ACNH Bell Farming 2022 - Best Way to Make Bells & Money in Animal Crossing New Horizons

8/24/2022 4:03:41 PM

After the 2.0 update, have you found some new methods to boost your money earning in Animal Crossing New Horizons? In this article, we’ll go over some of the best ways and glitches for ACNH bell farming 2022.

ACNH Bell Farming 2022

ACNH Bell Farming 2022 - Best Way to Make Bells & Money in Animal Crossing New Horizons

What are the fastest ways to farm bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2022? Alexi Giovani has some great ideas that can earn money faster than regular methods. Make the most use of some items and glitches to save your time. 

Do daily collections

One of the best ways to farm bells is to spend the first 10 minutes that you play every day doing your daily things, such as shaking trees and digging rocks as items in trees and rocks reset every day. And search the coast for all the washings, keep a watch for fish shadows and throw your rod in for large shadows. You can choose to pay some Animal Crossing bells to Katrina on the chance of some luck before you hit the rocks, if she finds that you've got luck with money, you'll gain an extra 10 000 on your island.

Looking for valuable bugs

The next thing you can focus on are bugs, look for the paper kite butterfly as it is worth 1,000 bells each, every day you can catch up to three wasps and they sell for 2,500 bells each, just be sure to be prepared with your net. 

Use Bell Boom Ordinance

Some of the ACNH furniture items can also help you earn bells, one of the examples is the Bell Boom Ordinance, which is a new item that was introduced in 2.0, and only the mayor or island representative can do this, it will cost you 20,000 bells, but it will give you 20 extra on anything that you sell, so you can quickly make that back.

Sell hot items, crafted items, and non-native fruits

Each day, Nook’s Cranny will have hot items listed on the front board, which allow you to sell things for twice their value. When you first start, you’ll be absolutely riddled with weeds which don’t sell as much as selling New Horizons items crafted from them, there are a few of the crafted leaf options, leaf is much easier to access every day at Harv’s Island, you can also save yourself the hassle of crafting by just selling to Leif for twice as much per weed. Each island has a native fruit, if are not sure that, you can check it by looking at your passport, the native fruit only sells for 100 bells each, and if you can source other fruits, they sell for five times the native fruit and coconuts sell for 250 bells.  

Get grown trees from fruit islands

One tip when villager hunting is to watch out for the fruit islands when the fruit is not your native fruit, the reason is that each one you dig up gives you a grown tree, saving you four days of waiting for it to grow into a tree, you can get three fruits straight away, this means you can get profits from the fruits quickly. And after three more days for your grown trees to bear fruit again, you can take the fruit and plant more trees. 

Get 3 fossils daily

Each day you get three fossils to unearth, once you’ve completed your museum, fossils are a great source of money, you’ll rack up tons of bells along with three fossils daily.

Glowing spot

You’ll also get a glowing spot which is an area on the ground denoted by a golden shine, it gives you 1,000 bells, the trick is to put 10K back, this will give you three times back after four days, to keep a constant flow of money. 

Make the most of rare flowers

Another method for ACNH bell farming is through rare flowers. Some of the rare flowers are very lucrative, particularly those hard-to-get blue roses and purples. Blue roses are normally worth 1,000 bells each, with the increase from Bell Boom Ordinance, each will sell for 1,200. You can also get twice the value of the blue roses by crafting them into wreaths or crowns. 

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