Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon (Clown) Raid: Rewards, Drops, iLvl, Requirements and Tips

9/27/2022 12:16:40 PM

The next raid of the Lost Ark western version is just around the corner, you can prepare your items and build for that. In this article, what we are going to talk about is the Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon (Clown) Raid, we’ll focus on the kakul saydon rewards (loots & gold drops), ilvl, requirements, and tips. 

Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Item Level (iLvl) & Requirements

The Kakul-Saydon raid, also known as Clown, is about to be released in the Lost Ark NA/EU version, unlike Vykas and Valtan, it is a 4-man raid with 3 gates, which means the self-responsibility of this raid is much higher. To unlock Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon, you need to reach an item level 1475 for the normal mode, there is no hard mode. But you can play a practice mode called Rehearsal at item level 1385. The Rehearsal and normal kakual saydon share the same weekly lockout. 

Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Rewards

1. Tickets 

Both Kakul-Saydon Rehearsal and Normal mode will reward tickets that can be tarded in the shop for honing materials and similar rewards.

2. Trumpets 

Trumpets are the drops from the Normal mode of Kakul-Saydon, in all gates, including five to clear, five if you buy the chest, and another five if you win the auction. Trumpets can be used to level up your relic set bonus from level 1 to level 2. So with the same set, you can get the effect with increased value. The upgrading of armor pieces requires 10 trumpets, upgrading the weapon needs 25, while a whole set needs to cost 75 trumpets.

Gate 1: 1×Trumpet (clear), 1×Trumpet (chest)

Gate 2: 2×Trumpet (clear), 2×Trumpet (chest)

Gate 3: 2×Trumpet (clear), 2×Trumpet (chest)

Auction: 5

3. Gold

At 1475 with Clown, you can still pass it by the way to earn LA gold, but then you earn like 4,500 from Clown if you clear every phase, not counting buying the boxes. The Clown chests cost even more than Vykas, you need about 3,100 gold for boxes. 

Some FAQs & Tips for Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Raid

- Should you do a rehearsal on multiple alts? It’s no point in doing all the results with all your alts, you don’t get anything by doing it on your alt, it is actually once per roster and if you do your main, you get the rehearsal reward, technically that will completely also be on your roster as well, so if you do your main, you get like everything, you can literally just go in into the normal one and don't waste your time 

- If you want to get into pugs anyway and make the runs become easier, it’s highly recommended to have a 5×3 engraving setup and level 7 gems. 5×3 is not necessary to pass DPS checks. Gate 1 Clown is super easy, gate 2 Clown is like gate 2 Vykas, you want uptime, you need to push the damage, but you don’t have to overgear it. 

- For the bid rewards, how much people pay for that auction is usually high in the first week and then it will go down really fast. You can get it within 7 weeks, just take one bidding later with your Lost Ark gold in week seven, it’s already much cheaper. 

- When upgrading the relic sets, you need to have 2/4/6 amount of pieces upgraded to get the respective set bonus. 

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