ACNH Festive DIYs & Items 2022 - How to Get Ornaments, All Holiday Items and Recipes in Animal Crossing

11/3/2022 4:24:45 PM

The festive season will bring a ton of new seasonal DIYs and crafting materials for winter in Animal Crossing New Horizons, including exclusive Christmas recipes. In this article, we are going to go through all 2022 ACNH festive (ornament) DIYs and items, and highlight how to get Christmas ornaments, all holiday items, and DIY recipes fast in the game.  

acnh festive diys and items 2022

ACNH Festive (Ornament) DIY Recipes and Items 2022

There is a total of 19 festive and holiday items you can craft with winter seasonal materials in Animal Crossing New Horizons, check out the following ACNH ornament DIYs and items. Five of them are ACNH 2.0 items added last year, and Festive Wrapping Paper needs to be crafted after you earn the recipe on Christmas Eve. 

- Ornament Table Lamp: 2x Red Ornament, 2x Iron Nugget

- Giant Ornament: 10x Red Ornament

- Ornament Garland: 2x Red Ornament, 2x Blue Ornament, 2x Gold Ornament, 5x Iron Nugget

- Ornament Tree: 3x Red Ornament, 2x Blue Ornament, 1x Gold Ornament, 3x Iron Nugget

- Ornament Crown: 3x Red Ornament, 3x Blue Ornament, 3x Gold Ornament

- Ornament Wreath: Blue Ornamentx 6, Gold Ornamentx 2

- Big Festive Tree: Red Ornamentx 6, Blue Ornamentx 6, Gold Ornamentx 4, Woodx 5, Clayx 5

- Festive Rug: Red Ornamentx 5, Blue Ornamentx 5, Gold Ornamentx 5

- Festive Top Set: Gold Ornamentx 2, Hardwoodx 1

- Festive Tree: Red Ornamentx3, Blue Ornamentx 3, Gold Ornamentx 2, Woodx 5

- Holiday Candle: Red Ornamentx 5, Clump of Weedsx 5

- Illuminated Present: Red Ornamentx 3, Gold Ornamentx 4, Iron Nuggetx 3

- Illuminated Reindeer: Gold Ornamentx 6, Iron Nuggetx 5

- Illuminated Snowflakes: Blue Ornamentx 9, Iron Nuggetx 3

- Illuminated Tree: Red Ornamentx 8, Blue Ornamentx 8, Gold Ornamentx 6, Iron Nuggetx 6

- Jingle Wall: Red Ornamentx 5, Blue Ornamentx 5, Gold Ornamentx 5, Clayx 5

- Ornament Mobile: Red Ornamentx 1, Blue Ornamentx 1, Gold Ornamentx 1, Tree Branchx 4

- Tabletop Festive Tree: Gold Ornamentx 5, Tree Branchx 3, Clayx 2

- Festive Wrapping Paper: Red Ornamentx 1, Blue Ornamentx 1, Gold Ornamentx 1 

How to Get Christmas Ornaments Fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons

When do ornaments appear in New Horizons? In ACNH festive season, which is from December 15 to January 6 on both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, ornaments may appear on decorated cedar trees that grow on your island during this time. Do not dig up the festive cedar trees, otherwise, you will lose the festive decorations. There are three types of ornaments that can be randomly dropped from the trees:

Red ornament

Blue ornament

Gold ornament

All you have to do is just shake the tree, like how you did with the pine cones or the acorns, you can get a maximum of 14 ornaments in total for one cedar tree, make sure to keep the tree clear from any weeds, tree branches or items. The gold ornaments are rarer than the other two colors, so when you shake the cedar tree, one side will spawn eight and what you can do is go to the other side and shake it again, it will spawn six more. Pick them up one by one, then go in and out of a building like Resident Service, you can rinse and repeat the process to max out the number of ornaments you obtained. 

How many ornaments and materials are needed for crafting all festive items? If you want to craft every one of these festive items, you will need 43 blue ornaments, 36 red ornaments, 36 gold ornaments, 18 clay, 7 tree branches, 17 iron nuggets, 5 clumps of weed, 10 wood, and 1 hardwood. 

How to Get Festive Ornament DIYs in ACNH?

There are two ACNH ornament DIY recipes that can be obtained in special ways. The first one is Ornament Wreath, on December 15, Isabelle will make an announcement that tells you it is the festive season and she will give you a DIY recipe for the Ornament Wreath, remember to check your Nook Phone. The next one is Festive Wrapping Paper, to unlock this Christmas DIY recipe, you’ll need to find Jingle and talk to him on Toy Day held on December 24. 

The flying balloon is another common way to obtain recipes, including Christmas ornament DIYs, but this method is kind of depending on luck, so if you want to get as many festive DIY recipes as you can, keep shooting balloon presents flying in the air. If you get duplicate recipes, you can trade with others who have extra ones as well. One tip that may help you raise the chance of getting DIYs is new balloons spawn every five minutes at times ending in a 4 or 9, such as 3:19. 

In addition, Festival ornament DIY recipes can be unlocked from villagers in their homes. So check whether the villagers on your island in their home or not, if the villager is inside their house, you can find them and craft Christmas holiday items on their workbench. 

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