Elden Ring Colosseum Ranks - PvP Arena Ranking System in Elden Ring 1.08

12/10/2022 12:07:17 PM

After the Colosseum update and 1.08 Patch Notes, we want to introduce some information about Elden Ring Colosseum Arena ranks that appeared in the game now. 


Elden Ring Colosseum Ranks - PvP Arena Ranking System in Elden Ring 1.08

In addition to those new PVP modes in Elden Ring, you do have somewhat of an incentive to do them. At the current stage, the Colosseum reward for winning these matches is only your rank, which is expected to go up based on your victory. The PVP ranking system in each Colosseum arena will track the results of the combats in United Combat/Combat Ordeals, Duels, and with Spirit Ashes allowed.

There are five Colosseum arena ranks for each category, the certain name has not been shown in the game now, but you can recognize them by the rank color and form. The first arena rank tends to be an iron or grey tier, which is the rank you start with, the second one is slightly brighter, which is almost yellowish, the third rank is a bright gold icon, the fourth rank is more golden than the third one, finally, the highest PVP rank is the brightest gold with rays of light, and three knots or fringes at the bottom of the banner. The rank is character based and matchmaking is influenced by character level and weapon upgrade level. The following image shows rank 1 to rank 5 from left to right.

Elden Ring Colosseum Ranks

At this moment, the rules for what determines your rank are not currently known, but there is a thing you may not notice now when you load into a match, you'll be able to see both your rank and the rank of your opponent or opponents, the amount of rank you move based on a win or a loss will be influenced by your opponent's rank. You are possible to receive a message that asks you if take this battle to be counted towards your rank, with a yes or no option, so there would be more detailed rules unveiled and we’ll update that if it is available. 

Each of the Colosseum Arenas offers different modes of play.

- In the Limgrave Colosseum, you have two different modes to choose from, the first one called Combat Ordeal is a free-for-all mode where every player is fighting by themselves against all the other players, and then United Combat is team-based where each of the teams competes to score the most kills within the time limit, this mode lasts 5 minutes. And you can then choose the number of players you want to match with from 2, 4, and 6. 

- The Royal Coliseum in Leyndell is designated only for Duels and in these duels, you cannot use spirit summons, and don’t have the respawn ability. One thing you'll notice when you're in these modes is that you have limited use of your flasks, when you're in a 1v1 duel, you cannot use any Flask of Crimson Tears, you cannot use your Flask of Wondrous Physick, but you can use your Flask of Cerulean Tears. 

- When you enter the Caelid Coliseum, it features all aforementioned modes, you are also allowed to summon Spirit Ashes, this is the only time in the game where you can summon spirit ashes in multiplayer, and if you engage in a six-player match and everybody is summoning spirits, it should be chaotic. 

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