Animal Crossing New Horizons: Happy Home Network App New Feature

7/26/2022 2:46:58 PM

Today going to check it out, to open up the animal crossing new horizons nook phone, just like check out the happy home network app. Look for some inspiration and some of the top designs, welcome to the showroom from here, you can view designs from other people and publicly share your design portfolio, so this is cool go straight into the showcase area and check out all kinds of random rooms.


Animal Crossing New Horizons:  Happy Home Network App New Feature

ACNH Happy Home Network App - Sleepy playground 

In this sleepy playground, you're not even gonna talk fine, check out your house instead, not seen anything with this kind of colour palette before in animal crossing new horizons.


This is just really cool, it's so simple and symmetrical, the kind of dreamy state, it's just got dreamy,  another way to describe it is the colour palette here, and the choice of like lights and everything is cool, this is so cool that can play a game.

It looks like whoever built, this home has a lot of winning bears and plushies already, this is so simple, it's stuff like this, personally simple for symmetrical rooms as well, this is a winner on to the next, so to the showcase.

ACNH Happy Home Network App - The Robo Depot 

Now looking for anything that catches iron, honestly, these are all so awesome, the Robo depot gotta check it out, this is so cool. When you're heading home, the outside is completely decorated, so appropriately as well cephalopod, definitely an underrated village.


let's sprocket as well, can't get through, they're kind of blocking the way here, but this is genius all the kind of fencing the technology, it just looks cool in the machinery, and who doesn't love a toy robot, honestly it seems quite, it's very busy in here.

This is a kind of working space are they building more villagers, they are building robots, some of the kind of just plain white furniture here, but it goes well, with kind of the silver and like metal themes, going on and building a theme around that is just genius, there could be any improvement here, honestly the perfect two villagers, this is just great well, there's an upstairs well done.


This is a brilliant look at the wallpaper that is so trippy where are travelling to the villagers, just gonna sit here, they're bed space as well like tucked into the corner, this is genius, this is great on to the next, so pretty lucky straight on the home page of the showcase, there are so many good ones to choose from.

ACNH Happy Home Network App - Armchair archaeology waddle 

Look at the villager, armchair archaeology waddle, you're in the way of showcasing your hard work, this is cool, the cave they've picked is the perfect island for this with the ruins in the background.


They're searching, they found the lost treasure, a lot is going on here, got some electrified mushrooms, they're recording their process,  this is recent dig, 

Lost treasure and a sparkling lamp, just don't have a bad word to say about any designs. Some of the particles and the polishing, it's genius. electrified mushrooms.

Sisters three

Next just noticed the update page by pressing x,  so it should refresh to a bunch more random ones, got the sisters three, look at the sable in your garden, this is adorable for the first time, just chilling in the garden, this is such a super cosy mini kind of little garden core, to invent a new garden core doing some little harvesting, you just got a trowel and everything, this is so cute.


Look the room's separated into two kinds of living quarters, just works so well, they've got something cooking probably from their garden, those window illusions going on at the back there that's cool food bottles.


This is an extremely well-thought-out interior design the bread the croissant the bird, this is so good, some of the label's fashion as well in here gotta, check out upstairs.


This is the most thought out interior design, every single one of them has their bedroom, and look it's all colour coordinated, this is so cool,  got a nice modern bathroom automatic toilet Mabel's room, this is a brilliant dollhouse, the carpet the rug thing it goes so well, they've got a pet hamster, and this is sables very good with a sewing machine, so even in her spare time, she can do some sewing that's so good, and then, of course, got label all the bells a room, this is a bedroom as well, but look at this, she's well-travelled suit got rovers suitcase, some clothes hanging up, this is just great and the curtains hanging from the ceiling all matches, this is just brilliant well done.

KK.Sliders home 

The last one to check out maybe could go for another special character, if there is one every single one on this page is phenomenal design, kk's home have a tiny little private cinema and a picnic area, it works so well, this kk's house he performs even when at home,  a diner and stage area, just squeeze around the back there Dj kk's booth testing one two three kk, accidentally turned off your lights, this is cool because it's taken in what kk does, what he's known for performing music.


The perfect house for kk and a great way to end, very chilled casual house, but perfect for kk well done, five awesome incredible designs in the happy home network, they are just random, of course, Nintendo just presents random homes, if they're based on how many times, they've been visited or how Nintendo raised them, but there were so many good designs, so highly recommend checking out the happy home network app on the nook phone. 

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