Biggest Animal Crossing New Horizons Competitor: Is Disney's Dreamlight Valley A Threat To ACNH?

5/20/2022 11:10:01 AM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, a game where you can play with your friends Woody and Simba, Animal Crossing is the current king of cute life simulation games where your best friends come to play on your beautiful island, Disney Dreamlight Valley has lots of similar theory, do you want to know which one will become the best? 

Disney Dreamlight Valleye

Biggest Animal Crossing New Horizons Competitor: Is Disney's Dreamlight Valley A Threat To ACNH?

Disney's new game

Now Disney has announced a new game with enough animal crossing items, enough gear, and enough recognizable sets, Disney's new game is a step ahead of Animal Crossing in terms of ideas and game mechanics and is now also doing a super sweet giveaway with some $$$ e-store gift cards.

Disney's Dreamlight Valley VS Animal Crossing New Horizons

Regional Concept

ACNH has an island and a theme, and you have to mix that theme to fit your aesthetic requirements, and the characters don't care what they look like, who they are, or where they come from, as long as you like them, they'll be happy and present on your island.

What if you could design different biomes and different environments to attract different types of people? Using different environments to attract different types of villagers is the next step in the evolution of Animal Crossing, your design determines what you get, if you build a super cute jungle island, the jungle boys will come to you, if you decide to go the all ocean route and focus on fish creatures, you will get the most fish villagers. It would be very interesting if ACNH could incorporate different biomes in the archipelago of Happy Home Paradise.

Now Disney Dream Valley is trying to do a similar thing where you can unlock different areas when you go to the beach you get Moana when you go to the old forest you might get the evil queen, you get different people, different villains and heroes. For example, the big fish bobbing on the pole on Children's Day, but there's something nostalgic about having a Buzz Light year rescue action figure on your dresser at home, and that's what Disney's Dreamlight Valley is doing.

This game will have some different structural elements than ACNH, but it's trying to be the same type of game that they call a life simulation. You'll be going around designing, adding animal crossing items, and completing small tasks, which is another area where they might use SERP ACNH. 

Seasonal and calendar-based events

Seasonal and calendar-based events are a strong point of ACNH, and the fireworks in August, for the first time, it's fantastic.

If you have task givers, you can make it last forever, you can keep refreshing the event, keep adding new things, and if you're smart, you'll change it up, Jingles just does the same jangle every season.

Flexibility and fun

Flexibility and fun are going to be the new way to go and Disney's Dreamlight Valley seems to understand that and will have tons of different things, they even have whacks and cracks where you can mine different rocks and get different resources so you can build more stuff.

If you can design different areas in multiple biomes and hold them together in different ways, like your snow area, your sand area, your jungle area, now you need a bigger space and if ACNH can continue along the route of the islands or the levels of Disney Dreams of Light, you can unlock a new area so that you can build a huge thing instead of Just a small environment, an island, a place for everything, you can build it however you want, that's what makes it so special, in this case, you lose something when you expand, the ACNH items here are so appealing.

Is there a difference between design-based items and fun-based items, like wanting a Buzz Light year, not necessarily because you want the beauty of Buzz Light year, but because you like Buzz Lightyear? How many items in ACNH are you choosing because you like them, not because they fit the aesthetic. 

Event Items

If Nintendo could add more event items, things you could interact with, that might tip the scales, or at least even things out, Disney's Dreamlight Valley would have a lot of animal crossing items that people and other heroes and villains could interact with that would make a more living, breathing world, and here are some other things that would take advantage of the Disney personality and all the characters, like Mona being Mona, and Aisha is Aisha and there is something more permanent about playing with them and experiencing them.

New NPCs and new characters

You can make the character your own if you want, but it's kind of like imbuing him with it, not knowing what Marshall is really like or Raymond, and Nintendo can introduce new NPCs and new characters that are more mysterious, if you like Ana or Ella, you've decided, if you like Evil Queen or Cruella, everyone can find one, everyone can find something like Isabelle something, everyone can find something to like, and it makes your imagination soar.

If you add something cool to the game that can even appear randomly at different moments, that's your ticket, then there's no sitting around waiting for winter updates, toy day updates and holiday updates. 

The next Animal Crossing should have more gameplay, and that's all he did, Pascal swam around and these characters can spawn more, they can be the story, the island, or the world in the game. An integral part of the city, wherever it happens to be, Nintendo needs to look at what other games are doing and needs to focus on what is done well and build on that.

This Disney Dreamlight Valley game will force Nintendo to up their game, who knows this could be a very interesting game and will have to check it out for themselves to see how similar it is, what other ideas it borrows from and maybe what it does better. 

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