Diablo 4 Season 4 Class Tier List - Best Classes to Play in D4 S4 after Patch 1.4

5/14/2024 5:43:21 PM

If you're wondering what class to play in Diablo 4 Season 4, this class tier list shared by Rhykker (covers best class - Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Sorcerer, and Rogue) should help you out. 

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Diablo 4 Season 4 Class Tier List - Best Classes to Play in D4 S4 after Patch 1.4

Season 4 represents the biggest update that Diablo has gotten yet, with a complete itemization rework, new crafting systems that allow us to empower our characters in entirely new ways, a revamped helltide experience, and a new challenging endgame mode called the pit which will be super important to run. Season 4 represents a power buff across all classes, every class is going to be faster and stronger, we're going to level up so much faster. Now for Season 4, we had a test server, and since the test server ended, we got some patch notes with some nerfs to some of the overperforming builds as expected, also some bugs were fixed. This D4 S4 class & character tier list is going to be based on the test server experience. We're going to go through the 4 different categories. Every class has multiple builds that excel at all four of these things, so category 1 is the leveling experience from 1 to 50. 

It's important to note that this tier list is not final and are continuously updated based on the evolution of the meta . 

C Tier

Between Sorcerer and Barbarian, we don't think this a clear winner and loser. The sorcerer is better at leveling, but weaker against bosses whereas the Barbarian is consistently decent at everything. 


- Talking about the Sorcerer, specifically barring some upset again, either a bug or something new discovered, Sorcerer doesn't look like it's going to have that one crazy build that destroys all content, Ball Lightning for instance has been taken down significantly in power, still a good build. The Sorcerer's main strength is that it has no shortage of selection of builds for speed farming, the helltides. 

- If we're looking at bossing, Firebolt is going to be the best option for the Sorcerer, not amazing, but it's just the best that the Sorcerer can really do. Excellent single target damage, but this is not a build you want to run for any other content.

- The new build for Sorcerer is Frozen Orb that was super fun on PTR, it's been brought down and power significantly since BTR we're estimating, it's still going to be a good build. It will be one of the top builds for the Sorcerer, it's again going to be excellent at speed farming content, but it's probably going to end up being mediocre against bosses and in the pit. 

- Other Sorcerer builds that are really good at that speed farming content, but aren't going to perform as well against bosses with a pit, we got Arc Lash, it's a generator build, really good for doing helltide. Fireball is another good speed farm option but its damage just does not hold up for the pit or bossing. It really struggles against single target.

- Chain Lightning is another great speed farm option, it's a little harder to play as a build and it's really not good against bosses or in the pit, but it is one of the best Sorcerer build for leveling 1 to 50. 

- Another good leveling build from 1 to 50 is Firewall.

- Another thing this season every class as part of the Season journey is going to be getting a suite of gear that is all themed towards some kind of a build, and for Sorcerer, it's going to be Incinerate


Barbarian was king in Season 3 and most of the game’s life. But after the nerfs were getting to hammer the ancients and charge, this meta is gone. Barbs also lost their inherent 10% damage reduction, and overall it's going to be a lot harder to just stack damage reduction under the new itemization. So it's now harder to be tanky. 

- The Double Swing Twisters build looking like it's going to be very strong this season. It's not amazing against bosses, but it still fares pretty well, it's a pretty easy to play build. The season Journey gear you're going to get will help put this build together as well.

- There's also a Bash generator build that it's going to be really hard to gear for, you need some very specific gear that you're only going to get at high level. But this is also a good build for bossing and most content in general.

- There's also a Death Blow build that should be able to hit bosses for like a billion damage, but it's a super specialized build and it's just for bossing.

- Thorns Barb is also doing pretty well this season, it's going to be possibly the tankiest Barbarian you can run, super easy to play, it's pretty good in the pit, it's pretty good in Nightmare dungeons, pretty good in Helltides, but it's not as good against bosses as the other builds we've mentioned. 

- The good news about the Barbarian is that if all you really care about or if your main focus is just speed farming the helltide and the Whispers and lower nightmare dungeons, you got tons of options. Hammer of the Ancients, Whirlwind, Upheaval, Leapquake, all excellent builds for doing helltide and all that, but they are not going to be competitive for bossing or pushing the pit. For leveling 1 to 50, both double swing and upheaval are decent options.

