Elden Ring DLC Leaks and Rumours - DLC Leaks You Should Know

11/1/2022 10:28:48 AM

Elden ring DLC is coming that's a fact, however, finally, get some first real information that something is coming with the recent patch 1.07. 

Let's go through the information, the leaks, and the future of the tarnished lands.

There are essentially two DLCs in development which may actually just be sold as like one large expansion, and they come out together, but there are definitely two separate things that appear to be in the work.

elden ring DLC_

Elden Ring DLC Leaks and Rumours -  DLC Leaks You Should Know 

Elden Ring PvE dungeons and maps

Starting with the new PVE dungeon and map, Sakuro Dubi has data mined several new files in the game's code in patch 1.07, all credit goes to him as well as Lance McDonald for all this information, definitely go check them out and follow them and do all that good stuff, the real big thing that comes out, is the addition of references in the patch notes to two map files.

Sakuro Dubi refers to these as M20 suggesting a new Legacy dungeon, and M45 which has no clue what that is so M20 being a legacy dungeon, as something like a Storm Power Castle right that's a legacy dungeon an M45, that is probably like some new open world area that is disconnected from the lands between if you know all of the locations are accessible via the lens between everything's kind of connected in some regards, essentially this deal, so you could appear outside of that maybe you go through a portal and it has its own map build, like its own space somewhere. 

Why it appears differently?

It is being like the open world Hub where you're going to have like those smaller, like catacombs and Dungeons and stuff, and then the Legacy dungeon at the end, so kind of like the Lim grave area, and then stormbound castle at the end, it's General setup, but really interesting and definitely super Keen for actual more PvE content.

Elden Ring PVP arena

PVP stuff, it's all confirmed that there is something happening with these coliseums, now this is probably going to be some kind of PVP arena, there are three coliseums in the game at the moment that are currently accessible. 

Discover these areas are correctly scaled with some assets, and environments that you can't really get anywhere else in the game with the introduction of the PVP exclusive balance adjustments in patch 1.07, it seems extremely likely that there is something happening with these coliseums will probably have some kind of player versus, a player like battle arenas in the future, and Sakura Dubi has also data mined some text banners that really reflect that this is definitely something that's happening you get you to win, you lose draw and begin Mash.

There is something happening with these coliseums in the future, they keep adjusting things, it definitely looks like they're going to be accessible, and there are three of them in the game that literally cannot open the door to, it just makes sense that you're going to be able to open these doors, eventually like why would you have these locations that take up so much space in the game, if you can't even do anything with them, especially in the future,  definitely think something is happening here.

More additions 

That's not all that's coming so based on the findings of Sakura and Lance McDonald, there's other stuff coming, there are new hairstyles that have been data mined Ray tracing seems to be referred to in the files which are super interesting.

What happens? 

Especially considering that the performance of Elden ring still isn't great, now it's not bad, and after so many hours of this game, the performance is quite solid as a whole, but you do get those stutters and stuff that still occur anyway, if you still get stuttering on PC, like every now and again like maybe once every half an hour, the game will still be started if they're adding Ray tracing to PC and consoles as it did definitely come to consoles as well.

Those performance issues are just going to be exemplified, and it'd be interesting to know, if how much worse they are, if they're going to have like a 30 FPS Ray tracing, like resolution mode on consoles, and then just like the standard performance mode interesting to know.

What they're going to do?

It does appear that going to get new weapons, with any like DLC PVE DLC, new weapons that seem like pretty standard, it does happen for these kinds of games, but what is quite interesting is that there is the potential for new weapon categories six unnamed weapon categories were added to the game files Ellen ring already contains over 300 weapons and 22 22 weapon categories.

There is just an Absorbitant amount of them, so what possibly could these six new categories be like?  

In previous titles, there were some weapons that acted as like a magic Catalyst, but were actually a weapon as well like a sword or something so potentially that's something like some kind of a sword that acts as a way to cast like Faith incantations or potentially, like spells, like what weapons could be missing, like got standard versions of most of you know the swords, and the Spears and the katanas and everything, and then great versions of those like the bigger more colossal versions, and even a colossal weapon category.

Honestly, have no idea what these six categories could be. 

They could just be placeholders for stuff, maybe they'll be unique,  like entirely unique weapons, and there's going to be like one weapon in that category for some reason.

Elden Ring Release Date

When will this officially be announced? 

Tokyo game show and completely wrong, but the Elden ring trailers and announcements have, for the most part, almost all occurred at Jeff Keely events in the past, so like the game awards and Summer Games Fest the game awards 2022 is fast approaching and it's at December the 8th.

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