Diablo 4 Zoo Companion Druid Build for Open Beta: Skills, Gear, Gameplay, Combo, and more

3/28/2023 4:25:26 PM

An amazing discovery to the true power of zoo Druid! It's so good, such an enjoyable game-play!

Stats of Diablo 4 Zoo Companion Druid Build

  • Strength: 57

  • Intelligence: 45

  • Willpower: 58

  • Dexterity: 57

Skill Tree of Diablo 4 Zoo Companion Druid Build

  • Storm Strike (1/5), Enhanced Storm Strike.

  • Tornado (1/5), Enhanced Tornado, Primal Tornado.

  • Earthen Bulwark (2/5), Enhanced Earthen Bulwark, Preserving Earthen Bulwark.

  • Wolves (6/5), Enhanced Wolf Pack, Brutal Wolf Pack.

  • Predatory Instinct (3/3).

  • Vine Creeper (2/5), Enhanced Vine Creeper, Brutal Vine Creeper.

  • Ravens (2/5), Ferocious Ravens.

  • Call of the Wild (2/3).

Aspect & Codex Choice of Diablo 4 Zoo Companion Druid Build

  • Weapon: Penitent Hammer Of The Stampede

This actually means all of our companion skills would deal 200 more damage, but only 200, you already saw how strong it is.

  • Amulet: Chain Of The Alpha

We're turning our little wolves into werewolves, and this allows him to get another 150 multiplier, so 1.5 tons, we happen to have this one on the max row, so this is initially 100 on amulet, it's 150 and this is also super powerful, we're multiplying the damage from the companions and also on the wolves and this also makes them very durable and very deadly.

  • Ring: Ring Of The Wildrage

This basically unlocks a keystone for a Capstone for your companions.

  • Ring: Loop Of Inner Calm

This is imprinted for 30 more damage if we stand still, this is how we have over 855 attack power, if we move we're back to 657, this is going to affect the playstyle as well we just have to stand everything dies.

  • Gloves: Smiting Adventurer's Gloves

We're going for increased critical strike, and also a massive massive crowd control, so here we have another 21 increased critical chance when the enemies are injured, you saw in the replay which we'll see very soon again, our wolves chunked the boss down into half Health in one shot, it's down to 35 and then after that with 100 quid pretty much all the time.

  • Boots: Adventurer's Boots Of Shared Misery

Because our companions would do more damage to enemies are controlled and so do we.

  • Pants: Adventurer's Pants of Mending Stone

  • Chest Armor: Earthguard Primal Breastplate

  • Helm: Exploiter's Adventurer's Helm

Gameplay of Diablo 4 Zoo Companion Druid Build

We have to do is let the wolf do damage, but most of the time we're looking for Elites, and the sending wolves so actually we'll quickly tell you the combination of spells, so the unstoppable and also tanky spells will be the bow work, and as for the veins and also for the Ravens, one of them with disabled enemies, and also provide us with more damage, and the Ravens will provide vulnerability, if we sent the wolf kill command, they can almost kill anything with one shot for the boss, he probably takes two shots, and as for our basic announce of course girls they just hit above the wolves, now as you can see over here what we're trying to do is we're trying to find an elite, and now we find out your leader, we're actually going for the three liter of solve the quest,  so we're going to send off the wealth and send all the disables, we're like go boys one shot, so three warps right only one jumped the other two were kind of engaging on something else, one jumping wolf killed the elite in one shot, and this ball is so good, so over here as we keep going up we're going to kill both of the elites to open up the gate, and then we go for the bus, so we usually do the combo and send out the wolves one shot, now the second, the secondary that comes, so here the whoops will be fighting secondly without active skills, and they also hit super fast, so this is without any active smells, it's alwe passive normal attack and the enemy just dies.