Diablo 4 Season 4 Necromancer Build Tier List - Top 9 Best D4 S4 Necro Builds for Leveling, NM Dungesons, Helltide & More

5/15/2024 11:50:04 AM

Today we’re going to be bringing you the Necromancer tier list for Season 4 and this is going to be a much more comprehensive tier list. We are going to go more into detail about this about each activity and where the builds rank in each of those.

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Diablo 4 Season 4 Necromancer Build Tier List - Best D4 S4 Necro Builds for Leveling, NM Dungesons, Helltide & More

In Diablo 4 Season 4, the Necromancer class offers a variety of powerful builds that excel in different aspects of the game. Whether you're looking for a build that excels in leveling, tackling Nightmare Dungeons, defeating Uber Bosses, or conquering The Pit, there are several top-tier options to choose from. Here is a list of the top 10 best Necromancer builds for Season 4, ranked based on their performance in various areas and their combined score.  

D4 S4 Best Necromancer Leveling Builds 

  • 1. Army the Dead Minion: It just seems to be the best because there's just gear given to you from the season. It's going to be very easy to play.

  • 2. Bombardier: The corpse explosion scaling is really strong, and if you are able to get Howl From Below, that now becomes the better build than Minion. As soon as you get how From Below, Bombardier is now like uber. And the corpse generation is a lot stronger now because of the buff that they gave to the reaper minions being able to spawn corpses for you, so you can just sit there and just cast corpse explosion the whole time, like you can literally just run minions in corpse explosion, you don't even need to have like a core skill on your bar.

  • 3. Blood Surge: This is just a time and true tested build, you cast Iron Maiden, this like refills all your essence and then you cast Blood Surge, everything dies. It has really good AOE, really good frontal damage and especially if you overpower, everything dies, it's great.

  • 4. Shadowstorm Minion: This is basically Army of the Dead Minion, the thing is that it's hard to turn on blighted. Also you don't have enough Shadow damage going out, so there are pieces of gear and there are things that you need in order to get blighted to turn on quickly. But it'll be definitely like the best build to level up from 70 to 100 if you're able to get a couple of those aspects.

  • 5. Bone Spear Minion: This is just proven to be the best build for leveling like every single season, but now there are just builds that are stronger than Bone Spear.

  • 6. Bone Spirit: This requires tempers and crit rate to function, so because you need crit rate and because you need tempers for it to even do anything, Bone Spirit is not that good. 

  • 7. Pure Dot Bce: It requires way too many stats to be super highly stacked in order for it to function, so not the best choice to build. 

D4 S4 Best Necromancer Builds for Helltide 

Moving on to helltide, so this is when you are full geared, it's like two weeks in the season, you're not like grouping up with 12 people, you're just going into helltide and you're killing things and you're trying to get all your materials which will spend a lot of time in, because you're going to need Angelbreath, Veiled Crystals, all the Herbs and all the Living Steel and stuff to spawn the Uber. So this is going to be a good one.

  • 1. Bombardier: The corpse explosion size temper and Black River stack on top of each other and make those corpse explosions like screen wide. They're massive, they cover the whole screen, and they one shot the whole screen, so you literally cast bone spear and there's a corpse and it consumes the corpses and the whole screen dies and it just chain reacts, it also has the maximum ability, it's just like the best for sure.

  • 2. Army of the Dead Minion: The reason why we're putting minion here is even though it's not like mechanically the most efficient, the thing is when you're doing helltide, you don't want to be using your brain, you want to take your hands off the keyboard, put on some good music, sit there chill, do the vibe music and just like get stuff and just relax and Minion is really good for that. So this is a “take your hands off the keyboard” style of gameplay and it's very mentally relaxing.

  • 3. Pure Dot Bce: It has unmatched zone control with the fact that if you ever do get into a group of like 12 people and you're all like stacking those bars and infinitely spawning all the elites over and over again, Pure Dot Bce just locks down the zone. And every single time those elites spawn in one tick, they'll die. So Pure Dot Bce is just like insane for helltides. 

