Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner's Guide - How To Add Attribute Points And Skill Points, How To MF

2/28/2022 4:31:57 PM

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, how to add attribute points and skill points, and how to improve MF, these are the key aspects that you want to know as a new player, immediately after the last beginner's guide, today this guide focuses on how to add attribute points and skill points after upgrading, and how to MF, if you are a new player, make sure to learn both parts of this consecutive.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner's Guide - How To Add Attribute Points And Skill Points, How To MF

How to add attributes and skill points in Diablo 2?

The way to add attribute points is different for each Character, and each practice is different, but at the moment, it is "enough", that is to say, look at the equipment and add until you can pick up the equipment used by the mainstream Character. The less the better (not necessarily for individual characters), the rest is added to VIT (stamina), or there are individual characters such as SOR's, which require more mana, then it depends on the situation to add. The principle is to have as much life as possible. The addition of skill points depends on the situation, the mainstream MFSOR and roar BAR, or MFPAL and other various characters and different practices of different additions.

How to MF in Diablo 2?

MF is really about killing monsters for the purpose of getting better and rarer Diablo 2 items. The monsters that you kill are usually the ones with names, such as Old M (the ultimate boss of ACT3), Old P (ACT5, a boss in the red door she opens after saving Anya), BAAL (the final boss, you have to kill 5 waves of monsters before killing it, and it's a long way to go), and others such as the Countess and the Cripple, An JJ.

MF's have a few points that are key.

1. the speed of finding the BOSS.

2. the speed of killing the BOSS.

3. the level of MF value

The best MFCharacter is definitely SOR because she has teleportation (fast to find monsters), the skill "Blizzard" (fast to kill monsters), and the set (SOR's set has more MF and high MF). (more MF, higher MF).

The general rule of MF is to go straight to the boss and kill it, regardless of how many monsters are around it! Generally speaking, when the boss is dead, the monsters are also dead, and will also drop things, which is much more efficient than killing all the monsters and then killing the boss! MF is a very important point, which is to endure loneliness, MF is a very boring activity, when a long time not out of equipment when people tend to think about the east and west, these thoughts are inevitable but also affect the mood. The "surprises" often hide behind the "long hours"!

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