Elden Ring 1.07 One-Hit Kill Glitch - How to One-Shot Any Boss in Elden Ring

10/27/2022 3:07:14 PM

Are you looking for some tips and tricks for beating Elden Beast, Melania or other bosses fast in Elden Ring, here we are going to present an Elden Ring one-hit kill glitch after patch 1.07, this powerful exploit can help you one-shot any boss even seconds.

Elden Ring 1.07 One-Hit Kill Glitch

Elden Ring 1.07 One-Hit Kill Glitch - How to One-Shot Any Boss in Elden Ring

Before you do this glitch, there are some Elden Ring items you are going to want to get. 

- Uchigatana: The first one is the Uchigatana with the default Ash of War Unsheathe, you can get this in two different ways. One of the ways is by selecting the samurai as your starting class and the second way is acquiring it from Deathtouched Catacombs, which is located in Northern Limgrave.

- Serpent-Hunter: This item can be nabbed at the very beginning of the boss fight with Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, simply walk through the boss door and it will be chilling there on your left, you don't need to fight Rykard, you could just quit and reload after grabbing the spear. The only way to respawn this weapon is to discard it. 

- Throwing Dagger: You can get this from the Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh or if you've killed him, then bring his Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold, and then you can buy his inventory from them as an added bonus, it might be worth bringing a friend as a distraction whilst you're doing this glitch as it can take a while to master. There's a part of the glitch where you need to drain your stamina and you need to be in combat for your stamina to drain, so having a friend keep the aggro would be ideal, if you don't have anyone to play with, you can find your partner from thousands of Elden Ring players in Discord.

How to do this one-shot glitch in Elden Ring 1.07

This instruction by Gaming Exploits is PS4/5 based, but it works for Xbox and PC as well. Check out the steps. 

1. Make sure your throwing daggers are equipped in your quick item slot and highlighted with your Uchigatana.

2. Hold L2 to sheath your weapon, then press R1 to do an attack from here, don't move your character at all.

3. Go into the item menu and switch your Uchigatana to the Serpent-Hunter, it’s better to put all of your other weapons away in the chest.

4. Once you swap to the spear, press Circle to backstep, then you can begin rolling in any direction, preferably forward, the purpose is to drain all of your stamina, if you accidentally walk or sprint, instead of rolling during this part, you will have to start again.

5. When your stamina is depleted, hold forward and spam Square to use your throwing daggers, then as you see an animation, hold L2 immediately, the timing with holding L2 at the right moment is where you'll struggle the most. You’ll have a deadly weapon that will shred anyone in literal seconds if they get too close, even though it begins to drain your stamina and your FP. 

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