Lost Ark Vykas Gate 1 Mechanic Guide | New Legion Raid Vykas Gate 1 Mechanics Guide

7/8/2022 10:48:46 AM

Let's quickly go over the major mechanics, and attack in the first gate of Vykas, the new legion raid in Lost Ark, just like previously in Valtan, you're given free sidereal skill to assist you in battle which on innovates which do damage weight that does staggers, and finally, Inanna was your defensive option.


Human and Lust

Shortly after the fight begins at about 55 to 50 hp bar, the boss will split into two and so will your party, you and your party will either be fighting the blue boss which is also known as human, or the purple boss which is also known as lust, the gimmick here is that for the party that is fighting, the purple boss which is the lost boss, you want to be inside the indicator instead of onboarding indicator.

Orb Gate

At around 50 h3 bar, the human boss or blue boss was teleported to the middle, and the first major mechanics begin, stand in the middle in the white circles or you'll be killed, finally, spread to the times three plus one corners where there will be a ball and a gate that spawn, the ball will follow you, but also cycle for a couple of colors, your goal here is to drag the ball into the gate when it is the same color as the gate, at least three of you need to succeed in hard mode, and two of you need to succeed in normal mode to prevent the upcoming wipe attack, although you could also just time solve the wipe attack in normal mode, but not in hard mode.


Touching the ball too early = fail.

Wrong color into the gate =fail.

Memorize the color pattern and have the ball going into the gate as it change color.

Stagger Check

The next major mechanic happened at 35 hp bar for the human side again where the boss would teleport to the middle and do a heavy stagger check, however, after you completely stagger check, each player will have color on their head either blue or black, the two blue players need to go to the four o'clock and the 11 o'clock position while the two black players need to go to the one o'clock at the 5 o'clock position, so make sure to communicate over to your other team surely after that at 30 h3 bar, the boss will then saw around where the two teams will now fight the opposite boss, don't go into the middle too quickly, because the boss will do a giant AOD attack, but more importantly, remember that your indicator is now flipped if you're previously fighting the blue or human boss, you'll be now fighting the purple or the lost boss, so be sure to now stand in the indicator instead and vice versa for the other team as well.

Safe Zone

When the human side reached the 25 hp bar, the boss will once again teleport to the middle for the next major mechanics, he'll cast four stay spots on the map, and one of these will glow, indicating the safe spawn, however, this indicator is not for you or the human side team, it is for the opposite team that is fighting the purple boss or the left side, once again just simply communicate to the other team which one is the actual safe zone, in this case, the left one is a proper safe zone, so simply direct your purple team onto it.

Stagger Check Again

At 12 to 13 hp bar of the human side, he'll once again teleport to the middle and start with a major stagger check, this is the exact same staggering mechanics as you have previously seen where you first do a stagger into the black and blue color orb where you have to memorize the pattern and block the orb, and finally followed by the inside save or outside safe indicator for the other party which is the purple or left side party.

Major Attack: Velganos Pizza

That's pretty much all the major mechanics, but we do have one final major attack to cover, the boss will teleport to the middle and stop with an inside safe pattern, and this is the indicator that the major attack known as the falcons attack is coming, this ball will spawn, and they will chase after the player, so be sure to lure them away into the corner of the map as the middle of the map is going to be unsafe, and once you have made contact with the ball, a small diagonal pizza pattern will begin, when you make contact with the ball, a swirl will happen that indicates if this is a clockwise or counterclockwise Velganos pizza, you will then send in the four pizzas in the corresponding order, in this case, this is counterclockwise, and if done successfully, it will give you a shield that will prevent you from taking damage in the upcoming attack, here is not a wipe attack though, so after the pizza just regroups with your support who can cast shield and damage reduction so that you can survive even if you failed the mechanics, this attack can happen on either side of the boss, a final quick thing to call for the purple or the side of the boss is this double ring attack where you kind of just walking around in the indicator to avoid the thing that we're falling into the sky quite easy to dodge once you know it's coming.

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