Animal Crossing New Horizons Little Secrets- 10 HIDDEN DETAILS You Missed!

10/1/2021 11:53:46 AM

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been over a year now, and we are still discovering many different hidden secrets and details about the game. 8 hidden details in Animal Crossing New Horizons you need to know. Definitely, some animal crossing new horizons in this list that you already know. Now let's try to review some interesting details together, hoping to provide new inspiration for your game.


1. Kill cockroaches

It can actually kill cockroaches. It is a very strange thing to use the word "kill" in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but in Animal Crossing New Horizons you can use furniture to kill cockroaches in your home, you can open the menu, There you can move furniture, and on them, you can do this with almost anything, as long as you can put it on top of a cockroach, it will crush it.

If you have trouble hunting them down, this is just another way, and it's also a bit like a weird little game, you know that using furniture as a certain kind of crane game almost smashes cockroaches.

2. Participate in free fishing tournaments

Participate in the fishing tournament in Animal Crossing New Horizons with friends. Now every time you play is completely free. Participating in this activity is not particularly expensive. It is a bit pitiful in terms of bells. If you want to enter for free, just ask some friends to come over and they can completely It is free for you to get it. You can play together and earn points together, which is really great.

3. Unclaimed miles

In Animal Crossing New Horizon, you can go directly to any unclaimed miles you own. Of course, this does not apply to any ACNH nook mile plus miles, but this is not really a problem, because these are at the top, and you know how to reach them easily Mileage, so if you have anything at the bottom you want to claim that this is a very simple method, it also allows you to scroll faster when using the right joystick to scroll down, instead of using the left joystick to take longer.

4. Dream Island News

One detail Nintendo didn't really mention to you clearly. They didn’t say it very clearly. There are many people who have a default greeting in their Animal Crossing New Horizons dream island, so basically if you want to change your Animal Crossing New Horizons dream island message, when people talk with your character on your dream island, you must change your passport comment, because you can see the person saying hello, a default may just say welcome or similar Things or greetings, but either way, if you want to say something in your dream, you have to change your passport comment, now remember that there are some things you can't say you can't swear you in your passport comment You cannot advertise in your passport comments. If you advertise like your Twitter or your social media and your passport comments, it is well known that your dream island may be taken down.

5. Poop function

Maybe new players just starting will not remember this incredible discovery that people discovered a few months ago, you can actually use the toilet to poop in Animal Crossing New Horizons if you get a bunch of extra energy, just like you Eat fruits and trees. Although we don't eat trees, you know what I mean. The fruits you eat to move. If you want to get rid of the excess energy you don't need, you can pull it out around the tree.

The people attending the Nintendo board meeting are like we should add a new habitat or add a new poop function. When he voted, they were like habitat in a good room. They were dead silent. When they said good poop function, Every Nintendo executive will raise his hand, you know the entire development team, they said to add this, but in fact, I may be sure they added this as a last-minute solution when they found that people can not easily get rid of them of energy. If they accidentally damage rocks and things, then they have to wait for resources that might hinder people for us to throw it in.

6. Find villagers

You sometimes know when you look around again on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island, you are trying to find a villager you can't find, it's frustrating, where they are, where they went, you know where they might be, They may be in a building. This is the answer to the museum. The most complex building in the entire game will only become more complicated as they update the game, so how do you know where to find your villagers, short Answer you don't know but you can tell if your villager is really there. If the chattering person is awake when he should usually sleep during the day, it means that there is a villager wandering somewhere in your Animal Crossing New Horizons museum. Such a small detail, very cool small detail, will make it easier to find those villagers.

7. Collect every recipe of Celeste

If you collect every recipe of Celeste, she will start to give you star shards. She actually has a lot of recipes, many of which you can get from her, but of course, many of them are like star shards related types, you only get Space landers, moons and astronauts, and all these cool things you can get from her, so yes, she has a lot of recipes, but once she gives them to you, you can actually start getting them from her now Star fragments, this may not sound very useful. Many people have a large number of regular star fragments, those you get from wishing stars.

8. Different types of curtains and windows

According to the type of Animal Crossing New Horizons room wallpaper you posted, you will get different types of curtains and windows. You know that some wallpapers have no windows at all, and some do. You can look around and see what type you want. Now you have to talk to yourself It's cool to match the style of the home, but you can actually open and close your curtains in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which you couldn't do in previous games. This is a very cool feature. Many people know this feature, so it becomes one of those similar features again.

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