  • 4. Blood Surge: It has really big AOE that one shots everything, but other builds have bigger AOE because the drain from blood surge doesn't kill things than Nova does, and there's just builds that have bigger AOE than the Nova blood surge even with the temper, there's just builds that have bigger AOE.

  • 5. Shadowstorm Minion: The big thing is that you have a low blighted up time because you need to attack something 10 times in order for shadow blight to go off. And when things have that low HP, they die in 2 or 3 hits, so you actually never get Shadow blight to come or bled aspect to come online, and when it does it's going to be against a mini boss and you have to go through this ramp mechanic like getting you blighted online. Once you're blighted online, then you can one shot it. With Army of the Dead, you press a button, your minions get the multiplier and you just go ahead. 

  • 6. Ebonpiercer: It has some limited AOE,m the bolts go out, but they're not covering the whole thing, they’re like arrows and you can beat in between the arrows and not get hit by Ebonpiercer. You can run blade corpse explosion with Ring of the Sacrilegious on this for helltides. Just so you can have a little bit better AOE, but because the AOE is so limited that's why we put it there.

  • 7. Bone Spear Minion: The same thing with bone spear. Bone spear just doesn't have good zone control, because when things spawn, you have to cast the bone spear in that direction and the minions just have a much lower amount of bone spears that they're going to be casting with the nerf that they give it. So bone spear is just not there.

  • 8. Xfall’s Shadow Crit: It has amazing fontal damage, you cast blight, Xfall kills it. But the thing is that blight is a really slow traveling projectile and the AOE of Xfall’s is very small and we want speed and we want maximum AOE for Helltides, and Xfall’s just doesn't have the maximum AOE, but it does have the speed.

  • 9. Bone Spirit: It has the speed, but you need to get in the melee and if you're not in melee and you decide to cast bone spirit, your bone spirit is going to travel slower than the speed of smell. So it's faster for you to run up to the enemies and cast bone spirit right in their face. But it's got really limited AOE because of that so it's just not all that great for helltide compared to other builds.

Best D4 S4 NM Dungeon Builds for Necromancer

  • 1. Bone Spirit: It went from last place in Helltides to first place in Nightmare Dungeons, and the reason being is that it just one shots everything straight up, you just run through, you cast bone spirit and it just one shots everything at maximum speed. It kills everything including the dungeon boss like you get up to dungeon boss, you press bone spirit and it dies.

  • 2. Bombardier: It only needs to cast Bone Spear and Bone Store, but requires corpse generation from spear for corpse explosion to go boom.

  • 3. Xfal’s Shadow Crit: Press blighted and forget, one shots everything but slow projectile speed and smaller AOE then Ebon. 

  • 4. Blood Surge: It has really big damage, but it requires you to overpower in order to kill anything in a tier 100. So because it has to go through its attacks to cycle through to its overpower to then one-shot the screen, it's slower.

  • 5. Pure Dot Bce: Its AOE is really massive and it has maximum movement speed, but it functions off of the blighted aspect in the Black River multiplier which requires ramp time to get all the corpse generation and everything going up. Because of that, it's not really strong in a nightmare dungeon compared to other builds, it’s still very fast, just not as fast as something like bone spirit or Bombardier.

  • 6. Bone Spear Minion: It checks all boxes except damage, just doesn’t do enough to one shot any elites or bosses. 

  • 7. Army of the Dead Minion & Shadow Storm Minion: Minions are the worst from Nightmare Dungeons and the reason being is they have such limited AOE and the Minion AI is really wonky, they're still not attacking like the things that you want them to attack. And every 4-6 seconds you do insane damage, but you do it within a limited space and in Nightmare dungeons you just want to blast through it. So Minions aren't all that strong for dungeons.

Best D4 S4 Necromancer Builds for Uber Boss

  • 1. Xfal's Shadow Crit: Stacking blight caste with a +44% chance to proc Xfal’s on every Dot tick with +60%-mil damage procs is whack. 

