D2R 2.5 Nova Sorceress Build Guide: Skills, Gear, Mercenary, Gameplay Tips

11/15/2022 2:15:05 PM

The Nova sorceress has gotten off and on love over the years in terms of player favor, though personally, it is actually a fairly reasonable starter build, now the reason for Nova, despite being able to pack away a lot of interesting functionality especially at the higher end is a Mana hog for what it does since it is entirely designed to be a crowd control rather than a single target, resulting in the Mana efficiency for single targets being well atrocious, but the efficiency when swarmed by enemies being quite solid that said there's essentially three approaches to building this as well, the speedcast build which is a bit harder to get in Solo play that gets up to 200 faster cast, and can spam the fastest of the bunch, but does noticeably less damage per cast, the standard 1.05 builds that have some variety and equipment, but are fairly consistent across the board though with thunder charms one does come out a bit ahead of the others, and finally the non-standard 1.05 build that is the self-wielded Infinity build that we actually prefer for a few reasons.


Skill Tree

Though before we get to the end game versions of these, let's take a look at how you get there in the first place if you want to hold on to your skill resets which is thankfully straightforward since there is not a lot of variety with this build, in terms of skill choices people generally make unless they're going dual Elemental.

Fire Spells: In normal, you'll be investing one point into Warmth which you can do fairly early on.

Lightning Spells: You can get one point into Charge Bolt as well since we'll need it later for some other skills, but as soon as you start getting levels, you'll want to be getting those hard points into Static Field and Nova itself with Nova taking priority whenever you get to it, and of course you do want to get your one point wonder of teleport as well since this build benefits a lot from high mobility and faster cast, and of course at the end of normal, you'll be getting Lightning Mastery too.

Gear of D2R 2.5 Nova Sorceress Build


  • Weapon: Phase Blade (Crescent Moon)/ Scythe (Infinity)

  • Chest Armor: Leather Armor (Stealth)/Serpentskin Armor (Skin of the Vipermagi)

  • Head Armor: Skadi's Mask (Lore)

  • Shield: Monarch (Spirit)

  • Gauntlets: Magefist

  • Helmet: Diadem (Griffon's Eye)

  • Ring: The Stone of Jordan

  • Sash: Arachnid Mesh

  • Amulet: Grim Eye

Mercenary of 2.5 Nova Sorceress Build


Weapon: Thresher (Insight)

Gameplay Tips for D2R 2.5 Nova Sorceress Build

We did not bother mentioning the charm since most of you know they should be lightning thunder and then lightning skillers, but I also didn't mention the boots, this is because it depends on if you use called arms or not which while is exceptionally useful on this build and you should use it if you have it it was faster for me to test this with the loadout on swap for a quick reset between runs, simply put, if you're using Call to Arms get plus life boots with like resist and stuff like that water walks are a really good choice, if you're not using called arms get resist boots or Mana boots, but something like silkweave is great for mana topping, and rare resist boots are great for survival if something shuts down your Shield, overall, this is a moderately difficult build to do solo cell found, but it is possible and it is a somewhat pricey build to do end game, but is extremely rewarding and quick with the right setup as you can tell from the background footage, and if you're curious about how we do my skill setup, we're pretty much consistently holding down right Mouse button, and just pressing the skill swap key between teleport and Nova not ever releasing the button, and we immediately recorded a lot of this gameplay while watching critical role and not really paying attention because well it's that simple.

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