Lost Ark Artist Class Spring 2023 Guide: Skills & Abilities, Skins, Best Ways To Make Gold With Artist Release

3/14/2023 4:56:36 PM

The newest Painter/Specialist (Artist) class is going to be released this week as a brand new supporter class after a year. In this guide, we are going to talk about everything about Artist, including the class skills, skins, engravings, how to start preparing and making tons of gold from Artist. 

Lost Ark Artist Class Spring 2023 Guide: Skills & Abilities, Skins, Best Ways To Make Gold With Artist Release

On March 15 the Painter (Artist) class will arrive in Arkesia accompanied by special progression events in the March “Art of War” Update. The Artist is capable of tactical versatility with illusion powers from her brush, and specializes in supporting her team. With her magical brush and flowing ink, the Artist can either choose to attack foes directly or summon holy beasts by painting them. While the Artist's attack power is on the low side, she is capable of providing strong support to allies, and rescuing them from peril with her illusion powers - making her a welcome member of any party. The Artist is the first Advanced Class an entirely new class category, she's going to be one of the biggest launches ever on NA. Specialists, who will have more than one appearance in 2023.

Now, let’s go through the Lost Ark Artist class spring 2023 guide, learn the skills & abilities, engravings, skins & costumes, and ways on how to make gold with the release of the new Artist class.

Lost Ark Artist Abilities & Skills

  • Butterfly Dream: One of Artist’s 3 marking options. This skill used to be the mainstream until people found out they can maintain 100% uptime with Drawing Orchid. Doesn’t really have advantage but have beautiful skill effect.

  • Drawing Orchid: This skill is most preferred option by far since it’s easy to maintain uptime and other marking options don’t offer you too much other than marking.

  • Ink Shower: Usually considered as the worst variation because of meter value and having to spam it on CD. 

  • Sunsketch (Drawing the Sun): It’s basically heavenly blessing without mana regen. It provides attack damage buff and damage reduction.

  • Sun Well: It is basically sonic vibration but with mana restore on it.

  • Hopper: It is your highest meter generator. The shield effect is noticeable but since you have to spam it on CD for meter so you usually don’t get to use it to absorb damage. This skill has clunky and long animation so you have to be mindful before you use the skill. 

  • Door of Illusions: It has strong meter gain but it doesn’t scale with your specialization and you can’t equip Wealth rune on it. The biggest advantage of this skill is that it’s not an attack skill so you don’t have to land it on enemy in order to generate meter. So you can use it when the boss is in D2R phase or transitioning. Also this skill can cleanse people. 

  • Pouncing Tiger: It generates a lot of meter and does good stager also 1 weak point.

  • Ink Well (Spring Pool): It generates a lot of meter, but often less preferred compared to pouncing tiger due to the lower stagger value and slightly higher cooldown.

  • Sprinkle: It is your main shield skill and also highest stagger. 

  • Crane Wing: It is technically your best stagger but often it’s being used as a flex skill since it has long CD. This is also your best chaos dungeon skill.

  • Upper Stroke: It is Artist’s main counter skill. Can have tenacity from tripod. Each attacks from combo can counter. 

  • Single Stroke: This skill can have second highest stagger after Crane Wing. Also generates higher meter and can counter but it’s extremely unreliable because of the animation speed and cooldown. It’s a considerable option if you need more over-time stagger for raid but you don’t want to give up Pouncing Tiger for your own meter gain. 

  • Starry Night (Milky Way): It is your safeguard skill like Bard’s Rhapsody or Paladin’s Godsent Law. It doesn’t have push immunity but you can obtain from tripod or you can use CDR tripod instead. Downside of this skill is you have to channel it right next to your friends. 

  • Paint: Moonsketch: Make a drawing on the ground at the target location within 12 meters for 2s, that unleashes an explosion to inflict Damage and lift foes into the air.

  • Paint: Inkrise: Summon an ink swamp within 12 meters of the target location that lasts for 4s. Targets in the swamp receive Damage every 0.5s and suffer Move Speed reduction for 2s.

Lost Ark Artist Class Engravings 

Full Bloom

Level 1 - Recovers up to 7% of the Artist's Max HP.

Level 2 - Recovers up to 11% of the Artist's Max HP.

