Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner Guide - Starting Tips for D2R New Players

2/15/2022 11:51:31 AM

Beginning a new game means lots of challenges and probably problems you never meet. How to get started in Diablo 2 Resurrected fast? Here is a Diablo 2 Resurrected beginner guide for starters, learn about something that is useful in D2R 2.4 Patch and Ladder Season. 

d2r beginner guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner Guide - Starting Tips for D2R New Players

Check out the following D2R starter tips by Raxxanterax for new players. 

1. Store useful items in your inventory

Your inventory is literally the way that you pick up Diablo 2 Resurrected items and store them, but this is not what you should use it for, what you do whenever you're playing Diablo 2 and starting out is you fill up your inventory with potions, mana potions, stamina potions, you're going to need these in the beginning because you're going to run out of stamina and then you can't move. You can drink a bunch of stamina potions to have it for a prolonged period of time. In D2R, there's not a lot of room to pick up items, leave yourself some area to pick some things up, you're gonna need gold, and you should pick up everything early game and sell it, that way you can actually buy potions. Fill your inventory up with potions in the early game because you're going to need them. 

2. Follow a build guide

Diablo 2 is a difficult game and there are lots of builds that you found and might want to make, but some of them may be only amazing for late-game or early games, you really need to have a clear path for how to level up and then you can change to whatever you want to play. There are a number of great D2R build guides you can follow, such as ICY-VEINS, collecting a host of useful builds and guides for Diablo 2 and other games from pro players, MTMMO also provides D2R 2.4 build guides for different characters, select based on your own class and play style. You can become stronger and level up faster. 

3. Focus on critical stats

When you are building stats for your character, the general idea is you only put enough points on strength to be able to use certain gears, which shouldn’t be very much. And you really want to pump everything into vitality, you are going to get hit very hard in this game, pumping a lot into vitality is very important in build. Faster hit recovery is extremely important or you're going to get endlessly stunned, the cast rate is extremely good for casters, and attack speed can really be very good for melee, when you're putting in your stat points make sure to focus on vitality. Then you have to focus on your resistance, if you don’t have the resistance, you are gonna get crushed. 

4. Farm the Countess for runewords

What you absolutely shouldn’t skip on any single class is to farm the Countess early to focus on runewords. The Countess drops amazing Diablo 2 items including runes, it’s the best way for you to get them early, and killing the Countess can be an incredible source of experience, when you get the experience, you are going to get more vitality and you are going to level up a couple of time and having extra points into whatever your main skill is. You need to find the waypoint in the block in Act 1 for the Black Marsh and you just go there, normally you just walk around and look for wherever the Countess is. You can make incredible runewords such as Stealth, which requires Tal and Eth runes, normal Countess can drop both of them. No matter what you play, you should make a Stealth, always keep doing the Countess, and focus on the Diablo 2 runewords

5. Start with Sorceress class

No matter what you want to play, start with a sorceress, when you start to get some of the gear, you get the Insight runeword, which will essentially give you infinite mana, your ability to move through the game is superior to every other class. What you do is you make a Sorceress get through the game and the Sorceress dominates for farming in this game, you can farm the bosses like Mephisto and Duriel, there's a lot of other places that you can farm when you get into Hell difficulty.

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