Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update Guide- 10 NEW FEATURES You Missed

11/10/2021 11:17:56 AM

10 features that have recently been discovered in the 2.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, of course, this update is just chocked full of different new features, exciting quality of life changes, and more.

Even more of these which you should know about in animal crossing new horizons, and that you might have missed for yourself, the 2.0 update has drastically changed animal crossing new horizons forever,  and some of these updates are just absolutely fantastic.


Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update Guide- 10 NEW FEATURES You Missed 

1. Villagers can actually remember their past life with you

Animal crossing new horizons really needed to elevate villager interactions in the game when you invite a villager to the roost that previously lived on your island, they will actually remember you which is such a lovely detail.

This is because back in animal crossing new leaf, you could actually meet your former villagers in the main street, and have a chat with them, but there was nothing really like that in animal crossing new horizons, and it seemed like once your characters moved out, they'd completely forget about you like you never even existed before.

So now the fact is that they've improved upon this, and villagers can actually remember their past life with you is something that it's absolutely adorable and one of the great quality of life updates.

2. Access money through your friends ATMs

You can access money through your friend's ATMs now, this is something that you previously couldn't do in the game since we didn't have the ATM item, and they locked it being done in regent services.

Now it's still locked in resident services, you can't use that nook stop machine or ACNH NMT, but you can use their ATMs to withdraw money which is incredibly convenient and honestly something that should have been in there since the very start, but hey better late than never in at number three.

3. Konamer give you free acorns every single day in November

Konamer will appear throughout the month of November to give you free acorns every single day, this is a really great way to get a ton of this resource which honestly was a bit annoying to get before you had to shake all the different trees. He won't do the same for pine cones,  but this is a really nice throwback to Animal Crossing the wild world where konamer would actually take part in the acorn festival event.

So if you need to get those acorns just head to Harvey's island and as long as you've unlocked tortimer throughout the month of November,  you should be seeing him, and you'll be able to stock up on these acorns honestly he's given me so many.  

4. Customize furniture by Cyrus

Another one from Harvey's island now, Cyrus can customize furniture which previously you couldn't customize before and would have to trade for but one really neat detail is that he can actually customize event furniture, this means that say, for example, the spooky set or the festival set, you won't need to use the special materials like feathers or pumpkins in order to customize them, the way you want to instead you can just take these to Cyrus and he will customize them meaning.

This is the first way you can change these items without needing the resources to do it, this is one of the best quality of life updates in the entire 2.0 update, all that he does finally can customize all these different items, it's great that they've made it so convenient to customize this event furniture, especially since you might not even have any of the feathers or pumpkins left over in at number four.

5. Katrina's friendship blessing 

Another one with Harvey's island and this time it focuses on Katrina, now one of Katrina's really exciting new features which Nintendo didn't reveal before the update is that as a part of her services,  Katrina's friendship blessing will double your friendship with the character that you choose for example choose bob.

Honestly, a pretty elaborate new feature in the game, to make an entire video about the luck feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons,  it's so exciting that this actually returned as honestly.

Katrina might just be some nice flavor text and new dialogue, but nope she does actually have a functional purpose which is insanely cool, and it's definitely worth going there every day. So you can have a chat with her even with the feature aside honestly, her dialogue is amazing and it's something you won't want to miss out on she's one of the funniest and most interesting characters in the entire game. So definitely unlock Katrina on Harvey's island when you can you won't regret it.

6. Leaf actually pull the weeds on your island

On Harvey's island, but the leaf has a brand new feature as well that wasn't revealed by Nintendo and that's that leaf will actually pull the weeds on your island for a hundred thousand bells, if you've been gone for some months and your island is just riddled with weeds, then you can return to the game safely knowing that leaf will do a nice favor for you and weed your island, it's not going to be very cheap though. 

You'll have to make sure you're stocking up on those ACNH bells, you want us to need so many bells in this new update, so you're definitely going to want to have enough to weed your island if maybe you've been away for a while and you just don't feel like doing it yourself the good news is he will actually put the weeds in your storage box.

So you won't lose them, technically you could actually sell them back to him to make back some of the profits that you lost, but just thought this was a really nice new quality of life update that will definitely help a lot of people who have maybe been away for a while.

7. Get star fragments from the captain's island 

There is a new type of captain's island which is insanely cool, this is known as the star island where you can see shooting stars and also star fragments one of the coolest features of this is that you can hit a rock and instead of either bells or stones or iron nuggets coming out, you can actually get star fragments.

So this is a really great way to farm those star fragments in the game and get a whole bunch of them, there are so many different ones. What are some of the absolute best islands that you've seen so far and visited the star island is definitely worth visiting, though if you do get it make sure you make the most of it because those star fragments aren't the easiest material to get in the game, and this definitely gives you a bit of a head start if you're trying to craft some of those Animal Crossing items.

8. A brand new holiday 

Actually have a brand new holiday which was introduced as a nice surprise by Nintendo known as Nook Friday. Of course, this is the black Friday sale for nooks cranny which will happen this year on the 26th of November, it happens right after turkey day actually, so that's going to be a pretty busy time for people, but it's really cool because basically, you get 30 off in nooks cranny that entire day, this means that if there are any insanely expensive items there that you really want to get your hands on or maybe some tools or just wallpaper or anything like that you can get 30 off your purchase, which means you'll be making some pretty good savings, although it's a shame there are no actual nooks cranny upgrade.

They've definitely improved nooks cranny a lot, this time around definitely, some of the best new items you've found at nook's cranny.

9. Storage shed- multi-select as many items 

This is a great quality of life update, of course, the storage shed now, which is absolutely fantastic and so great one really great change, though is that you can actually multi-select items,  now to put into your storage something that you previously couldn't do this is honestly.

So convenient when you're trying to store a bunch of items at once,  you don't have to go one by one by one like you do in your own home,  you can simply multi-select as many items as you want so that you can put them all in, at once this is honestly fantastic.

So happy about the storage sheds stuff like this has just improved animal crossing new horizons as a game, so much and honestly so happy that 

10. Spend a lot less move villager's house

Another great quality of life improvement and just a nice gesture from Nintendo Tom Nook has decreased,  some of the moving fees that he will require when you need to move a villager's house. This now it only cost 10 000 bells, in order to move a village's house rather than the original 50 000, there might be some other changes as well, this is honestly so helpful because moving villager homes a lot,  and it can be a bit of an inconvenient process. So the fact that you'll need to spend a lot less now doing it is really nice, and it just helps make the process a lot smoother.

These were 10 features that you might have missed in the new 2.0 update for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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