Lost Ark Best Builds for All Classes: Best Engravings, Best Skills, Best Awakening Skill

3/31/2022 4:56:23 PM

Lost Ark's current 15 unique advanced courses offer a variety of play styles and a range of difficulty levels, so you're sure to find a game that suits your needs. This guide will introduce you to all 15 of Lost Ark's advanced courses, briefly describe their best engravings and skills as well as awakening skill, and showcase the most popular and best Lost Ark builds. You can also use Lost Ark gold if you need, it's helpful for you.


All builds are optimized for the late game when you should have the necessary 250 points to pour into your skills.

Best Lost Ark Gunslinger build



Best Gunslinger Engravings

Prefer recommend: Time to Hunt - It removes the ability to use the shotgun, but buffs the pistol and rifle’s critical rate by 30%.


Best Gunslinger Skills

These skills improve your mobility and DPS, with some additional bonuses via higher-level tripods that reduce enemy resistances and extend your range of influence.

  • Perfect Shot

  • Focused Shot

  • Dextrous Shot

  • Peacekeeper

  • Spiral Tracker

  • Spiral Flame

  • A02 Grenade


Best Gunslinger Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: High-Caliber HE Bullet - it removes you from danger and inflicts heavy damage and debuffs on any enemies it hits.


Best Lost Ark Sorceress Build


Best Sorceress Engravings

Prefer recommend:

  • Igniter

  • Grudge

  • Precise Dagger


Best Sorceress Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Blaze

  • Frost's Call

  • Seraphic Hail

  • Esoteric Reaction

  • Punishing Strike

  • Explosion

  • Lightning Bolt


Best Sorceress Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Enviska's Might


Best Lost Ark Bard Build


Best Bard Engravings

Prefer recommend: Desperate Salvation - adds an extra 24% of healing at the end of any recovery effect.

Top Picks:

  • Awakening - Reduces Awakening skill cooldown time by 50% and can be used three times at max level

  • Increased Max MP - Increases max MP by 30%

Best Bard Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • SoundHolic

  • Prelude of Storm

  • Heavenly Performance

  • Guardian Tune

  • Sonic Vibration

  • Wind of Music

  • Rhythmic Buckshot


Best Bard Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Symphonia - It generates a shield for all nearby allies that absorbs damage equal to 100% of the Bard's HP, damages foes, and reduces their attack, move speed, and attack speed.


Best Lost Ark Berserker Build

berserkerBest Berserker Engravings

Prefer recommend: Berserker’s Technique - allows the class to deal massive critical hit damage during Berserker Mode, which is great for those looking to build up to short but sweet bursts of damage.


Best Berserker Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Shoulder Charge

  • Hell Blade

  • Strike Wave

  • Red Dust

  • Tempest Slash

  • Finish Strike

  • Chain Sword

  • Windblade


Best Berserker Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Berserk Fury



Best Lost Ark Paladin Build


Best Paladin Engravings

Prefer recommend: Judgement and Blessed Aura.


Best Paladin Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Wrath of God

  • Holy Protection

  • Light Shock

  • Godsent Law

  • Heavenly Blessing

  • Charge

  • Executor’s Sword

  • Holy Sword


Best Paladin Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Alithane’s Judgement


Best Lost Ark Gunlancer Build


Best Gunlancer Engravings

Prefer recommend: Combat Readiness


Best Gunlancer Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Bash

  • Counter Gunlance

  • Guardian’s Thunderbolt

  • Leap Attack

  • Shield Bash

  • Shield Charge

  • Shield Shock

  • Shout of Hatred


Best Gunlancer Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Guardian’s Protection


Best Lost Ark Striker Build


Best Striker Engravings

Prefer recommend: Death Blow and Esoteric Flurry


Best Striker Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Lightning Kick

  • Lightning Whisper

  • Esoteric Skill Lightning Tiger Strike

  • Moon Flash Kick

  • Phoenix Advent

  • Sweeping Kick

  • Storm Dragon Awakening


Best Striker Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Heat Awakening


Best Lost Ark Wardancer Build


Best Wardancer Engravings

Prefer recommend: Esoteric Skill Enhancement


Best Wardancer Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Swift Wind Kick

  • Lightning kick

  • Flash Heat Fang

  • Wind’s Whisper

  • Sweeping Kick

  • Moon Flash Kick

  • Roar of Courage


Best Wardancer Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Flash Rage Blow



Best Lost Ark Scrapper Build


Best Scrapper Engravings

Prefer recommend: Taijutsuand or Shock Training


Best Scrapper Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Charging Blow

  • Continuous Push

  • Death Rattle

  • Critical Blow

  • Roundup Sweep

  • Shredding Strike

  • Chain Destruction Fist


Best Scrapper Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Undefeated Dragon King



Best Lost Ark Soulfist Build


Best Soulfist Engravings

Prefer recommend: Energy Overflow and Robust Spirit


Best Soulfist Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Force Orb

  • Heavenly Squish

  • Magnetic Palm

  • Pulverising Palm

  • Merciless Pummel

  • Flash Step

  • Force orb


Best Soulfist Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: World Decimation


Best Lost Ark Artillerist Build


Best Artillerist Engravings

Prefer recommend: Barrage Enhancement and Firepower Enhancement

Best Artillerist Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Homing barrage

  • Air Raid

  • Multiple Rocket Launcher

  • Bombardment Impregnability

  • Summon Turret

  • Flamethrower

Best Artillerist Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend:  Missile Barrage


Best Lost Ark Deadeye Build


Best Deadeye Engravings

Prefer recommend: Enhanced Weapon or Pistoleer

Best Deadeye Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Enforce Execution

  • Somersault Shot

  • Dextrous SHot

  • Last Request

  • Shotgun Dominator

  • Perfect Shot

  • Spiral Flame


Best Deadeye Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Bursting Flare


Best Lost Ark Sharpshooter Build


Best Sharpshooter Engravings

Prefer recommend: Death Strike and Loyal Companion


Best Sharpshooter Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Snipe

  • Arrow Wave

  • Charged Shot

  • Sharp Shooter

  • Atomic Arrow

  • Blade Storm


Best Sharpshooter Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Golden Eye


Best Lost Ark Shadowhunter Build


Best Shadowhunter Engravings

Prefer recommend: Demonic Impulse and Perfect Suppression


Best Shadowhunter Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Cruel Cutter

  • Thrust Impact

  • Demolition

  • Sharpened Cut

Best Shadowhunter Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Gate of Eruption



Best Lost Ark Deathblade  Build


Best Deathblade  Engravings

Prefer recommend: Remaining Energy and Surge


Best Deathblade Skills

Prefer recommend:

  • Windcut

  • Spincutter

  • Dark Axel

  • Soul Absorber

  • Earth Cleaver

  • Blitz Rush


Best Deathblade Awakening Skill

Prefer recommend: Flash Blink

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