Elden Ring Boss Guide - How To Find The Incredible Bosses In Elden Ring?

3/29/2022 4:30:40 PM

Elden ring as a game is massive, there are bosses everywhere and you can easily miss them. Sometimes if you don't find a hidden medallion in a couple of very specific places on the map, you can then get blocked off from an entire mega-dungeon harboring arguably, the most threatening boss in the entire game.

Though as that is unarguably an end-of-game challenge today. Showing you one more set of seven bosses, you don't want to miss in Elden ring, in order from the earliest available to be fought, all the way to the latest and within each section.


Elden Ring Boss Guide - How To Find The Incredible Bosses In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 1

Route: Located in the caled region over on the west side in the jail cave, if you haven't been here, it is just west of the astray from caled highway north side of grace, but it requires a stone sword key to enter. It is in a bit of a weird corner, due to it being just sort of in its own place alone and also requiring a key. Later forgetting, because it doesn't show up on your map until you actually go inside of the cave, in any case, the cave is here, and if you follow it with a general interest in heading downwards. It is very easy to reach the boss room at the end behind a false floor in the cave, the boss is down there, and it is a frenzied duelist.

Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 2

Route: In Kayla up above the town of Celia on the cliffs, the easiest way to reach it is from the dragon barrel on the west side of grace, just follow south along the cliff line, until you see the Celia Evergel in front of you, once you reach it step in and prepare to fight the boss whose name is battle mage Hughes, this is not a particularly notable fight except for its strange location as well as the neat reward for defeating him which is well himself as a spirit summoned for you to use. You kill him and then he kidnaps his ghost.

Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 3 

Route: A really big journey across to the mountain top of the giants region of the game, traveling to the frozen lake, and then along the western wall of the cliff, until you find the spirit collar cave, which is unlocked with two stone sword keys, once inside, like the earlier cave as long as you head through aiming to get as deep down in the cave as possible.

This is simply the boss at the end of this area behind the boss fog wall lays for you, the spirit god skin duo which first comes out as god's skin apostle, and then after you defeat him god skin noble will spawn with both dead the realization will hit you that maybe there is a third entity in the room. You can reach from them the god skin swaddling cloth the talisman that restores health when you hit an enemy multiple times in a row.

Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 4

Route: A bit farther through the mountaintop of the giants area across from the giant's grave post site of grace. There is a stone structure known as the giant conquering hero's grave inside from the site of grace take a left, and then jump out of the window on your right head up the stairs that are in front of you, and then immediately take a left, then take a right and after the deactivated fire trap go left up the stairs, in the elevator on your left at the bottom, you'll find a shadow giant that you need to bring back ward into the holy circle of light behind you to make appear. You can kill him which will unlock the door behind him, and then you can access the boss of the dungeon through there.

Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 5

Route: A foe is located over in the consecrated snowfields area of the game to get here, you need to have the hallig tree medallion which is split into two halves, one of which is located in the village of the Albanarex, just a bit east from the site of grace smack, this pot and talk to Albus the medallion plug, the other half is in the castle Seoul area, the north of the mountaintop of the giants region.

Once you defeat the boss on the rooftop head past him and further up to find the other half of the medallion, then head to the grand lift rolled at the beginning of the mountaintops region and hoist the new medallion to be brought to the new area the consecrated snowfields in here from the inner consecrated snowfield site of grace make sure that it is nighttime first, and then follow the river, all the way to its eastern endpoint where you will find a boss.

Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 6

Route: At night time only at the opposite end of the same frozen river, all the way in the northwest, you will find the ultimate version of the death bird bosses, there are a number of these throughout the game and each time that you encounter one, they seem to have upgraded a little bit and unlock some more power more moves, but this one is absolutely the biggest and baddest of them, all wielding the deaths poker weapon itself, flying around launching up barrages of ghost flame spears.

It is actually a really intense and cool fight, once you defeat him, you will get the exploding ghost flame sorcery for your own use, and then finally to tell you all how to unlock the hallig tree mega-dungeon itself if you haven't worked it out on your own, so far first head to the ordinal lithutical townsite of grace in the north of the consecrated snowfields.


Elden Ring - Optional Bosses 7

Route: Go up to the ever jail at the top of the town activate this, and then go around the town up the ladders to find the candles, you have to light on statues one of them is on the ground level all the way at the front one of them, you access by going forwards and then jumping on the railing of a staircase to sneak around to a hidden ladder in an alcove climbing it, up to reach the candle on top from that one you drop down to the other roof and run across some roofs to the next candle, the final one is reached from a ladder around the northwest side of the town on the outside side of the village itself.

Once inside, there are no particularly hidden bosses, there are two inside here, and they are both along the main path of the area instead of spoiling, this boss is considered by many to be the hardest boss in the game.

It is a weirdly fair fight in a way that makes it a very fun experience, but it has unique mechanics not at play in other fights in the game that completely redefine the rules of engagement compared to an average boss.

If you own Elden ring at least experience it. Her big mechanic is that she heals every time that she deals damage either to you or any summon that brings along with you. As a result, you can't really trade hits, as you may against other bosses, you have to be a bit more tactical about finding your moments to get some damage.

If you already own this game, this is a fight that you just need to see for yourself when you defeat her, you will receive her great elden ring runes as well as her remembrance which can be traded in for her katana or a scarlet rot flower incantation and with that we have it all laid out.

This has been a set of seven bosses that you don't want to miss an Elden ring. Buy Elden Ring items from MTMMO.COM, with constant delivery, and safe deal! 

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