Lost Ark Best Paladin Guide: Skills, Tripods, Engravings, Stats, Tips

3/28/2022 2:44:04 PM

In this Lost Ark Paladin guide, we're going to show you what it means to play as a paladin in terms of how well they perform in combat the best skills and tripods to focus on, and to play styles available to them.






Paladins are one of the advanced classes that fall under the Warrior class they yield a combination of one-handed sword and holy book which they use to deal damage, as well as protect and buff allies in comparison to the Berserker and Gunlancer which are the other warrior classes available in lost ark paladins, are challenging to play because of the environmental knowledge that's necessary to know the right time to cast skills as a lost ark paladin you won't be dealing as much damage as the other DPS focused advance classes. If you're looking for tanky warriors who can do some damage while supporting allies, then this Lost Ark Paladin guide is for you. If you're looking for more information about them, be sure to check out our other Lost Ark class guides, including Berserker and Gunlancer.





Paladin Best Skills and Tripods




By the time your Paladin reaches level 60, you'll have unlocked a total of 18 skills comprised of punishing holy and awakening skills to add to this you've invested several points into punish and holy skills to specialize further by unlocking their respective tripods.


The tripod system allows players to customize their skills in various ways, you only need to select 8 skills per character with a select number of tripods in this section you'll cover the essential punish and holy skills and tripods you should allocate points into regardless of the playstyle you end up choosing.



Skills & Tripods


skills 1

skill 2

1. Spin Slash


2. Flash Thrust


3. Flash Shash


4. Charge


Charge allows you to rush a group of enemies and slash them to pieces as it has excellent mobility and a shiny protective tripod, you can safely charge them from a distance as you generate a shield that temporarily grants extra HP according to the law of the jungle Due to the extra horizontal spin attack, the upgrade you will deal extra damage.


5. Executor's Sword


A series of heavy attacks where you wield your sword with two hands to greatly damage enemies what makes the executioner sword more useful is its frontal attack feature which means that you no longer need to change directions to effectively harm.


Your targets the tripods you should consider are stigmata challenger's will and executes near strike, this combination deals massive damage after attacking challenge or high ranked monsters several times, it's even incentivizing solo players by enhancing the damage they inflict.


6. Execution of Justice


Execution of Justice allows you to spin quickly to deal massive damage, once you activate Execution of Justice, you only stay in one area making you susceptible to enemy attacks to counter this.


You can select the bulwark tripod to be protected by a shield but the caveat is you won't be able to pull in numerous enemies if HP isn't a concern, then we suggest picking rune prison instead to affect as many targets as possible by pulling them into the central area of this skill, the other upgrades you should seek out are strength release and light explosion to boost your damage especially when sacred executioner is active.


7. Holy Sword


Holy Sword imbues your sword with light energy which you then use to stab enemies with Holy Sword is one of the highest DPS skills of a Paladin, it's made all the more effective thanks to the stigmata weak point detection and condensed energy tripods, this combination enhances overall damage and it leaves debris of light in its wake to deal damage over time, additionally, Holy Sword becomes much more potent against push immune enemies thanks to weak point detection.


8. Punishment


Punishment slashes enemies multiple times to inflict increased damage what makes punishment very effective is the concussion piercing sword and leap attack tripods, this combination allows you to effectively stagger enemies ignore half of the challenge or higher ranked monster's defenses and improve overall damage.


9. Dash Slash


Dash Slash sprints towards enemies to deal devastating blows you can take advantage of Dash Slash's duration which lasts for almost 2 seconds, by carefully maneuvering yourself to go behind targets to successfully execute back attacks to make the skill lethal you should choose quick prep powerful blow and finishing strike to reduce its cooldown period and to improve your damage.


10. Light Shock


11. Light of Judgment


12. Holy Area


13. Sword of Justice


Sword of Justice drops a sword to the ground, dealing explosive damage, increasing the number of swords by 100 damage, and paralyzing normal monsters.


You should select the dazzling light sword tripod the rest of the upgrades to pick are insight and summon holy sword to widen the skills AOE while reducing its cooldown rate and enhancing the damage you and your allies deal for some time.


14. Godsent Law


Godsent Law summons a circle of holy light that deals damage to enemies in the area over time.


The best Godsent Law tripods to pick are the shield and wide-angle attack to conjure a shield for you and your allies to temporarily improve HP and to broaden the skills AOE respectively, for the last upgrade you can either choose Grace or Light's Guardian to reduce incoming damage by more than 50 for one second or to summon a guardian which will inflict great damage the drawback to choosing Light's Guardian, however, is that Godsent Law has to be completely executed without any interruption to make use of the extra damage.


15. Holy Protection


Holy Protection conjures a barrier to protect you and your allies by momentarily enhancing your HP what makes Holy Protection an essential support skill is quick pace and robust protection. This combination not only improve your mobility to dodge attacks, but also increases the HP you gain through Valve Light.


16. Heavenly Blessings


Heavenly Blessings summons the solar guardian to deal lethal damage while blessing you and your allies with a damage reduction buff for several seconds, to maximize heavenly blessings capacity, you should consider taking faith valor and heavily requiem with these tripods, you're able to gain 50 of piety energy widen the skills range while enhancing damage and boost all allies attack power.


17. Wrath of God


Wrath of God brings forth the power of lightning to inflict damage against enemies surrounding you.


The Wrath of God tripods you want is Wide Thunderstroke, Faith, and express fury to widen the AOE restore a portion of your piety meter, and enhance you and your allies' attack power.


18. Holy Explosion


Holy Explosion conjure an explosive ball of energy to great damage as many nearby enemies as possible to make Holy Explosion much more effective in terms of buffs, it's best to choose sturdy armor and light's vestige, this combination not only significantly reduces damage taken but also enhances the damage of you and your party, the last tripod to obtain is explosion aftermath to inflict massive damage over time in the area of the explosion.


Paladin Engravings and Stats


In this section, we're going to talk about Lost Ark Paladin engravings which determine the play style you wish to adopt for your character and her class-specific abilities and traits you gain access to this when you reach higher levels the two-class engravings available to the Paladin are Judgment and Blessed Aura.



Judgment & Combat Stats

 en 1


Judgment is more focused on DPS since it boosts the damage dealt by punished skills and considerably improves the duration of sacred executioner as long as the corresponding skills successfully land on the targets you gain a huge percentage of the piety energy to maximize the amount of punished skill damage your paladin deals it's essential to reach judgment level 3 as well as to slot 5-6 punished skills.


  • Crit: 0

  • Specialization: 800

  • Domination: 0

  • Swiftness: 1600

  • Endurance: 0

  • Expertise: 0


Blessed Aura &Combat Stats

 en 2


Blessed Aura is the more popular style of play between the two, as it supports the team better by reducing the damage taken while restoring a portion of everyone's HP when activating a holy aura In addition to inserting five to six sacred skills, it also takes damage.


  • Crit: 0

  • Specialization: 1800

  • Domination: 0

  • Swiftness: 600

  • Endurance: 0

  • Expertise: 0


Final Tips



1. For holy skills such as Heavenly Blessings and Wrath of God be sure that holy aura is inactive otherwise the faith tripod will have been wasted since you won't be able to gain piety energy. If you want some Lost Ark useful gold,you can go to Lost Ark Gold store.


2. Remember that for the same skills, their attack gains do not stack, so avoid using them one after the other.


3. If you wish to improve the Paladin's overall defensive shield and healing abilities, especially if you are equipped with more punishing skills, consider investing in endurance to survive longer in combat.


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