Best Guide To Move The Unique And Cute Animal Crossing New Horizons Building To Underwater

1/7/2022 5:23:17 PM

How to move your plaza and resident service building anywhere on your island underwater? It's very unique and cute for animal crossing new horizons put villagers and buildings into the water.


Best Guide To Move The Unique And Cute Animal Crossing New Horizons Building To Underwater

A modded switch

Now get into the drowning fest, the most important thing that you must have in order to put buildings underwater is to have a modded switch. There are a ton of resources and discord servers that can help you out. 

This is where the fun part starts, there are two programs, use to put villager houses underwater that work with a modded switch NHSE and POKER.



NHSE stands for new horizon save editor and allows you to change almost everything about your island that you typically cannot edit. Some of those changes include your airport color, your villager's name, your island name which villagers live on your island with this program, you can swap them out easily, and instantaneously to get any villager you want on the spot, you can also upgrade, your pocket and home storage to max capacity with just a few clicks.  


How to make treasure islands 

This program is how to make treasure islands because you can spawn any ACNH item and place it on the map which is how to drop thousands of hard-to-get items for visitors to take, of course, you can move buildings and your plaza with this program, this is how to get the buildings underwater, simply go into the field editor the field being your island, then select the building want to move, adjust the x and y  values until it's in the desired location and because the save editor isn't constrained by the rules of the game, easily max out the values in x or y  to put a villager house nook's cranny or any building in the ocean.    


The second program, to put buildings underwater is called poker, it was just updated with the bulldozer feature that lets you move buildings live while your animal crossing games open and running, this is different than NHSE because with that program, it's all done on the computer, and then you have to move the save file to your switch. 

There are two total ways to cutely drown your villagers and show you how both methods work because moving buildings live in poker results in some funny glitches.

Here are villager houses on totally dry land, all villagers can enter and exit their homes,  normally, and they can even walk outside their homes and here they are underwater, you can see some villagers hanging out on their doorsteps. This is because they aren't meant to be underwater.


Switch to standing mode

They can't walk anywhere in front of their houses when they exit their home, they're confined to the only area that can stand on which is their little front stoop, they can engage in all their normal activities as if they were walking around your island like how frets drinking is little soup when going into the water and swim up to villagers. Only push them around but if get on their front stoop, go into standing mode and can actually talk to them while underwater.  

Get close enough with a modded switch, turn off animal crossing item collision which lets you walk through any item or building, and just like the villager houses, switch to standing mode.

Go back into swimming mode and dive down, can't get into my house, since there is no scenario in-game where normally you could go through doors underwater, if swim into my house, pop up onto the roof.

From the above pictures, it can be seen that placing the building underwater is very cute. The villagers can swim and play freely here. When they start the breaststroke pose, it is really cute!

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