  • 2. Army of the Dead Minion: Nerfed golem mastery, but can still deal billions of damage every 4-6 seconds. 

  • 3. Ebonpiercer: Stacking all 4 projectiles with wither quadratic multiplier throws the DPS into the heavens. 

  • 4. Shadowstorm Minion: Same as above but smaller multipliers without Army of the Dead. 

  • Pure Dot Bce: Single target corpse generation isn’t enough to fully empower black river multiplier. 

  • 5. Blood Surge: Resource coast reduction rolls + perma-cast at max attack speed for many overpowers, but not enough over time. 

  • 6. Bone Spear Minion: Has a lot of spears, but not enough damage.

  • 7. Bombardier: It is really low spear DPS, but only one corpse explosion per second because Ring of the Sacrilegious is doing that but you need to generate corpses for Ring of the Sacrilegious to explode the corpse which means you have to sit there and you have to cast bone spear.

Best D4 S4 Necromancer Builds for The Pit

  • 1. Pure Dot Bce: It just looks to be like the absolute strongest because of the fact that when you're in AOE sitting, you can generate enough corpses to get the Full Black River multiplier with the insane wither quadratic scaling and it just seems to be like completely unmatched. There's no downtime in its damage output because when you CC something and then you go into when the things become unstoppable and you enter Blood Mist, you're actually still out damaged with aspect of explosive mist and Ring of the Sacrilegious so this thing just never stops outputting damage, it's just super strong.

  • 2. Xfal's Shadow Crit: Getting things grouped and then spamming out multiple Xfal’s procs that act like area damage from Diablo 3. 

  • 3. Ebonpiercer: Corpse tendril pixel pull – stacked bolts is going to be a massive amount of AOE burst, has downtime after things become unstoppable. 

  • 4. Bone Spirit: Big AOE overpowered booms consistently allows for high burst cycles on tendrils pull.

  • 5. Shadowstorm Minion: Minion AI wonky, big damage every 4-6 sec. 

  • 6. Army of the Dead Minion: Same as above but smaller multipliers. 

  • 7. Blood Surge: Depends on rotating through attacks to generate overpowers, cannot deal damage in bloodmist. 

  • 8. Bone Spear Minion: Squishy, not enough damage. 

  • 9. Bombardier: Same as above.

Best D4 S4 Ease to Gear Builds for Necromancer

  • 1. Bone Spear Minion: Need Splintering and Grasping Veins, build done.

  • 2. Army of the Dead Minion: Obtained by seasonal journey rewards.

  • 3. Shadowstorm Minion: Same as above but you just need to find blighted aspect and aspect of ultimate shadow.

  • 4. Bombardier: Same as bone spear minion but needs “Howl From Below” start pumping big damage.

  • 5. Bone Spirit: Requires 100% crit to function, not hard to get, but harder than builds above.

  • 6. Xfal’s Shadow Crit: Needs a duriel unique, hight crit hit chance, and high lucky hit chance in gear to function well. 

  • 7. Blood Surge: Needs 2 ubers to play it at maximum value and high rolls of resource cost reduction.

  • 8. Ebonpiercer: Wither scaling requires greater affix rolls in every piece of gear + masterwork stacking to achieve very high intelligence to come online. Also needs max attack speed.

  • 9. Pure Dot Bce: Same as above. But now needs high lucky high chance rolls. A high roll black river from duriel. And 1-second sad ring roll as well.

Combined Score Ranking

1. Bone Spirit, Xfal's Shadow Crit, Army of the Dead Minion

4. Ebonpiercer

5. Pure Dot Bce

6. Bombardier

7. Shadowstorm Minion

8. Blood Surge

9. Bone Spear Minion

Helltide + The Pit Score Ranking

1. Pure Dot Bce

2. Army of the Dead Minion

3. Ebonpiercer

4. Xfal’s Shadow Crit, Shadowstorm Minion

6. Bombardier

7. Bloodsurge

8. Bone Spirit

9. Bone Spear Minion