Elden Ring Patch 1.07 Bloody Sorcery Build | God Tier Bleed Build

11/4/2022 2:11:53 PM

Today we present to you the god tier bleed build in Elden Ring, we're going to be dealing the highest bleed damage that any build, this is probably even better than the rivers of blood 10 times more, because not only are we going to be dealing bleed from far away we don't even need to be closed and we are go, we're going to be able to spam this bleed damage over, and over we are going to be buffing this in the following way.

Attributes & Stats









Equipment of Bloody Sorcery Build in Elden Ring


  • Albinauric Staff

  • Staff of the Guilty

We are going to be focusing on one particular staff, this is going to be the Albinauric Staff, the only reason why because bleed goes with Arcane, so this is the only staff that you are able to level up as an Arcane, and of course, since we are going to be dealing the highest amount of damage, we are going to be setting our Arcane at 65, 65 is the sweetest spot we're going to be stealing the highest bleed damage now, as we are using the staff, take a look at it as intelligence 10 in Arcane 12, so we're going to be racing our Arcane to 65, and we are going to be using our intelligence 238, that is the pretty much sweet spot in which we are going to be able to deal the highest bleed damage, because of the staff now gets even better, we're going to be using the Staff of the Guilty, we're just going to be using this to take advantage of boosting our Thorn sorcery, that's about it just for the buff.


We're going to be using the following, we're going to be using the White Mask, because we're going to be taking advantage of the bleed, once it takes effect we're going to be dealing 10 more, now on top of this we're going to be using the Alberich's Robe, the Alberichs Bracers, and also the Alberichs Trousers, all these three different outfits are going to provide you with that two percent, two percent, and an additional two percent, so we're going to be using six additional percent, since we are a sorcery.

  • Helm: White Mask

  • Chest Armor: Alberich's Robe

  • Gauntlet Armor: Alberichs Bracers

  • Leg Armor: Alberichs Trousers


  • Graven-School Talisman: Raises potency of sorceries.

  • Graven-Mass Talisman: Greatly raises potency of sorceries.

  • Magic Scorpion Charm: Raises magic attack, but lowers damage negation.

  • Lord of Blood's Exultation: Blood loss in vicinity increases attack power.


  • Flask of Wondrous Physick: Bestows various special effects.


  • Briars of Punishment: This is going to be our number one go-to, because of the following reason, not only does it travel far, but it also deals a crazy amount of damage, and we are able to spam this spell very fast.

  • Briars of Sin: Then our second one is going to be the Briars of sin, the reason why, this two spells are very op is because now, not only do they get a buff, but also the FP consumption was lower for patch 1.07 which we are going to be able to abuse, this spell to be able to deal very high amount of bleed damage as a sorcery.

  • Golden Vow: This one will pretty much, just level up your offense and defense.

  • Terra Magica: If you want to deal a crazy amount of damage, we're going to be using the Terra Magica, this one will boost any sorcery by an additional 30 percent, dealing a crazy amount of damage.



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