Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Quest Guide: Location, Drops & Strategy

3/31/2022 6:16:03 PM

Night's Cavalry hastens the nights of FromSoftware's game - Elden Ring. Facing these bosses and their dark mount allows you to get excellent rewards. Here is a guide with their locations on the map, rewards, and tips on how to complete the quest easily and fast.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Quest Guide

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Location, Drops & How To Complete

The night is much more dangerous than the day in Elden Ring, many bosses are only present in the very relative darkness of the Erdtree. Indeed, it is not too dark during the night, and you will see almost as in broad daylight. But in any case, it will require you to make extensive use of the option that allows you to advance the time of day Points of grace fainting, you can choose to wait until morning, noon, or nightfall.

In addition to Dragons and World Tree Avatars, each region is haunted by Death Rite Bird, Bell Bearing Hunter, and Night's Cavalry.

Night's Cavalry Locations in Elden Ring

There is a high number of these bosses since there are 10x Night's Cavalry in total. Remember that they only go out at night. If the Cavalry is not present, go to the nearest point of grace to move time forward. If you are killed by the boss, remember to advance time again to the point of grace before returning. This complicates repeated testing a bit.

List of all Night's Cavalry & Their Locations:

  • Weeping Peninsula - The roads near the Castle Morne Rampart

  • Limgrave - The bridge near Agheel Lake North

  • Liurnia North - South of Bellum Church close to Raya Lucaria Bridge

  • Liurnia South - Near the broken Gate Town Bridge on the eastern landmass

  • Caelid - Around the Caelid Highway in the south

  • Dragonbarrow - The bridge near Lenne's Rise. 

  • Altus Plateau - The road just south of the Altus Highway Junction site of grace. [Map Link]

  • Forbidden Lands - The path to the Lift. 

  • Consecrated Snowfield - South-west of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield site of grace

Preparations for Completing Night's Cavalry Quest

  • It is better to clean the area of your monsters before engaging in combat, this is especially true for the first rider of the game, that of Western Necrolimbo.

  • It is not possible to use a spirit summon against this boss unless you manage to lure him to a nearby camp that offers this option.

  • The damage inflicted is almost exclusively of the physical type.

  • Night's Cavalry is relatively susceptible to lightning and piercing attacks. They are rather resistant to everything else, but not to the point of discouraging you from using them.

  • The big vulnerability of this enemy is its sensitivity to afflictions, everything works, but this is especially true for scarlet putrefaction and poison.

Tips for Killing Night's Cavalry with the Sword, and Night's Cavalry with the Scourge

Let's start by clarifying that there are two versions of this enemy, the first is equipped with a long halberd with a huge extension, which makes it really formidable. In return, he is quite exposed to attacks closely, and he attacks slowly. The second version uses a scourge, it attacks faster, but with much less range. His blows will also accumulate bleeding. You will have to adapt your movements and your strategy a little, but this does not change the fundamentals of the fight.

Note the presence of a duo of riders, one with the sword and one with the scourge, in the consecrated Snowfields. You have to kill both to get their loot, but they can be faced separately.

Strategy for Fight Against the Night's Cavalry

You can choose to compete against the rider on horseback or on foot, depending on your preferences and build. Without amount, it is easier to dodge and block and then counterattack. If you use spells, that favor those adapted to fast targets, the basic burst arrow tends to miss it every time, due to a lack of range or tracking of its chaotic movements. It is better to use the Loretta's Greatbow for its immense scope and the initiative offered by opening the fight. Spells like the slingshot that has a long-range and some activation time also have their merits. Melee spells like Caria's cutting edge are also interesting.

An effective tactic to defeat the Cavalry is to kill his mount, which has a good chance of happening naturally using a melee weapon. Deprived of his faithful destrier, the Cavalry will slouch to the ground, which will give you a moment to put a critical blow on him, or failing that, the time to attack him normally several times. But beware, the rider can still hurt a lot, and above all, he will reinvoke a mount after a few seconds, which will cause a devastating shock wave at close range.

As often, if you are sure of yourself, or after a little training, you can make him a shield parade when he attacks, which will instantly expose him to a critical blow and make him fall off the horse.

In some cases, it is easy to exploit the terrain to kill the rider, for example, by taking refuge in an element in height. He then does not have the means to reach you. It is also possible to push some riders to suicide, such as the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss in Caelid, it tends to commit suicide on poison or by falling from the bridge.

Elden Ring Night's Cavalry Drops (Rewards)

The loot is obviously very variable depending on the rider, the number of Elden Ring runes increases with the areas, and the items are quite varied. This includes some weapons and quite a few War Ashes. We will especially remember the Night's Cavalry in the northeast of the Draconic Tree Sentinel, in Caelid, which gives the fantastic Ashes of War: Bloodhound's Step. Another notable reward is that obtained by defeating the duo of Night's Cavalry in the Consecrated Snowfield. Since their set of armor and an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone are then offered.

Rewards from killing Each Night's Cavalry:

  • Limgrave Drops: 2,400 Runes, Ash of War: Repeating Thrust

  • Weeping Peninsula: 3,400 Runes, Ash of War: Barricade Shield, Nightrider Flail

  • Liurnia North: 5,600 Runes, Ash of War: Giant Hunt, Nightrider Glaive

  • Liurnia South: 5,600 Runes, Ash of War: Ice Spear

  • Caelid: 8,500 Runes, Ash of War: Poison Moth Flight

  • Altus Plateau: 10,000 Runes, Ash of War: Shared Order

  • Forbidden Lands: 36,000 Runes, Ash of War: Phantom Slash

  • Dragonbarrow: 42,000 Runes, Ash of War: Bloodhound's Step

  • Consecrated Snowfield: 84,000 Runes, Night's Cavalry Set

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