Lost Ark Legion Raid & Relic Loots: Making Gold For Valtan Patch

5/26/2022 9:55:07 AM

There are some important things you need to know about Lost Ark Legion Raid & Relic Loots and making gold For Valtan patch.

What Is New & Would Affect The Market

  • 4 Hour Maintenance - May 19th  at 12 AM PT - This Could End Faster (3-4 Hours Time)

  • Legion Raid - 1415 Normal & 1445 Hard

  • New Destroyer Class - Engraving Books = Small Profits

  • New Guardian & Chaos Dungeons - For 1415 - 1445 - 1475

  • New Guild Activities 

  • New Chicken Island

  • New Skins & Customs

  • New Auction House/Market Improvement - To Be Tested

  • Oreh's Well Abyssal - Gold Limit 1415

  • New Class Changes

Why Did Prices Fall This Week? (Rate Up Mats, Pouches!)

  • Valtan Patch - New Market Trend (Not A Lot Of Honing Atm!)

  • Most Whales Are Still 1490 Without Enough Relic Gears On Week 1! Valtan Hard Is Super Hard XD

  • Greater Honor Leapstone Huge Drop! - Due To Weekly Raid Event & Freebies

  • Prices Could Raise Slightly But Mostly Likely To Stay Low! Mari Shop Needs For Crystals. Should Also Fall A Bit

Extra Gold Farm Valtan

  • Bombs & Potions - For Legion Raid (Will Make Calculator Excel Soon!)

  • Relic Stones, Gears & Tripods

  • Flipping T3 Rate Up Mats When Market Panic Sells!

Market Trends Will Change After 1-2 Weeks Of Valtan! (Differs In Region Too!)

Profitable Items & Why

  • Honing Mats (Solar Grace, Blessing, Protection). New Relic Gears = More Honing For Whales!

Most Players WIll Aim For At Least 1415/1445

  • After +12, +17 For All Gears, The Honor Shard Cost Is Very High!

  • Red/Blue Stones, Gem Boxes, Powder Of Sage, Leapstones - Likely To Rise During Market Inflation

  • Lost Ark Gold To Crystal Prices - Likely To Hit An All Time Peak For 1-2 Weeks

Tips On Trading Before & After Valtan (1-2 Weeks, Will Update Weekly)

  • Buy On Big & Small Chase Gate Reset Window

Big: Saturday - Tuesday (Start On Sunday - Monday)

Small: Thursday - Friday (Friday Is Usually Cheaper)

  • Trade The Weekend Trend Too

  • Focus On 1-2 Types Of Items & Look For Large Fluctuation Pattern During Each Day/Week