Animal Crossing New Horizons September Update - 7 ACNH UPDATES & CHANGES in September 2022

8/26/2022 5:06:05 PM

September might be one of the most content-packed months in animal crossing new horizons, there's honestly so much going on from major aesthetical changes to your island to new items and seasonal materials to collect and even a new character to meet, there's a lot to enjoy, taking a look at seven updates and changes which will happen throughout the month of September 2022.


Animal Crossing New Horizons September Update - 7 ACNH UPDATES & CHANGES in September 2022 

1. ACNH new items

First of all, some new items that are available through the nook shopping tab, are to celebrate a bunch of events that are happening throughout the month.

The iconic grape backpack

The iconic grape backpack which has been in the game for quite a while now, but it might be your first time to get this, this item is honestly really cool, it was more a furniture item than a backpack as it would have been really nice to display. Some grapes around the island are something that you could do in pocket camp, but not really in animal crossing new horizons for some reason.

Moon-related items

A bunch of moon-related items to celebrate events happening around the world, are the moon rug,  the Dango, the song Pyeon, and the moon cakes which will be available until the 10th since Nintendo updated the game with version 2.0, the song Pyeon and the mooncakes are now actually edible food items rather than just furniture ACNH items that you can display unless you already have these in past years, this is the first time that you can enjoy these as a nice edible snack and get some energy from eating them, though definitely do recommend saving some and displaying them as well as, they're pretty cool animal crossing new horizons items and of course, they are limited time.

2. ACNH new character- Cornimer

Actually, we have a new character that is available and this happens to be Cornimer, now if you played the 2.0 update, you might have met Cornimer in November, but he was only around for a really short amount of time and this September will mark the first time that Cornimer is going to appear throughout the whole season.

Now if you couldn't guess Cornimer is just a tautimer wearing a costume,  but don't let him know that don't spoil the fun Cornimer will be available on Harvey's island to give you free acorns every single day which is really great because getting this seasonal resource could be a little bit tricky in the past, it's a fairly simple interaction.

Cornimer was a character who hosted the acorn event, why Tortilma like to take on this persona, but honestly, it's so much fun and it's really great to see a new character on Harvey's island, even if it effectively is just a reskin of tortima, highly recommend that you do go talk to him every day as the acorns are just a great resource to have there are lots of things, you can craft with them, but you could also just sell them for bells as well, they're definitely worth getting, and they're completely free, so make sure you go talk to Cornimer, he'll be here throughout September October and November speaking of acorns.

3. ACNH acorns & pinecones 

New seasonal materials are now available when you log on to the game, Isabel will let you know that you can now shake trees to get acorns and pine cones.

Seasonal materials 

Seasonal materials which you can use to craft a bunch of full related items, you can get the recipes for these items in balloons, but now you can also get them by villagers as well, so make sure you check in their homes to see, if they're crafting something,  these are definitely some of the best items in the game.

Complement items 

The season of full autumn in animal crossing new horizons, it looks so good and some of the items that you can get to complement, it is honestly really amazing, so definitely recommend that you go hunt them in balloons, if you don't have them all yet or you just check with your villagers to see, if they're crafting them as that was a really great quality of life update,  just keep in mind you might need to be shaking the trees a lot,  basically had no luck getting the acorns or pinecones.

Another great reason to go talk to Cornimer, honestly if you happen to be in the southern hemisphere, then you can enjoy the start of new spring bamboo which also has a bunch of really cool related items, all you have to do is hit, this one with your axe to get some young spring bamboo, but just try not to hit it with the metal axe or you will chop down all your bamboo trees, and then no more resources for you moving away from the game.

4. ACNH updated feature 

Collect villagers 

You can now collect villagers who celebrate their birthday in September for the first time on the Nintendo Switch online feature,  if you didn't know you can use this feature to create your own custom profile pictures, using villages from the game the villages that appear are directly connected with animal crossing new horizons, if they're celebrating their birthday that month in new horizons.

Then you'll be able to collect them in this feature, you'll only have a limited amount of time to get these characters, though once they're gone at the start of October, you won't be able to get them again for another year, so make sure you collect as many as you want throughout September before they're completely gone.

Nintendo is still updating it, it's some new content to enjoy when not as much is going on in animal crossing new horizons itself, definitely, if you've managed to collect your favourite villager yet.

5. ACNH island aesthetical changes 

The island for number five some major island aesthetical changes have happened this month, you might have noticed that now the grass is much lighter, it's a lighter green colour before it'll finally fade into an orange starting in October, though you can enjoy the green still throughout the month, so if that's your favourite colour of grass, it's not completely gone yet. 

Bush changes 

There are also some bush changes throughout the month as well, for example, the plumeria and the hibiscus will stop blooming for those of us in the northern hemisphere on the 20th of September, so enjoy them whilst they're still in bloom, the camellia will also stop blooming on the 30th for those in the southern hemisphere but don't worry, there are new bushes blooming, if you're in the northern hemisphere, you can enjoy the tea olive bush which starts blooming on the 21st.


Weeds get a bit of an aesthetical change throughout the start of fall as well they look much much nicer.

6. ACNH bug off 

Major events happened throughout September there is one is the bug off which will take place on the 24th for those in the northern hemisphere and it's the last bug off of the year so you'll want to enjoy it before it's too late nothing has changed with the bug off sadly it's basically as you can always expect but I still think it's worth playing it's something fun to do in the game and if you haven't played it too many times then you might need to still get Nukmah rewards from it or some of the cool exclusive animal crossing items that you can only get by taking part in it thankfully next month will be much more event packs.

7. ACNH bugs, fish & sea creatures 

Lastly, in September, you can expect to see some new bugs fish and sea creatures with the start of a new month and a new season in the northern and southern hemispheres you can expect to see a lot of these new critters that you might want to catch to complete your collection as well as some of the more popular summer bugs and fish which will be disappearing at the end of the month rather than listing them all out. 

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