Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villager Guide - Campsite Villager Changes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

10/31/2022 11:39:21 AM

Today going to be getting the very first campsite villager on this anima crossing new horizons island, a new friend has three new friends on the ACNH island, Boomer here, is adorable, but also it's kind of creepy, his catchphrase is human, trying new food, and stuff from other cultures, human isn't that weird, it's maybe Boomer, just here every one is one of the best villagers in the game.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villager Guide - Campsite Villager Changes In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

This rabbit human is a weird catchphrase, it is honestly, it's you now Eunice, she was the perfect one to get first, so excited to find out for some reason getting Gabby and Eunice in really made this island feel like, it's happening. 

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villager - resident services 

The next day resident services will be closed, and then the day after that start on campsite stuff. Let's just time travel two days to who is Mabel here again, the second time for Mabel. Let's go Isabelle's here, let's check the mail from Nookink to celebrate the opening of the residence Services building, lots of new miles Redemption, to get big Pockets, some flowers started, because hyacinths have lots of hyacinths on this island, a native flower, because how did get so blessed on Glenny that Hyacinth. 

How special that was, here's Eunice, because a little something for you, what an absolute Angel!

It's something popular back home, a pet food bowl, now take care, Lamb Chop, amazing, Mabel is here to give you some retirement clothing, the last time you were here, you did not have a good selection, it's giving retirement Forest almost perfectly, everything from this girl.

There's probably going to be a ton of dialogue in resident service, he has big plans.

Let's go KK Slider, what gonna do project K?

Got it first, and more visitors got it, just gotta get through this tutorial phase, to build an impatient campsite, this Nintendo needs to build an option to say.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villager - builds a lot more iron nuggets

During the first rodeo Dawn, skips all the dialogue, and just builds a lot more iron nuggets, to go rock hitting the first victim is over here, goes to a Nook Mile Island to get more iron three more pieces of iron that's all that an insult, a campsite crafted, put the campsite on the land, and put it on the land.

This little stream and waterfall, another one is this a migratory Locust, don't you dare jump in the river, it is a good location, who are the smog villagers, hoping for only the ones on the thumbnail, Maybe Huck and Graham that's who hoping for the campsite, these big juicy Pockets, a whole new row how amazing would it be to get the campsite villager that you want never had the campsite villager, actually want to show up in the campsite.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villager - the old announcements from Isabelle

Just gonna go to the next day, get the old announcements from Isabelle, and then go to the next day, and just hope that it's either Huck or Graham because they're the only old dude, smug villagers who look like, it could live in a forest. 

Apart from hockey crap no Sophie, it's gonna be a bear, please not beardo, although beerdo would work, just don't want beardo, honestly, Raymond could probably work, it's just he's so serious Pietro.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villager - a visitor's day at the campsite

Let's get it done today, a visitor's day at the campsite. 

Restarting your Island four times is the limit, and then Nintendo says Thine Island shall be cursed, you don't restart your Island four times and just have an easy ride.

If he had just a lighter-shaded belly Circle, he would be fine, if his belly was yellow, like his nose, but who in the Nintendo World decided that he was gonna get that on his belly, the word you're looking for is anyway come and move here.

Gabby nice Brown tank top you got there, don't talk to her, because don't give her fleas, craft a net, so that's why shaking this tree aggressively, Charlie, get the fleas off a boomer, you don't understand Charlie, you've never had fleas, can't find Boomer again, hopefully, he'll come back and be able to get him.

Now it's time to put beardo somewhere who knows, this time you know this is the spot, playing around with it, just need to put down more plots and like go hunting, maybe just need to give him, like more coats, like coats that are longer to cover up that fashionable area, maybe he just needs more modest clothing you know, just give him dresses.

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