ACNH Treasure Island 2022 Guide - Free Animal Crossing Treasure Island Codes

10/6/2022 5:40:00 PM

At this time several years after Animal Crossing New Horizons was released, many changes happened and some players no longer played the game regularly. Today we are going to go over some tips and tricks on how to get to ACNH treasure islands 2022 and available Animal Crossing treasure island codes and Twitch streamers. 

ACNH Treasure Island 2022 Guide

ACNH Treasure Island 2022 Guide - Tips and Tricks to Get to Treasure Islands in ACNH 

To get to ACNH treasure islands more smoothly and avoid interference, LilBranchesCrossing shared some new tips and tricks that work for 2022. Check out the five key points. 

1. When you find a good treasure island that nobody is on and you just have it all to yourself or one other person exploit that, do not just go once, you should go back and forth as many times as you possibly can, and you can divide it up for higher efficiency in the subsequent trips. Treasure Islands will respawn most of the items, when you go and come back, you will get the same items regenerated in the spots that you took from the last time.

2. When you are on a treasure island, and the streamer is going to end the stream, if you don’t remember the dodo code, you can take a screenshot of the stream, so that you can still keep going after the stream has ended as long as dodo code is valid.

3. The time of day really matters, especially with dodo codes that are on screen, if you can make it to a stream in the early morning, you are going to get a great advantage. Follow the streamers you like and turn on the notifications, if you're a nighttime person or a morning person, go there when the treasure island is available and start collecting when you know that people are going to be sleeping or at work or school, this makes a big difference.  

4. Looking at the maps is important when you want to know which islands have the Animal Crossing items you need, because if you decide randomly to go to a treasure island, but it does not have the certain items you need, you’ll waste a lot of time. So either using a search tool to find out what island you need to go to or looking at all the different maps is definitely really going to help you.

5. How do you know whether a Treasure Island or an order bot is better for you? In a given moment order bots are going to be much more convenient and faster and especially if you have a bunch of different items that you need that are very specific, for example, if you need some ACNH 2.0 items, it's probably better to create an order bot and go and spend your time wisely invested into an island that you're going to get everything that you need.

Animal Crossing Treasure Island Codes & Streamers 2022 - How to Get Dodo Codes in ACNH

There were a lot of streamers on Twitch who shared free Animal Crossing treasure island codes 24/7, but many of them stop streaming available treasure islands now. And streamers that have the dodo codes on screen are no longer off limits, treasure islands without the dodo codes on screen are a little bit rarer. If you are looking for streamers who still do stream with treasure islands, you can check out the channel of yanny_tokyo and OhImAJ. 

Here is a list of free, live ACNH dodo codes 2022 on the screen, you can have a visit. Other treasure islands are probably exclusive to subscribers or available on Discord. On some channels, you can receive more benefits if you spend some money on a subscription, but you don’t have to pay. 

Festival: 14NYJ


Jackpot: 2KPTC

Crazy: FNQPG

Clothes: L9S0C


NEW 2.0 B: 19BX1

NEW 2.0 A: 37XXQ

NEW 2.0 B: 14SQM

Clothes + DIY 2.0: JSKCQ