Animal Crossing New Horizons Patch Guide - New Update Patch 2.0.5 Released

2/18/2022 11:30:46 AM

Nintendo has just released a new update patch for Animal Crossing New Horizons this February, bringing us up to version 2.0.5. What exactly has changed with this new patch?

Nintendo's official patch notes mention that they've fixed some issues where the player couldn't get past a very specific bug explaining about photopia under certain conditions after moving to another island, it must have taken them quite a while to fix this, but it's good to see that they're still taking the time to fix all the issues in the game, which is really good.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Patch Guide - New Update Patch 2.0.5 Released

The issues that Animal crossing new Horizon needs to fix certainly

The issue where the game would not continue after a message was displayed at the start of one's conversation, and the large number of decorative animal crossing items that were placed on the island.

  • Furniture items were mentioned here, especially a lot of the time, and Nintendo still hasn't addressed this with the fading in furniture items, and the kind of lag you can get with the number of furniture items that are placed on your island, so hopefully, they will address this.

  • Luna will repeat the explanation of the problem relating to Alan's search, but this seems to be a particular bug and there won't be many people who will really pay attention to fixing a problem.

  • The issue with the islanders wearing custom-designed clothing comes up with a different type of style than the custom designs that are shown in the Taylor shop in a different way. It does seem super-specific and Nintendo is taking the time to fix minor issues like this one to improve the game-fixing issue.

  • An island resident visiting a player's home will stay in the player's home after using the "Room Sketch" app. There was an issue with the Room Sketch app, the Happy Homes web app, or the Custom Design Portal, and Nintendo decided to fix the issue. 

  • Players would use a door decoration when remodeling a house, and when remodeling an island, the islander's house, but the double decoration would sometimes be removed when a new day began, these were simple bug fixes to the main game, but one very interesting thing they did mention at the end was that they mentioned other tweaks and fixes to improve the gameplay experience, these were very minor generic things that they didn't even need to mention so much.

Small patch for update 2.0.4

The new features have been updated in the last minor patch for update 2.0.4.

  • A new feature gyroscope has been added

  • A new feature for spawning on the beach

  • Some tweaks to Katrina

  • Gyroscope added on the beach

  • Changes to Hurricane Katrina on the beach

  • New items related to the zodiac

  • Fixed some DLC related issues

The player was unable to get past the loading screen when trying to, re-visit a holiday home if the player had previously released an ant or a bird when the loading screen was not available.

Where the player has previously released an ant or a fly in the yard of a holiday home and the condition answering to the fly the condition for the fly to appear has not been met.

If the subsequent events would not work properly when the player closed the software at a particular moment, they fixed the problem. Working on a facility may be related to the autosave feature in the game.

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