Lost Ark Class Tier List 2023 for NA/EU - Ranking Best PvE/PvP Classes in Lost Ark (After March Update)

3/22/2023 10:03:49 AM

There's a class balance update where a lot of classes got nerfed and buffed in terms of damage and survivability. So we present this Lost Ark tier list for PvE/PvP, ranking all the classes from worst to best to give you an overall idea including the new class Artist. Check it out and find the best class to use in Lost Ark 2023. 


Lost Ark Class Tier List 2023 for NA/EU - Ranking Best PvE/PvP Classes in Lost Ark (Updated After March Patch)

In the world of Lost Ark, there are a number of different classes that you can play. Some are more powerful than others, but each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. This tier list will help you figure out what is the best class in Lost Ark 2023! The tier list & rankings are based on if a class is played by the best player on that specific class in a real situation like Legion raids Brelshaza or Vykas. The tier list got filtered many times by the community itself after the March 15th class balance patch. So many people have tested and this is the result. So without further ado, let's get started with the Lost Ark class ranking tier list PvE/PvP after March update.

Note: Some classes are incredibly powerful yet easy to use, and that puts them at the top of every tier list Lost Ark 2023. These classes are just the recommendation of the best classes. If you have played this game before or have already started and feel a class is placed in the wrong tier, then that is completely fine. You can still enjoy playing with your favorite class.

Updated Lost Ark New Tier List (March 2023), PvE & PvP Classes Ranked From Best to Worst:

  • Lone Knight (S-Tier)

  • Surge (S-Tier)

  • Barrage Enhancement (S-Tier)

  • Igniter (S-Tier)

  • Greater Summoner (S-Tier)

  • Esoteric Skill Enhancement (S-Tier)

  • Blessed Aura (S-Tier)

  • Desperate Salvation (S-Tier)

  • Full Bloom (S-Tier)

  • Loyal Companion (A-Tier)

  • Order of the Emperor (A-Tier)

  • Empress’s Grace (A-Tier)

  • Enhanced Weapon (A-Tier)

  • Shock Training (A-Tier)

  • Robust Spirit (A-Tier)

  • Energy Overflow (A-Tier)

  • Deathblow (A-Tier)

  • Mayhem Rage Hammer (A-Tier)

  • Peacemaker (A-Tier)

  • Perfect Suppression (B-Tier)

  • Arthetinean (B-Tier)

  • Moon Sound (B-Tier)

  • Overflowing Consensus (B-Tier)

  • Esoteric Flurry (B-Tier)

  • Berserker’s Technique (B-Tier)

  • Combat Readiness (C-Tier)

  • Remaining Energy (C-Tier)

  • Firepower Enhancement (C-Tier)

  • Demonic Impulse (C-Tier)

  • Evolutionary Legacy (C-Tier)

  • Death Strike (C-Tier)

  • Thirst (C-Tier)

  • Reflux (C-Tier)

  • Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu (C-Tier)

  • Control (C-Tier)

  • First Intention (C-Tier)

  • Pinnacle (C-Tier)

  • Gravity Training (C-Tier)

  • Time to Hunt (C-Tier)

  • Pistoleer (D-Tier)

Lost Ark best tier list 2023 after March update

Lone Knight belongs to S tier, Combat Readiness belongs to C tier, remember this challenge is all about real situation, synergies, damage output and everything. Put remaining energy at C tier and Surge at S tier. Barrage Enhancement in S tier, Fire Enhancement on C tier. Demonic Pmpulse Shadowhunter will be at C tier, Perfect Suppression will be at C tier, Legacy Scouter will be on C tier, Arthetinean will be on B tier, recently they got buffed and they're really strong. Robust Spirit will be on A tier, Overflow will also be on A tier, they're both good. Control and Pinnacle are at the same C tier, they're performing overall same after the balance patch. Greater Summoner on S tier, even they got a bit nerfed, but they're on S tier always. Communication Overflow after the nerf isn't that bad, they're also on B tier. Deadblow is easily on A tier, not S tier. Esoteric Flurry is on B tier, he is also really good. Mayhem Berserkers are really strong now after the buff and everything, they're really good, put them on A tier. And put Berserker's Technique on B tier, both of them are really strong at this moment. Put Gravity Training on C tier and Rage Hammer on A tier, really strong. 

So that's a Lost Ark new tier list after the March class balance patch. What do you think of this ranking? Which class will you use?

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