6 Tips for Playing Lost Ark Destroyer: Best Upgrading Tripods, Skill Guide, and more

4/11/2022 11:21:36 AM

Destroyers armed with a variety of skills centered around charging into the heart of the fray, their hammer attacks are so catastrophically crushing that Destroyers can bend gravity to their will— slowing, launching, pushing, and pulling enemies— whatever it takes to utterly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroy them.


There some useful tips and Lost Ark gold for you:

1.   Tips on using Earth Eater


Earth Eater is a skill that smacks the opponent with the giant hammer which has their strongest stagger, the tip that we want to show you is that you have to hit the opponent where the second crater is, the reason why you have to do this is that if you hit the opponent where the first creator here is then it will do less damage with less stagger so you want to hit where the second crater is to have the max stagger with max damage.


2.   Tips on using skills that have head & back attacks at a same time


You want to hit these skills on the head side to get the 20 bonus damage and 10 bonus stagger, but you get into a lot of inconvenience situations where the game doesn't allow you to do that if you think of the slow mobility that destroyer has so in that case you have to at least aim for the back attack to get five percent of bonus damage and 10 percent Crit rate, so in some cases, instead of going all the way around to the head part and using the skill, it would be better to reduce the DPS loss if you just use the skill on the backside where you are.


3.   Tips on using Swing


This one increases your damage whenever you swing so which means whenever you swing like this, it will stack the damage bonus and the last hit gets the max damage, so this is a very important tip on using this skill called Full Swing.


4.   Tips on using space bar


As a destroyer most of the time spacebar is used to dodge attacks right for destroyer, it's also same but there's another important usage you know of using spacebar it's to cancel the motion delay well most of the skills have long motions for a destroyer so to you know connect to the next skill or next action as fast as it can you can use spacebar right after landing the last hit.


5.   Tips on upgrading tripods


Heavy Crush

  • Tripods 1: Instant Hit (Reduces cooldown.)

  • Tripods 2: Lucky Core (50% chance to fill the meter.)

  • Tripods 3: Aftershock (Increases damage.)


Jumping Smash

  • Tripods 1: Outstanding Change (Increases jump range.)

  • Tripods 2: Lucky Core (50% chance to fill the meter.)

  • Tripods 3: Pulverize (Jump 5 meters and deal 100% bonus damage.)


Running Crash

  • Tripods 1: Lucky Core (50% chance to fill the meter.)

  • Tripods 2: Unbearable Strength (For 6 seconds, Destroyer and allies harass marked target 20% faster.)

  • Tripods 3: -


Endure Pain

  • Tripods 1: Wide Hit (Increase AOE radius by 15%.)

  • Tripods 2: Trace of Pain (For 6 seconds, -24% FOE defense.)

  • Tripods 3: Healthy Mentality (you will have more duration time of getting buffs)



Full Swing

  • Tripods 1: Quick Prep (Max cooldown)

  • Tripods 2: Scary Hammer (Increase damage up to 360%)

  • Tripods 3: Beast’s Eye (Adds one level, and when fully prepared increases damage by 125%)


Perfect Swing

  • Tripods 1: Weak Point Detection (Increase damage to Push-Immune foes)

  • Tripods 2: Sharp Hammer (Increase damage)

  • Tripods 3: Intemperance (Over Charge Damage)

Seismic Hammer

  • Tripods 1: Absolute Power (Increase damage for each core.)

  • Tripods 2: Sharp Wall (Stone spikes damage increased by 60%)

  • Tripods 3: Thirst for Power (Creates stone thorns for 7 meters and applies 60% damage.)


Earth Eater

  • Tripods 1: Enhanced Attack (Increase damage dealt with hammer blow by 30%)

  • Tripods 2: Tenacity (No longer interrupted by knockbacks)

  • Tripods 3: Rock Storm (Spins stone fragments, gain 30% more damage, and can move)