Lost Ark Alt Management Guide: How to Manage Alts

4/14/2022 5:20:59 PM

Alts of Lost Ark have a lot of different benefits. Utilizing your Alts properly can help further progress your main character or your overall account. If you want to know how to use your Alts, we have a guide for you.


How to Play All Your Alts in Lost Ark?


Chaos Dungeons


The most important thing to us is your chaos dungeons, it does not take a long time to run your chaos dungeons daily, your character can tier up by just doing chaos dungeons, to be honest, the amount of reward you get for this is massive for your account and for that character for a count you're getting a ton of silver for running all of your characters the super important chaos engine.



Una’s Tasks


The second most important thing is running your Una's dailies take no time at all, they are super important for either getting resources for your entire account or just resources for that specific character to go up in Lost Ark item level, we'll usually run Leapstone Dailies.


How do I complete these tasks?


We have a Daily Quest List for you:


  • Ride Like the Wind - Peyto

  • She Drifts, Sea Gifts - Sea of Procyon

  • Prisoner Emancipation - Kalthertz

  • Playing by the Pirates' Rules - Hypnos’s Eyes

  • Replacement Parts - Golden Wave Island


Guardian Raid


Guardian Raids take too much time and have a high chance of failure so it is recommended that you only use your main character or tier 3 characters for this run. You can do two sets of Guardian Raids a day, with rotations of your main character and an extra character, or your main and two extra characters, depending on how much time you have and how much you're feeling.


Guild Donations & Support Research


Make sure you’re doing your everyday donations to your guild. It is recommended to donate gold with your main character, while you can donate silver with your other characters. Keep in mind that you should also always support research. This can be a huge source of Bloodstones for your account.



What items can I equip in Tier Exchange?


Tier 1 Exchange – Items to Receive

  • Harmony leapstone (Bound) ×1

  • Harmony Shard Pouch (L) ×1

  • Destruction Stone Fragment ×10

  • Guardian Stone Fragment(Bound) ×10

  • Perception Engraving Recipe Pouch ×1



Tier 2 Exchange – Items to Receive

  • Life Leapstone (Bound) ×1

  • Life Shard Pouch(L) ×1

  • Destruction Stone (Bound) ×10

  • Guardian Stone (Bound) ×10