Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner's Guide - Character Selection, How To Level Up

2/28/2022 3:30:26 PM

As there are many newcomers to the game, I will give you a brief guide on how to get started, mainly covering Character selection and how to level.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner's Guide - Character Selection, How To Level Up In Diablo 2 

1. Diablo 2 Resurrected character selection

There are seven kinds of characters that you can choose from in D2, using the acronym AMA (Amazon), NEC (necromancer), PAL (paladin), SOR (witch), BAR (barbarian), DRU (druid), and ASN (assassin).

If you like melee or violence, choose BAR, DRU, or ASN, if you like magic, choose SOR, NEC, each type of Character has a different practice method, there are different practice methods for melee or magic, when you choose to be clear about what the main role of this Character is later, is MF, is PK, or KBOSS.

Note: The specific focus of each character is different, although it is quick to re-train a character, it is always troublesome, it would be better if the goal is clear from the beginning.

The following two Characters are recommended as a starting point for newcomers.

SOR (Sorceress): This character has a very strong MF (Magic Diablo 2 Items Retrieval) ability, she has a skill called "instant movement", with this skill you can quickly find the monster you need to kill, saving time. This powerful MF ability makes it a good idea for everyone to train a strong MFSOR, whether they are new or not. The downside is that life and defence are relatively low, making this CHARACTER more prone to death for unskilled or newcomers with less than ideal internet speed.

BAR (barbarian): This character has a lot of roar system skills that can assist teammates, generally in the group leveling time everyone likes to have a barbarian in the team to help everyone roar twice, which can significantly improve a variety of attributes, very practical. This character has a high life and defense and is less likely to die. The disadvantage of the BAR is that the attack is low and it is difficult for a person to MF.

If a newcomer feels like playing other characters after a period of time, the following characters are recommended.

PAL (Paladin): This character has a wide range of aura skills to choose from, which not only improves his own attributes or protection significantly but also allows him to share his aura with his teammates so that the whole team can better complete missions or MF. (probably higher than PAL). The most important feature of this character is that it is faster than SOR in killing most of the bosses, but this character is easy to learn but difficult to master, especially with the various skill points. This character requires a lot of equipment, so it is generally only recommended for people with some financial resources.

AMA (Amazon): This character's electric attack is very sharp, especially good at dealing with large groups of enemies, so it is very common for people to practice this character to deal with cows. The bull is a monster in the hidden level "Cattle Farm", and for each of the 3 difficulties in D2 (both building the room and killing the final boss, BAAL), you can use a "Wyatt's Left Leg" and a "Town Teleport Scroll" found in the village Tristram's Mound. "Once inside, there are plenty of cows and bulls available for MF, which is AMA heaven. Killing cows with AMA is like cutting grass. This is one of the main tools of MF. However, good equipment is also essential for this Character to reach the strength to kill cows on Hell difficulty.

NEC (Necromancer): The best feature of this character is that it can summon skeleton soldiers to help in the battle, making the battle easy and safe. In the hell of fierce monsters, having a bunch of loyal guards around is obviously both safe and cool. And the NEC looks cooler when it's in its suit, which is one of the reasons why the NEC Attract people. In addition, NEC gear is not too hard to get and is relatively cheap, so it is recommended.

If you feel that the above characters are not enough to attract you, there are two other characters prepared by Glass Cinder.

DRU (Druid): The two main branches of DRU are transformation and magic, of which transformation is the most characteristic, you can transform into a werewolf or bear-man, and all kinds of abilities are greatly enhanced.

ASN (Assassin): This character is also divided into two types of physical combat and traps, traps are a relatively labor-saving practice, you can put a bunch of traps on the side of the monster, a few seconds, a bunch of monsters will be dead ~ very practical.

2. How to level up in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

If you have decided to play which Character, you can start to enter the game leveling up the great work. Many veteran players have level 80-90 characters, and some even have several, but leveling is actually very easy and fast - as long as you know how to do it.

When you enter the game at level 1 and have a little bit of equipment on you, there is nothing to be tricky at this time, just run out of the village and hack the monsters to see the scenery and learn how to operate D2. This way, you can hack monsters until you reach level 15 (very fast, new players should reach it in half a day at most), then exit the room you have created and see if there are any rooms with the following names: "Tal Run" "Run Tal" The actual "Quest Bus" and "Bus Quick" will be the best way to get in, so if you're taking a mission with you, you should follow the troops, and you should not run around and move.

If you're taking a leveler with you, there are generally two types:

1. a SOR with a cow, team up (press P) into the red door and follow the SOR run is;

2. In the TAL'S tomb in ACT2, you can practice in the same way as you did in the cattle pass, except that you enter the portal of the Character with the practice. The first thing you need to do is to follow the trail and be careful not to lose it. This will soon get you to 20+, at which point you can look out for rooms with the words "3 Baba Run", "Pass 3 Baba" and "Help Me 3 Baba". Once you're in the room with the words "3 Baba Run" and "Pass 3 Baba", do the ACT5 quest to kill 3 barbarians and you're done. You can follow the RB (RUN BAAL, that is, kill the five teams of monsters in front of BAAL, but not BAAL, so that the leveling is very fast). When you get to 50 or so, kill the BAAL, enter the nightmare difficulty, do it all over again, and RB to 60+ into hell. As long as you're careful, you'll soon be 80, so if you want to MF or not, feel free to do so, it's best to MF to save your equipment.

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