Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner's Guide - The Complete Guide To The Beginner's PAL & MF

2/28/2022 11:55:25 AM

If you're new to Diablo 2, you'll have a lot of questions about the early days and how to get MF, if so, I hope you'll use this guide to learn more details and get better at Diablo 2 Resurrected.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner's Guide - The Complete Guide To The Beginner's PAL & MF

>>The first stage

Mainly refers to the player from level 1 to about level 40, which is the process of ordinary difficulty, follow the troops or their own PASS according to each person's preference, the road items can be picked up back to sell as much as you like, and useful D2R items must be kept.

Tips for newcomers

1. You can combine the same 3 gems in a treasure box to make a higher-level one.

For example, 3 broken rubies can be combined to make 1 cracked ruby.

2. Unlike JEW (Perfect Gem), the effect of a gem in a piece of defense is completely different from that of a weapon, whereas a Perfect Gem is the same no matter where it is placed.

Ruby can be set in a piece of defence to give you more life.

Purple gems provide a lot of Strength when set in defence.

Emeralds are Dexterity.

Sapphires are magic.

You don't need to mention topazes, but save them for the perfect ones if you haven't started MFing yet.

3. When you are still a very young player, you can set broken sapphires on your weapons to freeze your enemies to reduce their threat to you.

4. So equipment with holes also has some value to keep. Especially the invisible 3-hole mask, set with 3 purple gems, the use of which will be mentioned later.

When the JAH, BER, ZOD, and so on have 20 or so levels, it is time to start thinking about adding points.

*Base points

Strength: The one rule of thumb is to never add it if you can. Even if you use STR BUG (STR BUG is to use the gear that adds Strength to hold up Strength until you can take other gear that adds Strength before replacing it with the actual gear you want to use.)

Dexterity: Do not add it at this point, or add it until you can take the equipment, because the blocking variable of PAL is larger because of the Holy Shield skill, so you should also be careful before adding it.

Vitality: You can start with what you have

Energy: No need to add for now


Offensive aura to Concentration

Defence aura to Vitality

Combat skills, all added to Blessed Hammer, then MAX Blessed Hammer related skills, then Concentration. lastly, then have more than all the Holy Shield, so that later you will reach level 96 to MAX it all.

>>Mid-term stage 

The nightmare, their own SOLO is also more fun, because you can get some basic and extended level of dark gold equipment, but it is best to also have a player fighting together to improve the drop rate, PASS is also faster, pay attention not to PASS on the rush to run forward, to kill more Countess and Andali, the spirit Perfect Topaz and can MF to point SOJ.

Hire a defense PET at ACT2?

Any time you can go hire a PET that is very close to your level, so PASS+MF+UP LVL almost 50~60 can PASS to BAAL, BH's DAM is also on the thousands.

To sum up the Dibalo 2 items you need to get: double spirit, battle cap (it is possible that you are also ordered to add 30 STR mask), yellow goods clothes shoe rings, necklace, but you had better have a pair of Hell's Mouth giant battle gloves (often said to absorb fire gloves) to prepare for K3C, find staff with Salvation to put in the secondary hand, and find an LJ 4S PAL shield IN4 diamond to save your life.

>>Mature stage 

Into hell, are you still choosing BUS?

The real MF has already started, kill ACT3, because BH has almost all the monsters, you are in a good position to SOLO. so PASS HELL yourself almost 8X, congratulations on your BH PAL is formed!

How to start MF?

The actual BH PAL is a very good way to get the most out of your life. As the initial practice of SOR more, take advantage of this specifically into the SOR MF room, kill the monsters they can not kill, so that the frequency of high drop rate, and not easy to be BAN.

>> Recommended places to kill monsters.

ACT1: Inner CloisterCathedral inside the ashes. Tamoe HighlandCaves.

ACT3: Travincal

ACT5: Frigid HighlandTurtle Correctors and Shanks (leave the mob inside the Red Gate to the SOR, as positioning is very important and you won't be able to handle it without being strong.) When killing the shank, there are some things to note: when the shank dies, it will trigger a chain of explosions, and the entire range of small monsters will die, so the priority is to kill the shank, and then to run around that platform 1 circle.

Reminder: there are a lot of good D2R items, high charms, and death knells that can be dropped there.

One additional tip about knocking on the stone: to get a higher charm, there is a small lesson to be learned: knock on the blacksmith if you are close to it for the first time.

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