Level 3 - Recovers up to 15% of the Artist's Max HP.


Level 1 - Increases Critical Hit Rate by 6% and Critical Damage by 20% for 60 seconds.

Level 2 - Increases Critical Hit Rate by 9% and Critical Damage by 30% for 60 seconds.

Level 3 - Increases Critical Hit Rate by 12% and Critical Damage by 40% for 60 seconds.

7 Ways To Make Gold With Artist Release Lost Ark Spring 2023

There is a bunch of stuff you can actually do to start preparing right now to save up and then just sell a lot of stuff when she comes out. Here are a few tips on making some gold on Artist Lost Ark Spring 2023 if you do plan on profiting offer.

1. Ability stones - Save the materials from dismanteling.

1. Run kungalanuim - greater leaps

2. Save golden frog engravings boxes

3. Weekly Legion Raid Vendors

4. Do Guardian Raid Buses - Velganos, Deskaluda, Kunga

5. Do Argos/Oreha Hard Bus for Crafted Legendary Gear

6. Buy Lost Ark from online vendors

7. Save Gems To roll for Artist or just sell as is

  • Ability Stones

When you come over to the ability stone things or even when you just dismantle them after doing chaos dungeons or whatever, then you can come to the vendor and then go to exchange, scroll down and you can buy them, that's tier 2, some people usually throw away all the tier 1 and 2 stuff and then in tier 3, only keep the relic, throw away the rest, but who knows maybe we could get something valuable out of those. What you want to look out for on the stones is expert awakening because you usually want to get that on your stone because it's a more expensive accessories expert and awakening are the most expensive support accessory. So try and look for those on your stone and then vital point, heavy armor and other one you can't really get is the class in gravity, you can't really get on the stone. So expert awakening, probably the stone we're looking for, maybe we strike gold maybe we don't, we'll never know, but there's just something there that a lot of people do forget about. 

  • Run Kunga 

The next method to make tons of gold from Artist Lost Ark is run kungalanuim. Get your greater leaps because if you go and do kungalanuim, he is only a 1460 Guardian if you go on your main character. Try and take a friend with you to Guardian raids if you're on a support or find a party, so you go Guardian raid and then find party, there's only one kungalanuim. The main thing is because people are going to get bottlenecked by greater honor leaps when Artist comes out as we always do while honing. The Great Honor Leapstones are already going up in price 53, they're almost on par with Marvelous Honor Leafstones and you actually get more of these by doing kundalinium than what you do get marvelous from doing caligos, so you can still make more gold even right now, it seems like a 53+66. You get like 20 of Marvelous Honor Leapstone if you do it unrested and then you get 32 of Great Honor Leapstone that you did unrested for kundalinium, so 53x32+1696 gold kunga, 66x20=1320 gold caligos. So tart saving up on your greater leaps and then don't sell them yet. Usually on the release of the new class, they go up crazy in price and then they start dropping again afterwards. But stockpile them.

  • Save Engraving Boxes 

When you come over to the golden frog and you buy the engraving books, these are the other pouches and you get 6 engravings per week so you should have about 24 engravings at a shot at an Artist Engraving. Save your engraving books for Artists at the biggest chance at making gold, and you could probably sell your Artist books right then for a lot, but then save your other engraving books for later down the line as engravings will probably go back up in price once frog leaves.

  • Guardian Bussing

It's like new players coming in with Artists, they will have the power pass, the hyper express and everything, but they will still have to do volcanoes to enough progress through the guardian rate story. So you could make a couple hundred gold there.

  • Argos/Oreha Bussing

People will need to do these to get this stuff to craft the gear to start honing past 1370, so you got your Argos there, do Argos bussing. Just go in there, bust it, get gold, leave and do it again. 

  • Buy Lost Ark Gold for the upcoming Artist class 

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  • Save Gems

Save Gems to roll an Artist or just sell them if you don't want to use them. So save gems in your roster storage, you can check in all the gems from all your alts doing their boss rushes. It is worth it to run all boss rushes and new boss rushes, run them all, save up your gems and then level them up to level 6 and then leave them there and then once you make yourself an Artist, if you're planning on making one, then roll them to level 7 on your Artist. So you might actually end up getting a skill that she needs and a cooldown. 

Lost Ark Artist Skins & Costumes

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