then they can just take out the whole pack in a couple of hits like it's nothing, this one is pretty situational, and sadly, it looks like the arena combat, never takes place at night, and so you can't even get their bonus buff either.

C Tier: Soldjars of Fortune Ashes, Crystalian, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet

Soldjars of Fortune Ashes

This spawns a bunch of little jars that run up to your enemy, and they explode when they come into contact with fire, these guys aren't fantastic, they're a bit slow a bit squishy and unfortunately, you cannot make them explode by using fire yourself in PvP, even though you can do that in PVE, we're really hoping that you could just lob a fire pot into a cluster these guys and have them blow up your opponent so I could call them S Plus here, but they sadly just don't work like that, the one situation they may be good in is if your opponent has a one-trick build based around fire in which case they could potentially just blow themselves up by accident.



After that we have the Crystalian ashes, and this one is just super mediocre, it's very tanky unless your opponent is using striking damage weapons in which case it folds like a piece of paper, this would be great if it did more melee attacks, but again this one for the most part just fires off piddly little projectiles that don't move too quick, and don't do too much damage even if they hit, making it hard to really justify, even though it is hard to kill for most enemy players.


Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet

This one is interesting, theoretically having a summon with the ability to apply sleep to a player is great, a wonderful concept if it happens, but the sort of like the jellyfish, this one suffers quite a bit, it only fires slow projectiles, it doesn't fire often, and even if it hits a couple in a row, it won't get asleep particularly quickly, the one caveat that we'll make to this one is in Team battles it may work a fair bit better, if it is allowed to just fire off sleep arrows from off screen on repeat, it may well earn you a full elimination in that specific mode, but generally speaking, we think just a full team of the higher tier summons on this list would probably do more for you anyways.


D Tier: Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, Latenna The Albinauric

Spirit Jellyfish Ashes

Let's start all the way on the bottom of the D tier first up, we have the jellyfish summon, this one is isn't great for this purpose, it doesn't move quickly at all, it fires off low damage projectiles, and it will deal poison buildup, the problem here though is three pronged, projectiles aren't great in these PVP modes unless they move super quickly, they're easy to see from a distance and thus easy to avoid without even having to roll all you have to do is walk sideways, a non-moving enemy is really easy to feed so if they try to decide and kill the jellyfish, they have an easy time doing so, and also the poison buildup on the attacks is just too small even if the jellyfish manages to hit three or four times in relative succession, you won't really get a poison proc, and on top of that these duels just end up being too fast for poison to be a big deal anyways unless you are using a poison build yourself, the one caveat to this is if you build around poison having a spirit summon that speeds up the poison buildup might be good too.

Latenna The Albinauric

Then secondly, we have Latenna The Albinauric, we had really high hopes for her before we tried it out, and PVE this one's really cool, it sits in one spot where you summon it unable to move and then fires off volleys of magic arrows that do pretty good damage, in PvP, it stands in one spot unable to move, and as a result is very easy to kill for your opponent, it doesn't actually hit the arrows all that often and when it does they just don't do a whole lot of damage, already you may be noticing a couple of patterns here.


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