Animal Crossing New Horizons Update - New Items and New Features You Don't Know

6/9/2022 3:23:19 PM

Just how many crazy new animal crossing items were introduced to animal crossing new horizons with a huge Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update with such a large variety of new items in the game, many of these actually have their own really cool hidden features and mini details that you probably don't know about yet.

animal crossing new horizons update

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update - New Items and New Features You Don't Know  

Animal crossing new items - nook ink yoga mat

The first animal crossing new horizons item on this list is the nook ink yoga mat, which you can actually get by doing group stretching, now this item might seem pretty inconsequential to most people, but this does have a really cool and unique feature. 

This little mat can actually be displayed outdoor, making it one of the only outdoor rugs that you can really get in the game, it's no secret that players have desperately wanted to have outdoor rugs. Although this isn't quite that feature as is his own separate item, it is still a really cool mat, it basically functions in this way, it's a completely flat item which does make you wonder why Nintendo decided not to let us have outdoor rugs. 

Animal crossing new items - castle item

There are a lot of two items in the game, but with a lot of them you just can't do this, definitely surprised to learn that you could do it with the castle item, it's definitely one of the best new items that they introduced in the game as well, so the fact that it has its own little sort of hidden feature is really cool, and this isn't the only new item that you can actually do this with another is the ruined pillar item that you can get you can do this with the tool one that is still fully intact, 

but of course, you cannot do it with the one that is kind of broken in half. 

The fact that you can do this with these items, there are so many cool little things that you could put on top of them to make your island feel even cooler and more elaborate with all kinds of different combinations and such, so definitely go out there and try that with these items, because it's a really fun little thing that you can do this next Animal crossing items feature is very sneaky, but super cool.

Animal crossing new features - protect yourself from wasps

It's the fact that you can hide within the pergolas or gazebos to protect yourself from wasps, sadly couldn't get any wasps to come, to demonstrate this for you, it feels like any time. Don't want wasps to appear, they're everywhere, but they won't for some reason which is annoying, but either way, you'll just have to take my word for it, if you want to hide from them you can go into one of these items, and then prepare yourself a bit better, maybe you could get your net out and start to catch them. 

They won't be able to come through the confines of this when you stand in the middle, so it's just a neat little trick that maybe could help you get the wasps a bit better if you are struggling to catch them not to mention that no one likes being stung by wasps anyways, so getting in here is definitely a really smart idea if you do have these around your island and you definitely should because honestly the pergolas and gazebos are really amazing. They were introduced in the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update because they're some of the best items in the entire game, this next feature is maybe a little bit more known. 

Animal crossing new features - display gyroids on your walls

Actually, you can display gyroids on your walls, they get their own little shelf which is definitely cool, but an even cool feature-related. This is the fact that you can move them around to merge them with other Animal crossing items, for example, move brewstoid to be in the pet bed, it's such a silly thing, but there are so many different items that you can basically merge your gyros into, it's not a glitch, it's just a visual kind of issue in the game.

It's a neat little detail and the fact that you actually can put your gyros on the wall to display them as well is really cool, and potentially you could make some really neat displays doing this as well if you want to show off all your gyroids in some kind of trophy room or something personally.

Animal crossing new items - brew stoid 

The brew stoid is the best one to do this with though because it looks like a baby brewster come on, it's absolutely adorable, this is a really small one, but it's something a lot of people still don't know about this either, it's the fact that you can actually take a seat down on the park fountain item which of course, you can get by redeeming your nook miles at resident services.

Now the reason why a lot of people didn't feel like, you could do this is the fact that you can't sit down on the other fountain animal crossing item in the game, which has been in there for much longer and is probably a lot more well known than this newer park fountain item, but your island residents can take a seat on the park fountain which effectively makes it another sort of bench item, now there is only room for one character to sit down on this, so if you're expecting your villagers to come and sit together or you want to sit with them sadly that isn't something that you will be able to do.

Animal crossing new items - science pod

Definitely, one of the better ones that you can redeem from resident services as well as a more obscure item that literally never see anyone use aside from maybe in sort of spacey builds is the science pod. A cool little detail is that you can actually put animal crossing new horizons items within it so that they will sort of float around in there, of course, you can only do this with some of these smaller items. 

In the game, you won't be allowed to do this with anything that is much bigger, but you can sort of suspending animal crossing new horizons items in there in this sort of creepy science pod. 

Many people are able to use this as a sort of outdoor item on their islands unless they've got some sort of space lab outdoors or something like that, but there are definitely lots of indoor builds that you could use this science pod in and the fact that you can put items within it and you could definitely come up with some really neat ideas like weird alien experiments or something like that however it does have to be said that some of the best features related to these items are shown off in happy in paradise when you can actually see your villagers interact with them. 

Animal crossing new features - DLC

A sort of more exclusive and special feature for the DLC to make it even more appealing, but as you can see here, you've got marshall playing with a cat tower which of course isn't a new item, but this is really the first and only time that actually see these villagers interacting with these item features in this way. 

Villagers don't seem to do this on their own island, it does make sense that they would have more features on happy and paradise, just to make it seem more appealing to players who want to purchase it, especially since it is basically all based around decorating. Some of these cool interactions on the island with some of these ACNH items.

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