B Tier

Rogue is excellent at leveling 1 to 50, Druid remains the slowest leveler. But at the highest difficulties of play the Druid does outperform the Rogue.


- For the Druid, it's all about the Werewolf Tornado build, this is going to destroy bosses, it's by far the best Druid build for bossing. It does so much damage, so it also does really well in high nightmare dungeons and the pit. It does have an ever require the Tempest Roar unique, you cannot run this build without getting a Tempest Roar. But once you get it, this build is easy to play and it's pretty fast, though not the fastest Druid build around. 

- If you want speed, but still want to be a caster, then the Lightning Storm Druid is still easy to play, should still perform well in the pit, but it focuses more on area of effect damage, so it's not as great at single target like bosses. And in the pit, the bosses are pretty tough as well. 

- Another great speed farming build is going to be Shred, so whether you're doing helltide or lower nightmare dungeons, Shred is a lot of fun. Its damage doesn't scale up all that well though, so not great for the pit and even worse against bosses. 

- The Pulverized build is all reliable here, pretty easy to play, it's great for speed farming, it's super tanky, its damage doesn't scale very well for the more challenging content, however it holds up better than Shred. But both are not great builds for bossing. And the season Journey gear is actually to give you pulverized gear.

- Then there's the Hurricane build, this build was kind of crazy on the PTR because of a bug and that bug is being fixed. So it's not super clear how it's going to perform now in Season 4, it's probably going to be decent but not the best. 


- For Rogue, Range Rogues are on the rise for Season 4, Twisting Blades took a hit, it's dropping down across most categories. The Rogue really shines at speed farming, scaling wise though, it's not going to keep up with the Druid in the pit for instance. 

- There is one Rogue Rapid Fire build that you can build that's going to destroy bosses, but it's a highly specialized build and you really don't want to use it for anything else. But that's going to be your tormented boss killer. 

- For more versatile builds, we're looking at Barrage Rogue, being pretty easy to play, it's excellent at farming speed, farming gear, hell tides in the pit. Then you got penetrating shot, excellent at speed content, it holds up in Nightmare dungeons, but it does start to fall off in the pit. It is better at bossing than barrage though, but still not great. 

- Then you can put together a Shadow Step build that's going to be super fast build for Rogue. 

- There's also a Heartseeker Basic Attack build, if you're looking for a range build that performs better in the pit and higher nightmare dungeon tiers, it performs pretty good at everything. 

- Rapid Fire is another versatile Rogue build, it can't put out as much damage as the heartseeker build, so it's not going to be as great for bossing or the pits, but it is a lot easier to put this build together. 

For leveling 1 to 50, Ranged is king, twisting blades has fallen off, penetrating shot and barrage, are both excellent choices here. 

A Tier

Nothing at all.

S Tier


In Season 4, Necromancer is so ridiculously powerful that it doesn't just deserve its own tier, it deserves an entire extra tier as a buffer to show just how much better it is than all the other classes. The Necro is the only class with multiple build options that excel in every category. It doesn't matter what you want to do in the game, what you care about the most, the Necro can do it and it can give you multiple build options as well. Necromancer ought to be the best class of Season 4. 

- Minion Necro has been a joke for the past 3 seasons, Minions are super strong now, the minion Necro will destroy bosses, it's super easy to play, it's going to destroy everything. Its weakness is that it doesn't move very fast, but that doesn't mean it's slow, you can even level now as a pure minion for 1 to 50. Your season Journey starter gear is going to be minion gear. 

- Necromancer even has non- minion options - Bone Spirit, absolutely obliterates bosses. Possibly the build in the game with the highest burst damage potential. Those Bone Spirit can be hitting for over a billion damage, but it is quite a bit trickier to play than Minion builds. Necros in general aren't very fast, but this build is still faster than minion builds.

- Then other great Necromancer builds Bone Spear still performs very well, excellent at speed farming helltides and whispers. Its damage just doesn't scale up as well as the other builds. So it won't be as strong for higher difficulty content and it is a little bit more skill-based, it is that sniper play style.

- Blood Surge is still strong, that's the big AOE damage, it's also a super tanky build, it's very easy to play, it's really good at speed farming content. Its single target damage is quite weak for leveling 1 to 50, this is probably still the best build in the game, it used to be the only good option for Necro, going 1 to 50.