Elden Ring 1.07 Best Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear Build | OP Arcane Build after Patch 1.07

11/12/2022 5:22:43 PM

We'll to show you a new amazingly powerful arcane build, last time we did an Arcane build it was on patch 1.06 before bleed got nerfed, and since then we have still seen so many people desperately trying to make proper bleed builds work, convinced that the Scavenger's Curved Sword or the Rivers of Blood are still as powerful as they once were, they're still amazing.


How to Make this Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear Build Work

The main weapon for this build relies on is Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear, and obviously you can't get this until you do defeat the Lord of blood himself at Mohgwyn's Palace which you can access very early on in the game, but you’ll have a hard time beating him at a low level, so this is more of a mid to late game build, just bear that in mind though it is still most definitely worth investing in, it is ridiculously powerful.

Attribute & Stats









Equipment of Best Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear Build in Elden Ring

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Right Hand Armament 1: Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

Let's move on and actually review this incredibly tasty build, we are using Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear which you get by giving Moog Lord of blood's remembrance to Enia in the round table hold, this weapon or more specifically, the unique skill bloodboon ritual is absolutely insane, it will allow you to raise the sacred Spear and Pierce the body of the formless mother, and also coating the armament with blood flame for a while, so that is the main weapon that we'll be using as you'll have probably already spotted.

Left Hand Armament 1: Blasphemous Blade

We're also wielding the Blasphemous Blade, despite the fact that we don't even have the stats required to use it,  you can literally just have it on your back in your off hand, whilst two-handing the sacred spear, you will still benefit from its passive effect of regaining Health every time, you kill an enemy this is amazing especially for big groups of enemies, and you can acquire the Blasphemous blade once again from Enia with the remembrance that you get by defeating Rykard at volcano Manor.

Right Hand Armamrnt 2: Pulley Bow

You really can use any bow that you have the stat requirements to wield, this is purely so that we can use sleep arrows, so that we can more easily cheese some of the faster bosses and again.

Armor: Crucible Set

We use the Crucible Knight set, this is only because we wanted to wear the most powerful set that we could without accidentally dipping into the heavy equip load, ideally, the best weight to arm a ratio you want to wear is the Veteran's Set, but we don't currently have that on this character, because you need to once again purchase it from Enia in Round Table hold after defeating Commander Niall at Castle soul.

Helm: Crucible Tree Helm

Chest Armor: Crucible Axe Armor

Gauntlets: Crucible Gauntlets

Leg Armor: Crucible Greaves


Ritual Sword Talisman - Raises attack power when HP is at maximum.

Lord of Blood's Exultation - Blood loss in vicinity increases attack power.

Erdtree's Favor - Raises maximum HP, stamina and equip load.

Shard of Alexander - Greatly boosts the attack power of skills.