Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players

3/25/2022 4:49:43 PM

Lost Ark is already one of the biggest MMOs currently on the market but with its new release, hundreds of thousands of players around the world are getting their first taste of this incredibly deep game. We will share with you something about RPG's new but not so new MMORPG Lost Ark.


Choosing a Class


Veteran players of the game will tell you it's playing the class you want to play Lost Ark features 15 fundamentally different classes with at least 7 more on the way each with their own identity playstyle, strengths, and weaknesses, every single class is viable.


You may find that a class you thought you wanted to play actually doesn't vibe with you and that's fine because of the way characters are upgraded within the game it's best to experiment with a multitude of classes before you decide which character to invest a ton of resources into if vertical progression that is end game dungeons and raids is something you're interested in.



The best advice is to be absolutely certain of the class you want to play before you start investing materials past gear score 600, if you end up getting a character that high and suddenly realize you don't want to play, this is really the tipping point. Though you'll lose time if you change mains at this point, you'll have a alt ready to go when you do find your main that you can help feed resources to if you're playing a character and reach that point and you're not sure you want to go any further it's best to take a step back and re-evaluate because the material sync that comes shortly after gear score 600 is an absolute gear, you will know by around level 30 if the class is something you're remotely interested in and by the time you reach level 50 and start some of the end game activities you'll know clear as day if it's a class you want to main bottom line.


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Why the Adventure Tome Matters


The adventure tome sets you up with a series of challenges in each region of the world, you'll have to visit vistas collect special items kill named NPCs, and takedown regional bosses, all of these things will add to your progression in that region while each region is uniquely different the types of challenges.


Why Ability Stones Matter


You have to consider the relationship the ability stone has with your equipped engravings as well as your accessories but it's a great Lost Ark gold that can give your character a much-needed boost if you know what you're looking for and how to execute a good rule of thumb is to keep anything you think you might need in the future throw it in your stash or have your pet hold onto it because you never know when you'll want to change out your engravings a small side note, Ability Stones will get pulled in when dismantling by rarity so just be careful you don't scrap something you want to keep.


UI Tricks You Need to Know


Sometimes the simplest tricks can be the most effective or at least save you some annoying extra clicks.


1.   You can hold alt and click on any Triport point you have unlocked this will start the teleport and prevent you from having to go into your main map to move around a region in the same vein, if you need to move the map overlay simply hold down the middle mouse button and drag this, will allow you to position the map to your liking.


2.   Another handy tip: if you're looking to de-clutter your screen is to press Alt&X which will hide your UI this isn't all or nothing either toggling the UI shortcut once actually gives you a nice layout for PVP something that you might find gives you an edge in combat because of the cleaner screen.


3.   Another quick tip is being able to change your cursor color on the fly by holding down the left control and scrolling your mouse wheel you can change the color quickly of your cursor this is incredibly useful given the constantly changing backgrounds and color palettes used within the game.



 The Keys to Questing


1.   When the main quest line changes from an orange quest indicator to a blue one this happens after you leave east Luterra right after getting your first ship when this happens don't panic just sail northeast to Tortoise and from this point on following the blue quest chain marked with a blue globe.


2.   Ongoing quests will pop up frequently you'll be looking around for an NPC to turn quests into but in reality, all you need to do is click the little button here above your quest log.



Important Combat Tips


You have two Dodge, one you can use when trying to avoid an attack and one you can use once you've been knocked down both are on independent timers and both are going to save your life, your standard dodge has a unique function based on your class is on a short cooldown dependent on the class while your down dodge is on a much longer timer one of the biggest mistakes. A good rule of thumb is if you're not in danger of being killed by a mechanic, you can try and save your dodge roll the same can be said when you're knocked down.


About counter-attacks, each class has at least one interrupt at their disposal and they can use these to great effect when taking on bosses when a boss glows blue they're about to use an ability that can be countered, and essentially the interrupt window is open if you hit the target from the front with your counter ability during that window they'll be staggered in place for a few seconds it's not a long down period but it's long enough to give your team some time to land some big hits or reposition if necessary to identify your counter abilities head into your skills panel and hover over an ability if it can be used to counter it'll say so in the tooltip it's also a good rule of thumb to keep at least one of these abilities on your bars when creating a bossing build.



We also have the video guide for you: